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Hi TNT ~ question for ya. Last month, I was posting good luck on the pound chat while advertising for the Caption Contest in my signature. I was swiftly warned for spamming and took the hint; I never did it again. Fast forward to this month, I see many users posting good luck on the pound chat while advertising CC. Can you clarify what is allowed and what isn't?

The rule is that you can have the Caption Contest link in your NeoSig as long as you are constructively contributing to the conversation of the board. We do not have a limit to which boards you can have this NeoSig unlike the Beauty Contest rules. But you cannot just post "GLT" or other things that add nothing to a conversation just so the NeoSig is seen. You should also not be creating boards for the sole purpose of advertising.

From Neopian Times, Issue 873. JN Editorial ID: 20250