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Why are dailies/parts of the website that are not flash-based being converted first? We can still use the Classic layout for most things that don't require flash. Meanwhile, things with Flash show no signs of being updated - most of the maps and some Dailies (e.g. Kiko Pop, Coconut Shy, Test Your Strength, Bagatelle, Cork Gun Gallery, all the Wheels, etc). It makes it seem that that moving away from flash is not a priority for TNT (and this in turn creates a lot of user anxiety). An explanation will help allay concerns, so please tell us, what is the reason for this approach? ~~stargirl090

I will admit that we definitely overestimated how long it would take to convert each page within our team. The original goal was to convert dailies based on popularity to ensure that the most used ones were converted into the mobile-friendly layout. We've sinced changed our direction and are prioritizing flash pages, as you've mentioned, to make sure important flash-based features are converted in time. ~~gutterfoot

From Neopian Times, Issue 917. JN Editorial ID: 20644