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Hey TNT! I'm a player from the early days returning after a decade or so and it's amazing how much of the site has remained special and intact! My question for you is who on the current TNT has been on staff the longest? Do you have a favorite Neopets memory/moment so far? ~~sugarpill38

Great to have you join us in Neopia again! This was such a great question we asked for input from some of our most seasoned team members!

DJ Skellington has been with us the longest. As for a favourite memory? He says “Seeing Moehogs finally appear in plush form? Having Haunted Woods win the first Altador Cup? Seeing Faerieland fall from the sky like a lead… I’m kidding! I’m kidding. *coughs*. And seeing Neopets Mobile is up there too!

Hi everyone! Kikocat here! I have been here since Y4 and had some great experiences on the site and around the office. But for site memories, some of my favourites would include the day I was asked to take over the Beauty Contest. Also, I loved the Altador Cup since I was asked to be a part of that. Recently being able to actually post on the Art Board has been great. As for playing the site, my favourite things would be The Battle for Meridell and the Altador Plot. I should also include, that I have loved collecting the real-life Neopets plushies since they first came out, I even do remember standing in line before the stores opened to get mine the day they were released.

Binary_supagoo here! I have been at Neopets since Neopian Year 7. I started in what we called Global Market Research as a developer doing things like back end programming for sponsored pages that had fun activities and videos and quests to celebrate big movie releases and working on proprietary systems to deliver “immersive advertising” content. Then I moved over to our super fun PHP group to work with Mr. Insane and others to help make Snarky’s creative visions come alive. As we changed owners, my understanding of the inner workings of a lot of our systems became vital to keeping these systems running and advise our team. I’ve never stopped being a gamer myself, so I enjoy giving some creative input too. One of my best memories was the first year I was at Neopets when they gave us all a big box with the Christmas Shoyru plushie made special for TNT staff.

This is Senormalo! I have been with Neopets since year Y7 I've had a few favourite moments. My photoshoot on a horse was definitely one, as well as teaming up with Dirigibles for the Daily Dare Team tournament! Although we lost it was nice to get out of my Moltara uniform.

From Neopian Times, Issue 905. JN Editorial ID: 20523