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Faerieland Employment Agency

A job!?

Is your pet bored? Maybe the Employment Agency can entertain them - and earn you both some nice rewards!


The Employment Agency is where you will go if you want to get a job for your pet. Completing a job will give your pet Neopoints and will increase its Job Rank (accessible through the Pet Lookup).

Grey Faerie Reading
Uhmm, which job should I get?

The first step to the Employment Agency is actually getting a job. This is the hardest part, because jobs go fast! New jobs appear every 10 minutes. So at :10, :20, :30, etc. Note that they actually appear about 5-8 seconds before the tenth minute. (Thanks Katie for alerting us to this nuance!) If you can catch it then, you may get multiple jobs to choose from. When they do show up, make up your mind quickly, and click to get the job! If you're wanting a moment to choose, you may be better off clicking "Next 10" or "End" so you can view those that haven't made the first page quite yet.

You can take a maximum of five jobs per day. If you do several jobs in too short of a time frame, you may get a message saying you can't do any more. You should be able to return later that day to complete all five.

You can split the jobs any way you like - between pets, Super or Basic - but the end total will be no more than five. If you choose to spend the 200NP to cancel a job, it will not count toward your day's total. Also, if you take more than one job during a single restock, you may find your day's maximum lowered.

So much work...

Basic Jobs and Super Jobs

There are two different types of jobs: the Basic Jobs and the Super Jobs.

To get a Basic Job, you don't need a Job Coupon. Sadly, since you don't need any job coupon, the Basic Jobs are a lot harder to obtain. Not a lot of people like to spend their Neopoints, so everybody wants the Basic Jobs. It should be noted, however, that the rewards for Basic Jobs tend to be much lower than those for Super Jobs.

As for the Super Jobs, they are easy to get as you just need the proper job coupon, but the coupons tend to be very expensive. You have to be careful when selecting a Super Job, as the reward may not always be worth the coupon's colour decrease.

Time Deadlines

When you get a job, you have a time deadline to respect. You can have 3 minutes to do a job, or one hour. You must respect the deadline.

Once you have the job, you'll want to get it finished fast - you should already have the Shop Wizard open, so do a quick search, purchase, and presto!

To finish your current job, go back to the Employment Agency and then click Status. The items will be removed from your Inventory. If you finish fast, you can get some bonus NP!

Give me more time!


Every job has a Base Reward amount listed; this is the amount that you will be paid upon successfully delivering all the items for that job.

If you finish a job in less than 25% of the time allotted, you will be paid a Time Bonus, so try to finish as quickly as possible!

A job completed in zero seconds flat would receive the maximum Time Bonus of 25% of the Base Reward.
A job completed in 25% of the time allotted, or any longer, receives no Time Bonus.

The exact Time Bonus is 25% of the Base Reward, less the percentage of allotted time you took.

For example, if the deadline was 20 minutes, and it took you 4 minutes, then it took you 4/20, or 20%, of the allotted time. Your Time Bonus is 25% - 20%, or 5%, of the Base Reward.
If, however, the deadline was 20 minutes, and it took you 1 minute and 24 seconds, that would be 1.4 minutes, so it took you 1.4/20, or 7%, of the allotted time. Your Time Bonus is 25% - 7%, or 18%, of the Base Reward.

The maximum payment for any job (including bonuses) is 100,000 NP.


  • When going for the Basic Jobs, click the "Next 10" or "End" links so you have more time to look for a high-paying job by searching the item on the Shop Wizard, etc. Since most people are looking at the first page, you'll have a better chance of getting a decent job this way. Thanks Ayme for pointing this out!
  • If you find that you will not be paid much in return for the items you must buy, you can quit your job for 200 NP.
  • If you are using a job coupon and you quit, your coupon will be downgraded. Thanks puppygirl_12 for pointing this out!

Job Coupons

There are multiple job coupons and each of them can be used in a different way. The Job Value is the number of times the coupon can be used before disappearing.

For example, a Silver Job Coupon can be used 4 times and every time it is used, it is downgraded to the next lowest job coupon. (Silver -> Red -> Blue -> Green -> Green disappears.) You may also use a job coupon to accept any lower valued job. But keep in mind, the job coupon will still downgrade by one level!

Obtaining Job Coupons

Job coupons do not restock in Neopian stores, and can only be obtained via random events, the Wheel of Excitement (normal coupons), the Wheel of Knowledge (Brightvale coupons), and the Wheel of Extravagance (normal and Brightvale coupons).

List of Job Coupons

Here is a list of all the available coupons and their Job Value:

Normal Job Coupons

Green Job Coupon

Job Value: 1

Blue Job Coupon

Job Value: 2

Red Job Coupon

Job Value: 3

Silver Job Coupon

Job Value: 4

Gold Job Coupon

Job Value: 5

Purple Job Coupon

Job Value: 6

Pink Job Coupon

Job Value: 7
Brightvale Job Coupons

Job Ranks

As your pet completes more and more jobs, their Rank (viewable on their pet lookup) will increase. Currently it does not appear to have any affect on available jobs or rewards.

Job Ranks
Rank Jobs Completed
Unskilled More failed than completed
Intern 0
Beginner 1
Novice 4
Apprentice 10
Trainee 20
Amateur 30
Assistant 40
Worker 60
Adept 80
Contractor 110
Journeyman 150
Manager 200
Artisan 300
Expert 500
Professional 1,000
Director 2,000
Leader 4,000
Master 6,000
Grand Master 10,000
Arch Master 15,000
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