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Version Podcast
Published: October 26, 2008

Whew! It's finally here! Issue 50! I know, I know. It's a big milestone. To celebrate, we thought we'd do something neat with it. Instead of a boring editorial by Terry or something, we decided to spice it up. Bring it up a notch. Really make it shine.

So, the JN staff is proud to present the 50th Issue of the JN Editorial... in audio form. :) This "editorial podcast" is hosted by none other than Suzuka, Terry, and Nynex! A veritable triumvirate of staffers who will tackle some of your random questions. So, sit back. Relax. And listen. (And for those who can't listen... the transcript is below. :P)

Can't listen for some reason? Here's a transcript of our shenanigans below... ~ The JN Staff

Suzuka: Hi and welcome to Jellyneo's first ever podcast editorial! We're your hosts: I'm Suzuka...

Nynex: ... I'm Nynex ...

Terry:: ... and I'm Fake Dave.


Suzuka: That's Terry. :P So today we will be answering some of your questions out loud, obviously. Our first question comes from 101monica101. The question says: I've been thinking of buying some of those beads for my Lutari Talisman. Do you think this is a good investment? Which ones should I buy? Thanks, you rock! I would say that it's definitely a waste of your money. The cost to obtain all of the beads is really insane. The advantages you get are an occasional slight discount in Neopets's official shops, not the user run ones. If you're a major restocker for items like Draik Eggs, it might be an occasional thing, but the beads still cost more than the Draik eggs. And you get an occasional increase of NP from flash games. No one can see your talisman either.

Nynex: This next question is from apocrypha_rose: When was the first avatar released? What was the date? I was just wondering. Actually, the first avatar that was released was the Sloth avatar. It was a random event, and it was released on August 11, 2003.

Terry: We have a question from jbweldgirl_95: This has been puzzling me for a while. :s If your account when you first sign up on Neopets is younger than 13, and the date turns to your 13th birthday... Would you get the same features that a 13 account would get? You should be able to get those features, but it seems that you often have to send a Neopets bug report to get them.

Suzuka: I had an issue with my first account because when I turned 13 all those years ago I had to send a bug report to get my account upgraded, and I know a couple other people who had to do that as well. But as soon as I sent the bug report, I swear within three hours, I had all of the features released to me. Our next question comes from firenrocks2: Okay, this is a silly question about the Item Database. You used to be able to refine your "Item Status" under Replaced. Now it's gone. Sometimes you just want to stare and act melancholy contemplating the fact you will never own a Fat Cat. That really does make me melancholy and really depresses me. Does anyone else want a Fat Cat?

Nynex: I want a Fat Cat.

Suzuka: Yeah, so I'm not alone. And I don't want to eat it like Tawm would. You can still view those replaced items. The Fat Cat was actually replaced by the Baraga, which is really, really ugly, and no one should every want it, but apparently somebody does, because it's expensive, like 500k. The Fat Cat can still be viewed when you look up the Baragara in our Item Database.

Nynex: Our next question is from cisko116: Heya TJNT! =3 I was wondering: On which day did you guys have the most hits? And how many hits did you guys had?

Terry: Okay, so we had the most number of hits on August 23, 2008 the day after our fourth birthday. We were in the middle of our staff hunt and we had over 340,000 hits [on the main site alone] in that one day. The second most number of hits was in [April] 2007 during our Negg hunt. According to Alexa, we are the number one Neopets help site IN THE WORLD! WHOO!

JN is like a motorcycle, you see... ;)

Terry: And next we have a question from mdejesu: Is there any place I can find an Avatar Checklist? Be it printable or online... Thanks for everything by the way. YOU GUYS make Neopets way more enjoyable. We don't have one, but our affiliate avatar.starried.net is a great place for keeping track of the avatars you have.

Suzuka: Our next question is from pikapika_2_2_2: Several months ago, I encountered the Earthquake random Event. However, the screen didn't shake. Why? If you're using Internet Explorer, then you should see the shake. But if you're using any other browser these days [Such as Firefox, Safari or Opera], then you won't be able to see it since IE is the only browser to support that kind of Javascript. I remember it used to work for me on old AOL, but after a while it stopped. It was really cool when it happened, though.

Nynex: It scared me the first time I saw it.

Suzuka: You know, the mark of Ta-Kutep, that random event is supposed to send you back to the page you came from, but it never does. But for some reason the one where Fyora summons you to Faerieland, that actually does take me there. So I'm not sure why some of those work and some of them don't.

Nynex: Next question is from Ivory_Moon_Blue: Who came up with the neopets idea and how did he/she come up with the looks of the Neopets? Please respond back and give me a full answer, please. Neopets was originally developed by Adam Powell and Donna Williams, and released in November of 1999. At the time, the site was aimed toward college students. In the beginning of the sites existence, there weren't nearly as many legal worries, and there were create-a-pet competitions, as well as pets that were spoofs of famous people. Adam and Donna left Neopets a while back, and are currently heads of Meteor Games, which is working on it's first MMO - Twin Skies. We'd also like to congratulate the two of them on their recent marriage.

Terry: We have a question from mollybetter: Why is it that there are two different looks for the Mallow Grundo? The Mallow Grundo was one of the pets that was given the option of whether or not to convert when customisation went live. The images are actually more similar than several of the pets that didn't have the option, such as the Maraquan Zafara and every Lutari.

Suzuka: Maraquan Zafara!? I always said "marakwan" Zafara. It's "zahfara"! *laughter*

Nynex: [laughing] I was like wow, that's a new breed, I never heard of that one! [much debating ensues]

Suzuka: Our next question comes from Maxwell, and the question is: Will there be an Altador Cup next year? And we can confirm that there will be. We came across a factsheet that Viacom produced for potential advertisers and listed on the upcoming events was the Gamesmaster Challenge in November, the return of the Daily Dare in March, and the Fourth Altador Cup in the summer of 2009. We really need an event in between them. Like a real plot.

Nynex: Which means that they pretty much aren't doing the plots anymore. We're getting a bunch of these little dinky plots.

Suzuka: I like the Altador Cup. I do want a real plot, though. We need a Faerieland plot. We don't have a faerie plot. We need to learn about the faeries. We need a plot almost always going on.

Nynex: I want another Lost Desert Plot.

Suzuka: I liked the Lost Desert. I think it was my favorite. And I think that if they had the really cool plots before, they could have done a lot of stuff with Maraqua.

Nynex: Maraqua?

Suzuka: It'd be cool if they did more stuff after the plots are over. I'd like to hear more about the characters. Like seriously, their Neopedia entries... they don't come along, they don't refer to things. It'd be cool to visit Coltzan's Shrine and occasionally see a picture of Amira pop up next to the shrine or something. That would be so cool, wouldn't it? Like see it as she's visiting her father's shrine.

Nynex: Question 11 is from Kittymccourt: Hi the Jellyneo team! First off, let me say that the staff hunt was fantastic! Second, are you going to add Twin Skies to the affiliates bar at the bottom? Yep, we have added a Twin Skies Help affiliate site at the bottom of the page with the rest of our affiliates.

Suzuka: And also, thank you for liking our staff hunt. I pretty much enjoyed it, and Rosie's caricatures were awesome. Although I did sort of have problems breathing down by that statue.

Terry: We have a question from user Beautifullysublime: Hi Jellyneo! I'm just writing in about the last editorial. Someone asked about the mysterious swirly potion, and the response was that the island pet would have to turn into a LE island pet. Actually, the pet can change into any LE pet. If the LE pet that it changes into does not yet come in the color island, then it will simply turn into a basic color. For example, a biscuit kau could turn into a biscuit chomby, but it could also turn into a red jetsam. I hope that helps a little. Keep up the good work, because you guys ROCK!

Suzuka: Yea, I heard a couple people say that. It was my mistake, I apologize. When I last heard, everyone seemed to be getting the same color with a different species. So yea, take that as a warning, I'm not perfect, and again I apologize for that mistake.

Suzuka: Our next question is from aqwaszer: What is 'World of Neopia'? I've heard that it is similar to KeyQuest, but I still don't know. From what we can tell, World of Neopia is its planning stages. It's going to be a 3D environment where players can explore Neopia with their Neopets and have a real time chat with other players. It's set for release in 2009, and it's still being planned, so it's going to basically be a 3D version of Neopia. It's not going to be a game like KeyQuest is.

Nynex: This next question is from animelover00004: How is the Lemon Jelly Chicken a reference to the show, The Office? I'd like to know. Well, if you look at the item description, it says to watch out for Staplers. As we all know (or should know), in the UK version of the Office, there is the famous opening scene where Gareth discovers that his stapler has been encased in jelly. For those of us in the US, Jim pulled the same prank on Dwight.

Terry: [This next question is from yaksrcewl:] What happened to the Random Fact that used to be up at the top of the page on the old layout? Those were really interesting.

Suzuka: Unfortunately we really haven't found anywhere we can stick them on our new layout, which is really depressing since I am a random facts geek. But we still have them on JN. Click here for the Random Facts! That was actually my first contribution to JN, before I started working here. I pestered Dave and sent him a bunch of lists of random facts. I felt so special, didn't you?

Nynex: Okay, our last question is from star8509: What happened to Terry's essays about yooyus and icecream? I miss them :(


Suzuka: Terry, what did happen to your essays? I miss them too.

Nynex: They were so entertaining late at night when you just randomly would come up with a bunch of stuff.

Terry: *sadly* The ice cream truck ran out of ice cream.

Nynex: Thank you and I hope you enjoyed editorial 15--err, 50! :P