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Extreme Herder

Extreme Herder Information
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When Balthazar is on the prowl, looking for a meal, no petpet is safe. Samrin the Kacheek, a simple but determined shepherd, must see all his petpets to the safety of their pen before Balthazar makes short work of them!

Angry Balthazar
Mr. Balthazar, what big teeth you have!

How to Play

The object of the game is simple, you must herd all the petpets into their pen to complete the level and proceed to the next. At the start of the game, there are four doors through which petpets can be deposited, and four teleporters to help you navigate more efficiently. By the time you reach Level 8, there are no portals, and at Level 11, there is only one door.

While the game is not timed, speed is important. Balthazar moves continuously and will eat any petpet that gets too close to him. There is not much variety in the mapping or layout of the levels, with the exception of the increasing number of petpets and the decreasing number of doors and teleporters. Samrin has three lives. If Balthazar eats him or eats a petpet, he loses a life. Once he loses all three...it's game over!


The controls for this game are simple. Use the arrow keys to move Samrin. To pick up a petpet (or a powerup), simply navigate towards it and 'run into' it; Samrin will automatically pick it up. To drop the petpet, use the spacebar. You can't pick up more than one petpet at a time, so drop one before you attempt to pick up another. To slide the petpet into the pen, run up to an entrance/door, and the petpet will be safely inside. The teleporters or portals, which are at the ends of the game screen and help you to get to different parts of the screen, operate in the same way.

Game Elements

Game Screen Extreme Herder
The blue snowflake is the freezer, and the round orange orb briefly increases Samrin's speed!

There are two powerups that can be used:

Orange Speed Orb This powerup gives Samrin's speed a temporary boost.
Snowflake This powerup temporarily freezes Balthazar, and is useful to grab whenever possible.


Each petpet is worth one point, which is awarded when you get the petpet safely into the pen. Petpets with gold stars above their heads are worth extra points, so be sure to herd those first. In the early levels, you also get a 'save-all' bonus - points for saving all the petpets in a level. By level six, this bonus is no longer awarded.

Petpets with StarsFrozen Balthazar
Save these petpets first, and freeze Balthazar whenever possible!

Level Guide

Level Data
Level Number of Petpets Number of Doors Number of Portals
5SevenFourThree (top portal gone)
6SevenFourTwo (bottom portal gone)
7SevenFourOne (left portal gone)
8SevenFourZero (right portal gone)
9SevenThree (top gate gone)Zero
10SevenTwo (bottom gate gone)Zero
11SevenOne (right gate gone)Zero
12 (onwards)SevenOne (left gate remains)Zero


At the start of each level, make sure you are somewhere near the upper left corner of the screen. This is where Balthazar emerges from, so if there are any petpets in his vicinity you can usher them to safety. Don't stand too close to the corner of the screen - you may get eaten! Also, Samrin is not as appetising as the petpets. Balthazar will not directly target Samrin. This makes it easier for you to cut corners around him carrying petpets - he won't eat you unless, again, you get too close. Use this to your advantage.

Note that he will also turn away once you rescue a petpet that is near him, even if you haven't deposited it into the pen yet. So if you are ever in a situation where you are holding a petpet and Balthazar turns away immediately to aim for one that is very close, don't hesitate. Drop the petpet you are holding, and go rescue the one that is in imminent danger. You can always put the other one in its pen later.

Quick Tips

  • Do not go out of your way for powerups, just nab them as you stumble upon them, wherever convenient.
  • The Orb/speed powerup may be difficult to handle if you aren't 100% confident with controlling Samrin, but the Snowflake is always useful.
  • It's easy to forget the teleporters are there, since the first few levels are not too difficult. However, if you are ever in a tight spot, they do come in handy.
  • There is no control to pause the game, but if you need to take a very quick break, do so after you go grab the last petpet (but do not put it in the pen). Balthazar will lumber off (and eventually out of view) once he's seen there isn't anything else to eat.
  • Type freeze at any point once per game to freeze Balthazar. This cheat works like the Snowflake.
Extreme Herder

Extreme Herder / Guide

Send a score of 250+ points in Extreme Herder.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, More for Less, decreases the score needed to 200+ points.

Released: January 27, 2006

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