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Hi TNT, I think I've discovered a bug in Daily Dare 2019. I have tried sending a ticket, but as you are currently switching support provider for ticketing, I thought it was best to contact you on the Editorial. I logged in on Mozilla Firefox this morning and challenged Abigail on Carnival of Terror. However, when I opened the game page, I realised that it seemed that I hadn't pressed the button "Challenge Abigail". So I did it again, played the game and after sending my score, the server has not updated at all, as if I had never challenged Abigail. I played the game again and sent my score, but the bug still persists. I tried logging out and switching browsers and now I'm using Google Chrome, but nothing has changed. Could you please help me? I have just one score left to send for today and I really did not want to miss the Day & Date prize due to a bug.

This happened due to a bug that prevented challenges from being accepted for several hours after the day went live. It was eventually fixed, but not before many players were affected in different ways. We’re trying to figure out the best way to deal with the situation - this is just to let you know that we’re aware of this problem and discussing our options for a fix.

From Neopian Times, Issue 875. JN Editorial ID: 20290