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Faerieland Employment Agency

A job!?

Is your pet bored? Maybe the Employment Agency can entertain them—and earn you both some nice rewards!

Job Information

There are two types of jobs: Basic and Super. Basic Jobs are free to do, while Super Jobs require a job coupon.

Each job has certain set characteristics:

  • Item: Any item r2 through r69.
  • Quantity: Ranges from 2 through 6.
  • Time Limit: Ranges from 1 through 60 minutes.
  • Base Reward: The guaranteed minimum amount you can be paid. Caps at 9,999 NP for Basic Jobs, while Super Jobs vary by colour (see table below).
  • Coupon Colour: (Super only) The minimum colour coupon required to take the job.
Super Job Base Reward Ranges
Coupon Minimum Maximum
Green 3,000 3,500
Blue 4,500 5,000
Red 9,000 10,000
Silver 28,000 30,500
Gold 55,000 60,000
Purple 75,000 80,000
Pink 95,000 100,000
Green Brightvale 20,000 25,000
Bronze Brightvale 40,000 45,000
Silver Brightvale 60,000 70,000
Gold Brightvale 80,000 100,000

Grey Faerie Reading
Uhmm, which job should I get?

Completing a Job

New jobs appear in batches of random size (~30 to ~100 for Basic Jobs, ~10 to ~30 for Super Jobs) at random intervals (~5 to ~15 minutes). In this guide, we'll call each new appearance of jobs a refresh. Refreshes add jobs to the end of the list of available jobs.

To select a job, simply click the "Apply for this job!" button associated with it. Despite the wording, there is no actual application; if you're the first user to click it for that job, then the job is all yours. You can only have one job at a time. If you don't want to complete a job you have taken, you can cancel it at a cost of 200 NP.

You can take a maximum of five jobs per day. You can split the jobs any way you like—between pets, Super or Basic—but the end total can be no more than five. If you choose to cancel a job, it will not count toward your day's total.

If you do several jobs in too short of a time frame, you may get a message saying you can't do any more. If you have completed fewer than 5 jobs that day when you get the message, you can just return after the next refresh to complete more jobs.

So much work...

When you get a job, you have a time deadline to respect. The timer starts as soon as you get the job. You'll want to get it finished as quickly as possible—your speed does have an impact on your reward! If you do not complete the job in the time limit, it will count as a failed job for your pet.


Every job has a Base Reward amount listed; this is the minimum amount that you will be paid upon successfully delivering all the items for that job. If you finish a job in less than 25% of the time allotted, you will be paid a Time Bonus, so try to finish as quickly as possible!

The maximum Time Bonus is a 25% boost to your Base Reward. You can earn the full 25% if you complete a job in zero seconds flat, which only happens if you already have the items in your inventory when you take the job. If you take 25% or more of the time allotted to complete the job, there is no Time Bonus. The Time Bonus decreases linearly between these two values.

For example, if the deadline was 20 minutes, and it took you 4 minutes and 0 seconds, then it took you 4 / 20 = 20% of the allotted time. Your Time Bonus is 25% - 20% = 5% of the Base Reward.

If the deadline was 20 minutes, and it took you 1 minute and 24 seconds (that's 1.4 minutes), then it took you 1.4 / 20 = 7% of the allotted time. Your Time Bonus is 25% - 7% = 18% of the Base Reward.

The maximum payment for any one job (Base Reward plus Time Bonus) is 100,000 NP. You will only hit this limit with Pink and Gold Brightvale Super Jobs.

Basic Job Strategy

Each refresh will bring with it many barely profitable jobs, several somewhat profitable jobs, and just a few very profitable jobs. The barely profitable jobs net you less than 500 NP or can even cause you to lose NP, while the most profitable jobs can return profits exceeding 10,000 NP. So how do you know which to take?

The Super Shop Wizard, available to premium users, is of course a huge advantage here, as it allows you to quickly check the profitability of a job. If you aren't a premium user, you can still do a few quick Shop Wizard searches or reference our Item Database for a rough sense of profitability.

As you are checking prices, make sure to open any cheap user shops in another tab. If you accept the job, you can use these shops to buy the items you need very quickly.

Super Shop Wizard
Your best friend when completing jobs!

As a crude rule of thumb, to maximize your daily profit we recommend selecting jobs that will give you a profit of at least 4,000 NP before factoring in a Time Bonus. For example:

  • A job has a Base Reward of 6,000 NP, and it would cost you 1,200 NP to buy the necessary items. This job will give you 6000 - 1200 = 4800 NP profit before the Time Bonus, so this would be a good job to take.
  • A job has a Base Reward of 9,500 NP, and it would cost you 7,400 NP to buy the necessary items. This job will give you 9500 - 7400 = 2100 NP profit before the Time Bonus, so this would not be a good job to take.

While the most profitable jobs tend to be ones with very high Base Rewards, these two examples also illustrate that a high Base Reward does not guarantee a high profit, or even any profit at all! It is always best to check before taking the job, and if you find you've taken a job that is not worthwhile you can always cancel it for just 200 NP.

Each refresh will bring only a few jobs that meet the 4,000 NP rule; there are rarely more than 3 or 4, and sometimes none at all. This means you will need to return for 5 to 10 refreshes to get your daily quota, which is time-consuming. If you're short on time, or just a little impatient, you can lower the 4,000 NP threshold to any other value you're happy with.

Many of the barely profitable jobs never get taken, and so they crowd the beginning of the listings until they eventually expire. For this reason, when looking for jobs you are better off clicking "End" and working your way forward rather than starting at the beginning of the list.

Job Coupons

There are multiple job coupons and each of them can be used in a different way. The Job Value is the number of times the coupon can be used before disappearing.

For example, a Silver Job Coupon can be used 4 times. Every time it is used, it is downgraded to the next lowest job coupon: Silver→Red→Blue→Green→disappears. You may also use a job coupon to accept any lower valued job, but keep in mind, the job coupon will still downgrade by one level!

If you are using a job coupon and you cancel the job, your coupon will still be downgraded. Thanks puppygirl_12 for pointing this out!

Obtaining Job Coupons

Job coupons can only be obtained via the Wheel of Knowledge (Brightvale coupons only) and the Wheel of Extravagance (normal and Brightvale coupons).

List of Job Coupons

Here is a list of all the available coupons and their Job Value:

Normal Job Coupons

Green Job Coupon

Job Value: 1

Blue Job Coupon

Job Value: 2

Red Job Coupon

Job Value: 3

Silver Job Coupon

Job Value: 4

Gold Job Coupon

Job Value: 5

Purple Job Coupon

Job Value: 6

Pink Job Coupon

Job Value: 7
Brightvale Job Coupons

Are Job Coupons Worth It?

Like all interesting questions, the answer is: it depends.

For this analysis, we'll refer to the payout ranges from the table above. Note that the 3 lowest levels (Green, Blue, and Red) have payouts within the range that Basic Jobs payout. The problem here is that Basic Jobs can be completed for free, while Super Jobs have the cost of the coupon plus the opportunity cost of not doing a Basic Job instead. This means that Green, Blue, and Red job coupons are never worthwhile—never buy them, and if you have any then sell them, even if it's only for 1 NP.

Green Job Coupon options
Some of the really not great jobs you can do with a Green Job Coupon

Starting with Silver and above, however, the payouts far exceed those of Basic Jobs. So how are we to assess the value here?

First off, we could maximize the value of any Brightvale Job Coupon by using them on Pink or Purple jobs, to meet or almost meet the 100k NP payout cap with each level when the Time Bonus is factored in. The challenge is that Purple and especially Pink jobs are very rare. Jellyneo collected a random sample of over 10,000 Super Jobs over a two week period, and only 23 were Purple and only 7 were Pink! But, if you have the patience and the luck, you can get nearly 600k NP in payouts just going from Gold Brightvale down to Gold using Pink and Purple jobs, which is often enough to cover the cost of the coupon. And you can still earn more from a Gold job and a Silver job!

But once again, you can't forget about the opportunity cost of not doing a (free!) Basic Job! For example, let's say you have a Gold Brightvale Job Coupon. It takes 8 jobs to go from Brightvale Gold to Red. Assume you make an average of, say, 6,000 NP profit per Basic Job. Your costs would be the price of the items for the jobs, the cost of your Brightvale Gold Job Coupon, and 6,000 * 8 = 48,000 NP in opportunity cost from the Basic Jobs! You need to make sure your revenue from the jobs (plus whatever little you get from selling the Red Job Coupon) exceeds these costs.

Based on this analysis, Jellyneo has provided recommendations on the absolute maximum you should be willing to pay for each colour, which assumes that your only cost is the Coupon and you get the maximum Base Reward and full Time Bonus. This means that Coupons above this price will certainly mean you lose money. You can pick your own values of inefficiencies (e.g. less than maximum Base Reward) to subtract from this number to get your personal threshold. For convenience, we also provide a more realistic maximum for each colour using some conservative options for these inefficiencies. Note that both of these analyses count on doing Pink jobs for all of the Brightvale Coupons, which is a tough bar to clear!

Job Coupon Worths
Coupon Absolute Maximum Worth Realistic Maximum Worth
(8,000 NP Basic Job opportunity cost;
6,000 NP item cost;
midpoint Base Reward;
20% Time Bonus)
Green 0 0
Blue 0 0
Red 0 0
Silver 38,125 21,100
Gold 113,125 76,100
Purple 213,125 155,100
Pink 313,125 241,100
Green Brightvale 413,125 327,100
Bronze Brightvale 513,125 413,100
Silver Brightvale 613,125 499,100
Gold Brightvale 713,125 585,100

Job Ranks

As your pet completes more and more jobs, their Job Rank (visible on their pet lookup) will increase. Like trophies, this is purely a cosmetic reward for showing off: it does not have any effect on available jobs or rewards.

Job Ranks
Rank Jobs Completed
Unskilled More failed than completed
Intern 0
Beginner 1
Novice 4
Apprentice 10
Trainee 20
Amateur 30
Assistant 40
Worker 60
Adept 80
Contractor 110
Journeyman 150
Manager 200
Artisan 300
Expert 500
Professional 1,000
Director 2,000
Leader 4,000
Master 6,000
Grand Master 10,000
Arch Master 15,000

The agency also has a high score table for number of jobs completed, although no trophies or badges are awarded from it.

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