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Hi TNT! Thank you guys for clearing up the BC. Also loving this month's collectible. We have recently been seeing Unconverted pets being deleted, and their lookup says the pet's name has been deemed inappropriate. However, all of these pets were made at a time where their name WAS appropriate, and these pets were stated to be grandfathered in, as the rule was not in place then. Why are these pets being deleted now after so long? Thanks so much! ~~mindy_rocks_socks

Unfortunately our filtering system is not perfect. It’s a living filter that we have added to and removed from over the years. Some names have been created to circumvent our filters and have escaped our notice. Every once in a while one of these situations is brought to our attention and we then have to take some kind of action. This is due to the fact we are an all-ages site. If a name is deemed to be inappropriate, it must be removed. There’s no way around this. If it is in a grey area and can be grandfathered, that is of course always preferable!

From Neopian Times, Issue 910. JN Editorial ID: 20558