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Hi there! Why is it that people advertising for the CC are allowed to advertise it in their signatures while BC art isn't? I totally get the whole "spam" part and people spamming to get votes in the CC isn't considered ok. However, I feel like this is still pretty unfair to those who make art for the BC as their efforts are usually takes more time and people pour their hearts into art and aren't even allowed to advertise in their signatures even when not spamming. A lot of the enthusiasm and votes have disappeared since the rules kicked in and won't even allowed to engage people on other boards, it feels like the contest is slowly dying away. So with this I'm asking if there's a possibility to give the BC contestants the same treatment as the CC people-- to be able to advertise their entries in their signatures as long as they don't spam. Thank you for reading and I hope you understand my intentions with this! ~~brother_red

Hi, You are right, spam of any kind is not welcome on Neopets, so we need to be careful that we don’t accidently encourage spam. So let’s do this, since it does seem to be a popular request, the rule about BC spam has been re-considered and we will make a slight change in the rules regarding advertising for your BC entries. Now, please read all of this so you can keep your account safe. I (tnt_contest_judge/kikocat) will make a post after the news and editorial is out to address this on the Art Board and I’ll repost these new rules for advertising there. As of right now, your BC Link in your NeoSig is NO longer restricted to any boards, meaning you can keep your Neosig with your BC link and post anywhere you would like. Now, the same rules as the CC will go into effect with this (really old BC rules actually if everyone remembers those), your posts must contribute to the conversations, so no one word posts or “GLT” type posts. Basically don’t just post a couple words to get your NeoSig seen and then just jump from board to board to repeat that. This is the definition of spamming. Now, what will happen if you are caught spamming. Your entry will be removed for the week to make sure the contest is kept fair for all. Warnings for this will be up to the monitors discretion so if it looks like spam, it will be considered spam. They will then send me a list of usernames who they warned for spamming and I will have to remove your entry. Please do not make me remove an entry, I would rather not. So be careful out there and please play by the spirit of the rules. Just to add, you still can only advertise from the same account that the pet is on. So please do not post all your pets from your main account. Sorry to keep this part of the advertising rule but it is to make sure no one is advertising for anyone else’s pet. It keeps things fair for all entering. Happy BC’ing!!

From Neopian Times, Issue 893. JN Editorial ID: 20642