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The Esophagor

As you wander the Haunted Woods, you will no doubt stumble across this creature. Rising out of the slime and mud, with dark eyes lit by a speck of glowing red, the Esophagor's appetite is unquenchable and vicious. If you bring him what he craves, he will reward you.

To begin an Esophagor quest, go to the Haunted Woods and click on the raging mound of slime that is the Esophagor. Then simply click 'Sure I will find you food', and you will have begun the quest.

Note: You cannot start an Esophagor quest if you have 60 or more items in your inventory.

Angry Esophagor
Where is my food, mortal? Where?!

Quest Items

The Esophagor will ask for 1-3 items, and only asks for Spooky Foods. The prices of these items can vary greatly, from a few NPs to completely unbuyable. Avoid completing quests that ask for expensive items as the rewards are almost always not worth the amount you may have spent. You can do up to 10 Esophagor quests per day. When you're on an active Brain Tree quest, you may still do Esophagor quests for the Brain Tree answers even if you've already reached the daily limit.


The Esophagor may reward a quester with either an item or a Brain Tree answer. After the first quest is completed, he will appear as a Battledome Challenger.

Item Rewards

The Esophagor may award you any one item that is Rarity 89 and below.

See: Items that are Rarity 89 and below

Brain Tree Quests

The questions the Brain Tree asks can only be answered by the Esophagor - answers to his questions cannot be obtained anywhere else. The Esophagor will answer his question (When and where did *Neopian* die?) in full if you do two of his quests. The reward for the first quest will be the date of death, and the reward for the second question the place. More information about the Brain Tree's quests can be found here.

Brain Tree
Just as I have a thirst for knowledge, so the Esophagor has a hunger for...everything.

Hints and Tips

  • The Esophagor rarely gives out rewards that are worth over 1000 NPs. Quests that cost more than this should be avoided.
  • Note that you can't cancel an Esophagor quest, you can only wait for it to expire. Therefore if you deem an item or items too expensive, simply wait for the quest to expire and then try again.
  • When it comes to doing Esophagor quests to obtain answers for the Brain Tree, it is better to abandon the quest if you are required to pay more than 5000 NPs for the completion of both Esophagor quests. The Brain Tree's rewards are generally not worth that much.

Quest Bonus

Complete a quest for each of the Haunted Woods' quest giving residents - the Brain Tree, Esophagor, and Edna - for a bonus prize: Tales of the Esophagor.

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