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The Witch's Tower

Inside the Witch's Tower lives Edna, the residential sorceress of the Haunted Woods. However, as the five Meercas she accidentally turned into Meerca Pie can tell you, she's not very good at casting magic. But that's why you're here right? To help Edna collect the correct ingredients for her latest spells!

Note: You cannot start one of Edna's quests if you have 60 or more items in your inventory.

Watch out...Edna's coming...
You wouldn't be cruel to an old woman would you? *snicker*

Edna's Quest

Unlike the random event quests given out by faeries, you can decide when you want to do one of Edna's quests. You may complete up to 10 quests a day (including Kitchen and Taelia Quests). You are also allowed to use the Shop Wizard, but there is a two hour time limit and she'll usually ask for more than one item.

*cackle* I'm Edna, nice to meet you...
Course you mustn't disturb me during the witching hours. I have... things that I must attend to.

Another thing that makes Edna's quests different from the faeries' is that she uses many random items in her potions, ranging from medicine to clothing. It's common for her to request very expensive ingredients, though the prizes she awards rarely make her quests worthwhile; Edna will award between 85 and 263 Neopoints (on average, 157) and a random Spooky Food item with a rarity of 82 or lower.

When you complete your first quest for her, she'll grace you with her presence in the Battledome, though she'll only be up for a fight during the witching hours of 12 - 1 AM NST. Whilst she is in the Battledome you won't be able to complete a quest for her. She also takes a power nap from 12 - 1 PM NST, so you can't visit her tower for a quest then either. If you've accepted a quest from her that will end during this time period, you should complete it before then, as she will hold you responsible for not getting the items to her.

Deviled Steak Bowl-O-Bones Chilled Eyeball Custard
Guess having mad potion skills leaves little room for cooking...

The Avatar

And of course there is also the infamous Edna avatar!

Edna - Cackle!

Edna - Cackle! / Guide

Randomly awarded when you complete an Edna Quest that asks for three items.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, Avatar Goldmine, increases the chances of obtaining this avatar.

Released: October 28, 2003

Since quests that only ask for one or two items do not have a chance of awarding the avatar, you can let the quest timer expire to not fill up your daily limit of ten completed quests and allow more chances of three-item quests.

Quest Bonus

Complete a quest for each of the Haunted Woods' quest giving residents - the Brain Tree, Esophagor, and Edna - for a bonus prize: Tales of the Esophagor.

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