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The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Shouldn't dailies with full Flash components be higher priority than dailies without any Flash components or Flash components that are just cosmetic? such as the Wheels or Kiko Pop being higher priority than Coltzan's Shrine (no Flash) or Lottery and Apple Bobbing (has Flash on the page but serve no purpose/aren't integral) or are the dailies pages being converted over to HTML5 based on popularity? ~~perduco

We've tried a variety of methods for prioritizing dailies. Some have been converted because they were easy/fast to do (so that we can get you as much content as quickly as possible), some were used for training purposes. Flash component dailies are definitely higher priority at the moment. ~~van Doodle

From Neopian Times, Issue 916. JN Editorial ID: 20639