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Hey TNT! I have some shares that I bought some months/years ago on a side account, which I used as a temporary main while my actual main account got frozen and I was waiting for you guys to return it. My question is, is it okay to sell them and transfer the nps to my main? Or that counts as earning nps from a side account and I could get frozen from that? My common sense says that since I bought them while that account was my main it should be okay for me to wait until they're on green and sell whenever I want, but I want to make sure by asking you first. Please remove my username, thanks ~~Name Removed

Hi, Yes, you can sell your stocks on your old main and send the profits to your new main as part of the changing mains process. It wouldn’t count as earning points on a side account, since technically you were using that as your main at the time the stocks were bought.

You should sell the stocks and send the points to your new main at the same time as you are moving anything else to your new main so don’t wait but you could always keep using that as your main until you are able to sell them off and then move everything together.

From Neopian Times, Issue 906. JN Editorial ID: 20530