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Hi TNT! I had a question about beauty contest advertising. It seems in its current state the beauty contest is not about art at all. Rather, it feels like a contest of who can advertise (aka, spam) their entry as much as possible all across the site for a week. Why is it that we can "advertise" our entries in our signatures outside the art chat? It takes away from what should be the focus of the competition, which is art. Not to mention it annoys pretty much everyone on other boards to see constant BC (and CC) spam/advertising. And, those of us who are much busier don't have the time to spend 24/7 on the site advertising our entries; so even if we spent hours on our artwork, it won't win a trophy because someone else spammed the site all week. Can we change this rule back to where only advertising on the Art Chat is allowed? Please leave my username out. Thank you! ~~anonymous

Hi, this was a much asked for revision and since the CC entries are allowed to be advertised in this same way, it was decided that to be fair to both contests that all entries from both the Beauty Contest and the Caption Contest could advertise the same way. Meaning that because the CC entrants could have a link in their NeoSig on any boards while not being able to create any boards for the sole purpose of advertising, not allowing the BC contestants that same right was not fair to them. Sorry, that is affecting your entries though. However, you are always welcome to enter the Art Gallery which doesn't require any advertising and still gives out points and items as prizes.

From Neopian Times, Issue 940. JN Editorial ID: 20819