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The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Hey TNT! As you all know, most users are probably getting a little stir crazy right now. Neopets (for me, at least) has proven to be an invaluable social network right now, allowing me to chat and commiserate with other people in a nice, friendly environment (and Fyora knows that can be hard to find online). I do have one question, though. I'm sure a lot of users are also enjoying other video games right now to pass the time, including a certain animal one. I know that, in the past, it's always been discouraged that users on here share information for other games... given our current situation, and considering how many if not most of the users seem to be adults right now, is that still in place? I would LOVE to be able to visit other Neopians in their games but I don't want to risk getting in trouble! Is there any way you guys could loosen that rule a little, especially in such a difficult time?

Sorry but no this has not changed, we cannot allow members to give out any form of offsite contact information, regardless of members ages.

From Neopian Times, Issue 898. JN Editorial ID: 20474