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The Neopian Times Editorial is a (usually) weekly column hosted by The Neopets Team that answers questions direct from Neopians. Unfortunately, these Q&A's are not easily searched on the Neopets site, so we've created our own searchable database. Convenient for looking up past answers!

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Hello! I noticed a while ago one of the new fall wearable items, "Fall Knapsack", is in the "belt" zone so when your pet is wearing a Jacket, the Knapsack is completely covered! :( Is there anyway the zone of the Knapsack could be changed so that it overlaps all other clothes like a bag would? I love this cute little item and i'm so bummed it doesn't work with most customs :( Thank you for your time!!

Yes I will work on this fix with donny stay on the lookout.

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20690

Hi! Is it possible we could get a Shenanigifts Retired Capsule in the NC Mall at some point in the near future? (: The JubJub Power Bounce and Wonderclaw Retired Capsules that you've done in the past were a lot of fun! Some of the older Shenanigifts prizes aren't that available to trade for anymore as players come and go from the site. I hope you will consider this. Thanks!~~cherry_25

Yes we actually released this yesterday, it will be in the mall till the 10th.

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20689

Hello, thanks for fixing the Zen Style Tub so quickly, it looks gorgeous (by the way, all the new items are beautiful, loving the new art!). As I was dressing my pets for this magical season, I noticed "Holiday Themed Earrings" are glitching on the right side, at least on my blumaroo. Could you guys fix it too? Thanks!~~brenda_bbm

Yes I will work with Donny to fix this asap. Keep an eye out.

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20688

Hello TNT! I look forward to the Stocking Stufftacular every year (even saved up NC and counted on the bonus 500nc from the credit card promo this year), will the event still take place this year? Thank you!~~starlight13_2

The presale began on the second and will go till the 7th, then the event will begin on the 8th.

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20687

All I want for Christmas is the Kung Fu Vandagyre Hat re-zoned to static. ;o; You guys have been on such a great kick zoning hats/hoods like absolute champs that I don't know how this one slipped past. Please grant me and all the good little Vandagyres a christmas miraclllle.~~tainteddestiny

Wish granted :)

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20686

Hey there, so I’ve never tried to submit anything to the editorial before but this question has been on my mind. Obviously the outright renaming of pets is out of the question, but how about an option to change the case of pet names? As far as I can tell, pet names aren’t case sensitive, so I was wondering if this is something that could be feasible. Please remove my username, I’m shy. : )

Hi, sorry to say this but even just changing a capital letter would be the same as changing the entire petname in the servers so it's not something that could be done at this time.

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20685

I'm wondering what happened to daily dare and the gamer's challenge events that usually happen every year? I know for the past few years, one or the other gets cut to make room for something else...but both seem to have gone missing this year (I hope I didn't miss it somehow...I'd be so embarrassed asking this then lol). Will one or both be back in 2021? Please? They are my favorite events. Diverse challenges each day unlike for example the AC which consists of the same 4 games for a month. ~~sumarian_nutamu

Sadly with this year being the extinction of flash, we had to focus all our programming efforts to getting the site converted to HTML5. However, the Advent Calendar is still happening so make sure to head over to Happy Valley for some fun prizes and animations.

From Neopian Times, Issue 922. JN Editorial ID: 20684

Hi. I love the new Celestial Princess Gown. It looks great! I also like the thought put into the inclusive item description. I have an idea for a new pet that could wear it; if we get new pet slots (presumably after the HTML5 conversion and mobile site building are done), then maybe that pet will become a reality. ~~ _brainchild_

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20683

Hey TNT!! Firstly I want to tell you guys how amazing the Halloween items and Haunted mansion items were. But every year we have a superpack releasing on Halloween and we didnt have one this time around. It would be amazing if you guys released a winter/holiday themed superpack this year. XD~~sweetie026

I'm so glad you liked them, and yeah we wanted to switch it up this year and do more dailies instead to cater to different styles of halloween. But we will be releasing a forest like superpack soon and for winter we will be doing a holiday gram so keep an eye out for those :)

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20682

So I see there's a beta running for the Neopets redesign - and as I understand it, part of the purpose of a beta is for user feedback. Where might this feedback be submitted?~~katesbbro

Yes you can submit feedback to the mobile board gutterfoot is often lurking there!

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20681

I know you guys are working hard at the conversion, thank you for all that you do! Now, please tell me that despite the conversion rush, there will still be an advent calendar this year? (I'm yet to get the theme for attending all days and I'm hoping this will be the year!)~~unipie13unio

Yes despite all the craziness going on in Neo, we will of course be doing Advent Calendar. December 1st mark your calendars!

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20680

Is it too late to request some winter/christmas dyeworks items? I would really love Baby in a Present Box to be included! Thank you!

It is too late but here's a secret inside scoop for you...that will be in this batch of dyeworks! Don't tell anyone I told you tho it's a secret...

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20679

Hi! I noticed that the Red Velvet Glamour Gown was making the Ruki's left hand blue, which is a little weird! Would it be possible to fix it? Thank you so much!

Oh my I see I will send it over to Donny and he will have that fixed in no time.

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20678

Hola TNT! Any idea if or when the Faerie Darblat will be released? Thank you.

So sorry for the delay on this, Darblats are now available to be painted Faeire!

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20677

Hey TNT! I purchased some Neocash when you announced that the credit card feature was live again and offering a bonus 500 NC, but I haven't seen the bonus yet. I've seen some other users on the Neoboards say they don't have their bonus NC either. Any idea when this will be fixed? Thanks for everything you do! C:~~flare_baroshi

As mentioned in the news, this will be granted after the 30th of November so be on the lookout.

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20676

Hi! Many of us have noticed the new help section, which includes a new ticket system. Some of us are worried that our old tickets might have been discarded along with the old system. Will you please clarify whether or not players with outstanding tickets should resubmit them using the new system? Please remove my username.

Hello. This is actually not a new system, just an addition to the current system to help both our support staff and members. Anyone who had tickets in already would not need to submit new tickets.

From Neopian Times, Issue 921. JN Editorial ID: 20675

Thank you TNT for creating the coolest Vandagyre outfit EVER! *chef's kiss* Please give the artist who designed the Kung Fu Vandagyre my compliments!

From Neopian Times, Issue 920. JN Editorial ID: 20674

Hello there TNT, I was wondering how one would go about pronouncing the pet species "Vandagyre". Is it "Vanda-jire", "Vanda-guy-er" or something else entirely. It is of utmost importance that I get to the bottom of this. Thanks again!

A very important question indeed! The proper pronunciation is "Vanda-guy-er" :)

From Neopian Times, Issue 920. JN Editorial ID: 20673

Is there any kind of internal guideline to how big different Neopets are in relation to each other for doing art? ~~toyboxescapecool

Hi, I went around and searched for some information about this, so here is what I found for you:

There is an interesting article from not too long ago about pet sizes at http://www.neopets.com/ntimes/index.phtml?section=574253&week=788.

Now if you wanted to draw your pets in the right sizes to your other pets you can find that information on your petpage. So you can go to http://www.neopets.com/petlookup.phtml?pet=YOURPETNAMEHERE and it will actually show you the Height and Weight of your pet.

However, keep in mind though that these heights and weights may be inaccurate if your pet has changed species. These specific heights/weights are determined by which species you first created, and therefore will not change when you change your pet's species.

From Neopian Times, Issue 920. JN Editorial ID: 20672

So I was recently on my way to the boards and I just typing in the URL and let by browser autofill the rest, anyway I noticed the number and it got me thinking what are all the boards in order? So I went and had a look, some boards just don't exist and that's fine, but I'm sure I remembered a board 18, am I miss remembering was it all a dream? or is there a very real chance that a board will be lost in the conversion? ~~emily5martin

We don't know yet if any boards will be lost in the conversion so we'd have to say wait and see for that one. But you are right that there are some numbers that don't exist anymore, they could have been event boards or boards that at one time where removed completely or consolidated with other boards.

From Neopian Times, Issue 920. JN Editorial ID: 20671

This has been on my mind for a while... is the item "Pease Porridge" supposed to be spelled that way? Like is it a foreign spelling or a typo? ~~mopsihog

Hi, This is not a mis-spelling at all. This is a real item, but not a dessert like you might be thinking. This is a dish made from yellow split peas, onions, carrots and a few other ingredients which can be served with ham or steak.

From Neopian Times, Issue 920. JN Editorial ID: 20670

There are many players that take this site very seriously, who are well into their 30s (or nearing), who will work for free. As a community effort to get Neopets into top shape. I am sure there will be real resumes with real contacts. No more power than just being able to delete a post that did not coincide with the rules. That is it. Just to delete. Not being able to give any sort of warning. If you see mass deletion in the logs without just cause, end of volunteering. We just want to help.. ~~princess_zelda_22

Hi, Sadly this was discussed once in an Editorial in issue 316. That has not changed, we would not be able to have volunteers working for the site due to legal ramifications around a volunteer situation. You are of course welcome to apply for any openings by going to Jumpstart's employment page! You can also help by reporting any issues you see to the monitors on duty so they can take care of it for you.

From Neopian Times, Issue 920. JN Editorial ID: 20669

Are there any plans to expand upon current features to take advantage of the mobile layout? like revamping stuff like the employment agency (which to be honest has been outdated for like over a decade and making it easier to utilize on mobile? ~~zacharyfunkhouser

Yes, absolutely! When we redesign pages, we make sure to consider how we can improve/revamp them. We haven't taken a look at the Employment Agency yet but I can assure you that if an existing page seems out of date to you, we will definitely be revamping it. Looking at you, Nigel. ~~gutterfoot

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20668

Is there plans to convert all site features? Are there any site features that will not make the transition? I'm looking forward to seeing Quick Stock return as it's harder to flick between beta and non-beta now Inventory is live! ~~sheepmad4eva

For most features, its only a matter of when, not if. Some features will be refactored/merged with other parts of the site if it makes for a better user experience. ~~van Doodle

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20667

Are you planning on updating the neopian times layout to be mobile friendly as well. And would it be possible to get an option for comments, or even just like/kudos functionality. It would be nice to be able to tell writers we liked their work without mentioning them directly. ~~emily5martin

At some point we will be updating the layout for the Neopian Times to be responsive. However, we've discussed adding comment sections to places like the News page before and it sounds like we can't spare the extra moderation required. Maybe we can add in reactions, though! ~~van Doodle

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20666

How are you planning on incorporating the links that are currently about the inventory/shop/sdb etc? These are so incredibly useful, would be disappointed to see then gone or reduced too much. ~~sleepyholler

A long list of random links at the top of the page has never been a great user experience for navigation, so we're definitely getting rid of it in that form. However, some links are moving into the profile menu on the left side, while others will move elsewhere. We want to strike a balance between easy accessibility to get places quickly, without overwhelming new players. You'll still be able to find whatever you need to, and for the most obscure pages, there's always the bookmarks feature. ~~van Doodle

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20665

First - you said that except for games that had virtually zero plays, everything would be converted. Jelly Blobs is my absolute favorite game, and I'm really hoping it doesn't get taken away. What games currently are on that "zero plays" list? ~~mtbrock2

Worry not about Jelly Blobs! It is not far down our list of games that we are planning to convert. While I can't say for certain which games are at "zero plays", I will say that it may not necessarily mean we remove that game forever. For example, if it's a game that we see potential in, we may just redesign it in hopes that more people will play it. That being said, we do want to dedicate time and resources on brand new games once we get the most popular games converted. ~~gutterfoot

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20664

Hi. This question isn't the most relevant, but it is very important to me, and I would appreciate it if you could find out the answer and put it in the Editorial. I would like to know if all games that give avatars will be converted to HTML5 successfully and still be playable. I am hoping that all game avatars will still be available. ~~_brainchild_

Yes, we will make sure the games that award avatars are on our list for conversion! It may take some time to convert them all, but we don't want to leave any of those behind. ~~gutterfoot

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20663

Are trophies for converted flash games going to count as a trophy for the current game, or will they be unique? In the past, some games received an update. Korbat's Lab was one such game. Each game was treated totally separate, so you could have two Korbat's Lab trophies on your user lookup. If I already have a trophy for the current Igloo Garage Sale, would I get a separate trophy for the new, converted Igloo Garage Sale? ~~jacobhulsebus

The HTML5 games will not have a different trophy count than the Flash games! We will be combining them, even if they have different IDs, to pool towards the same trophy. ~~gutterfoot

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20662

Will the NC Mall get a revamp during this? I'd love to add multiples of the same item to my cart at one time! ~~catz1

We are starting on redesigning the NC Mall very, very soon actually! I'll be posting in the NC Mall Neoboard asking for suggestions next week, just like I did for the Pound. Multiples of the same item is already a great suggestion! ~~gutterfoot

From Neopian Times, Issue 919. JN Editorial ID: 20661

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