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Extreme Herder 2

Extreme Herder 2 Information
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Thought Extreme Herder was too easy or getting boring? Well then, you're in for a treat because Samrin is back in a new version of his race to save the petpets from the ever-hungry Balthazar.

Basic Play

It all comes down to this: use the arrow keys and stay away from the big blue Lupe monster. Obviously, there's a little more to it than that, however. Each level, you have an increasing number of petpets to save from Balthazar. You have to run to each of the petpets in turn (simply touching them will pick them up) and carry them to one of the entrances of the paddock. If you or one of the petpets is eaten by Balthazar, you'll lose a life.

Scoring is very simple. Each petpet saved is worth 5 points. No "all petpets saved" bonus like there was in the previous game...which affects some of the strategy.

This is the playing area in level one. See the "Levels" section for more details on levels.

In the image above, you can see that Samrin has just saved one petpet and has three more to go. A good strategy would be to go to the ones top left first because Balthazar is heading their way, even though the Snorkle just under the paddock is closer. If Balthazar is too close when you save the second petpet in that group, however, you can use the tunnel right next to you, and you'll be spit out on the other side of the game, just like in Pacman. However, the nice thing about it is that, unlike in Pacman, Balthazar can't follow you through the tunnel. Unfortunately, these disappear only a few levels later.


This little table will tell you how many petpets, paddock gates, tunnel entrances, and obstacles there are for each level up to 14!

Level Patterns
Level Gates Tunnel Petpets Obstacles
1 4 4 4 none
2 4 4 4 none
3 4 4 4 none
4 4 2 5 one pond,
top left
5 4 2 5 one pond
6 3 2 5 one pond
7 3 0 6 one pond
8 3 0 6 one pond
9 3 0 6 one pond;
one rock, right
10 3 0 7 one pond;
one rock
11 2 0 7 one pond;
one rock
12 2 0 7 one pond;
one rock
13 2 0 8 another pond, lower right;
one rock
14 2 0 8 two ponds;
one rock


Item Effect
This powerup allows Samrin to run faster than normal for a short period of time. It is especially handy for saving petpets that are in a group far away from the paddock.
*also found in Extreme Herder 1*
This powerup temporarily freezes Balthazar so that you are free to roam. Balthazar begins moving very slowly as a warning that the powerup has nearly worn off. This is a good chance to get petpets right next to Balthazar.
*also found in Extreme Herder 1*
This powerup allows Samrin to carry two petpets at once and usually lasts long enough for one save of two petpets before wearing off. This is a great chance to get petpets far away from the paddock or about to be devoured by Balthazar. Note: if Samrin is carrying two petpets when the power up wears off, the petpets are not dropped. This means that you only have to get to them, not to the paddock.
*new powerup!*
This powerup lets you gather all the petpets in one place. Simply press the spacebar wherever you'd like them to gather, and they'll run over there. I've never actually seen this powerup. I'm sure it'd be nice... :P
*new powerup!*


  • Run diagonally whenever you can without getting stuck on something (and Samrin can get stuck easily). The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line, so you'll save petpets faster when you can run diagonally. Simply press two adjacent arrow keys at a time, and Samrin will run the diagonal between them.
  • Balthazar does not appear in the same place at the start of every level. It's random. So watch him closely and get the petpets nearest him first. Watch where he's headed, too. Usually it's to the nearest petpets, but sometimes it's not, and you need to save the ones he's after first.
  • Look out for those poor, clueless petpets that are walking toward him. If he's approaching a pair of petpets, go for the one that's walking toward him first because he'll reach that one far faster than the one walking away from him.
  • When Balthazar changes direction for another group of petpets, go for the ones farthest away from the paddock while he's still far away from them. These take the longest to save because you have to keep going back and forth across a larger distance.
  • Be confident. You run faster than Balthazar does. If you second-guess yourself and keep turning around, you'll lose precious time.

  • If it comes down to your life or the petpet's, let Balthazar eat the petpet. There's no bonus for a perfect level, so you only lose the five points of the petpet. When Samrin is eaten, he appears again in a random part of the level and is unlikely to be able to get to the petpet. More than likely, you'll end up losing two lives instead of one. So only go for a petpet right next to Balthazar if you know for certain that you'll get it.
  • When you've just finished a group of petpets, take the final petpet to the gate nearest that group to save time. Changing direction at the paddock is the fastest place to change direction because you have less distance to travel.
  • When you take the petpets to the paddock, you pretty much have to be dead center on the gates, or you'll get stuck against the paddock and have to re-maneuver. Also, you have to be pretty much on top of the gate, or the petpet won't go in. So make sure you don't turn around before it goes in, or you'll lose precious time and momentum.
  • Go a little out of the way for powerups, especially the freeze one (and not so much the fast one). The apple and freeze powerups have immediate effects that cancel out any time lost by getting the powerup instead of a petpet near Balthazar. Meanwhile, a X2 powerup near Balthazar will allow you to get both the petpets he's bearing down on faster than if you saved them the normal way.
  • If Balthazar eats Samrin after Samrin has just picked up a petpet, Samrin will appear elsewhere in the level with the petpet. If you can get the petpet no other way, go for it. But remember, if you're not sure you can get it before Balthazar eats you, save a different petpet.

Okay, so that's a lot of strategy. But it's mostly common sense that you'll pick up as you play anyway. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and save some petpets!

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