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Hi! There was recently a Daily Puzzle question that stated: "What board can you NOT create a post on with the sole purpose of advertising your BC entry?" The correct answer was, "Avatar Board." Why is this the case? Earning a trophy in the BC gets you an avatar, so it's at least somewhat related. Or, does this just mean that you can't make a board solely for that purpose? There's been so much back and forth over what is and isn't allowed in BC advertising. It would be really helpful if there was a complete guide containing the rules to prevent confusion. Thanks. ~~redturtlegirl12345

Right, you cannot make a board strictly for advertising your entry on the Avatar Board. However, you can have a BC Link in your NeoSig and chat on the Avatar Board.

So let's do this:

Boards specifically made to bring attention to your BC entry can be made on the Art Board, Spotlight Board or Premium Boards ONLY.

Your Neosig, with a link to your BC entry, can be posted on any board as long as you contribute to the conversation. Now, since the Quest board does not really have conversations that bring up questions about having the link there, let's get this out there. You are welcome to keep your Neosig while helping with quests on the quest board (meaning as long as you are providing links to members who ask for help).

To answer the next question about the quest boards that you might be thinking, you do not have to have been a long time poster on the quest boards to post there even with our BC link. To make it fair to everyone, anyone who is willing to help, can help!

One more thing, please keep your advertising outside the Art, Spotlight and Premium boards in your Neosig, this means nothing in the body of your message and nothing in the NeoHTML.

Kikocat is working with some others to get a list of rules up, although right now there isn't a timeline for that. Hopefully this helps in the meantime!

From Neopian Times, Issue 908. JN Editorial ID: 20551