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First Issue!
Published: August 4, 2007

Welcome to our very first issue of the editorial! We've attempted to answer the best questions we've received so far... and here's what we've got.

Dear JN, when do you plan on Upgrading the forums, (such as adding new features) and adding more skins and such? ~ dadude3320
As you may have already noticed, the forums have just received a rather large upgrade! If you don't have a forum account, why not sign up?

Hey JellyNeo, did you know when did Neopets is going to release their books? ~ druncadpet
According to all of the news stories, Neopets plans on having their books hit the shelves in Fall of 2008 (over a year away).

Why is the Stone Paintbrush so cheap? Neopets doesn't say what pets it can be used on! Could you tell me if it even can be used, or is it like the glass paintbrush? ~ dogcat737
The Stone Paint Brush unfortunately cannot be used anymore. It was retired a few years back, and all of the pets were turned into Island versions. (As mentioned in the news on June 26, 2002.)

What is the current Wheel of Excitement disease? ~ halo_owns_gta
The current Wheel disease is Chickaroo, so stock up on your Herbal Scrambled Eggs!


Why is TNT in denial about Jelly World? ~ pippin_took90
I'm not quite sure why. We at JN think it's the best world by far, in case you couldn't tell. :P It's a nice running joke, I suppose. Jelly World Exists!!!!11!1!!1

Hey JN, you guys ROCK! Ok, back to the question... what's that "secret" thing you've got underwraps in Current Projects? And if you're going to finish it by the end of the summer, I *suppose* you should have it at least half done by now... ~ kristofersiy94
We often neglect to update that page... but we just did. As you can see, we're nearing completion, and it should be out in time for our birthday. *cracks whip of doom @ contenters to hurry up*

Should I work on content instead of sending in this silly question? ~ 1337
Yes, you probably should, 1337. *cracks whip of doom*

*cracks it again*

Hey JN, I was wondering what y'all know about the mysterious statue in Maraqua. I know TNT cancelled the Darkest Faerie plot onsite, but I was wondering if they were ever going to do anything with it. Can y'all explain? ~ The Unknown
The Darkest Faerie plot can be seen by playing the video game. TNT didn't want to just copy the same thing, so they went with the Altador Mini-Plot that we've all come to know and love. As for the statue, it'll probably sit there for all of eternity...

How much money does it take to run this site? Does it cost more than.. hmm.. a thousand or more? ~ fighteratttack
I did some math, and it takes approximately $260 a year to run JN. Luckily, however, this year was paid for with the help of everyone who bought web hosting, and by anyone who donated. :) (And yes, this is a shameless plug asking for donations... but we've never asked before. :P)

On Jellyneo, you guys put up Altador Cup prizes, but then you took them down. Why did you guys do that? Thank you! ~ Jockylocky
We decided to take them down due to wanting to help keep TNT's secrecy with the prizes. If you caught a glimpse of them, great. If not, then you'll be able to see them again when TNT decides to release them. ;)

What exactly is going on with the graphics section? ~ alphabet345
Nothing. JN probably won't have a graphics section. At least not in the foreseeable future. We have lots of other projects going on, and there are so many other graphic sites out there. Maybe one day in the far, far, far distant future... but don't count on it. ;)

When do you think the Neopian Pound will be back up (for adopting purposes anyway)? ~ greatearthmage
Only time will tell... we don't know any more than you, unfortunately. However, you could probably help expedite the pound on TNT's to-do list by letting them know how much you'd like the pound through their contact form. (I'd use the Ideas/Comments one.)

All of these pets are getting expensive to take care of!

We know that Dave is a great coder as he mentions in the "History" page of Jellyneo. Is he working on any other projects at the moment that are similar or different to Jellyneo ? ~ samos1234
Nope, Dave is tied to JN closer than bark on a tree. He doesn't have time to work on other sites, let alone JN at some times! Dave also finds it rather strange talking in the third person...

Do you tell people who own 644 day old darigan pteris that their pets are being displayed? ~ Wolf199596
No, we don't. Most of the time, though, their owners email us and let us know when their pets will be of age.

We do ask, however, that you don't bother the owner of any pet that gives an avatar. :) It's only common courtesy.

Who answers the Editorial Questions? ~ the_academy_awards
Dave, of course. And Terry will probably sneak in a few answers from time to time. Perhaps we'll have a few guest editors as well. :)

Is playing Tombola and Fruit Machine really luck or is there some thing you can do to win prizes?? Like at a certain time? ~ guildgiveaway2
It's all purely luck. However, if you play everyday, you're bound to win something eventually. :)

Where do faerie's come from? O_o ~ choco_mistress
Well, when a daddy faerie and a mommy faerie get together-- wait a minute... there are no male faeries!

All faeries come from Faerieland, of course.

Do you know if the "Journey to the Lost Isle " Plot will continue? Because on most of the character's Neopedia Article says that they are putting together anotehr expedition. Because they mihgt just name the plot someting else like "The Return to the Lost Isle".:D ~ sea_monster2
No one knows but TNT. However, if we were to take a guess (AND THIS IS A GUESS), we'd say that the plot will continue sometime in the future. In all honesty, I think the Lost Isle plot was thrown together and released just to take our minds off complaining about the new layout and redrawn pets. :P Sort of worked, I guess.

What is the meaning of life? I'm leaning to 42 but I want your opinion. ~ 111kyttibaby
We'd have to agree. 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything. I mean, what else is there?

Yumm... Pan Galactic Gargle Slushie...

Why is it that the default theme set on JellyNeo is Mystery Island and no longer our beloved JellyNeo Orange? ~ hyperknuckles77_tail
During the summer months of June, July, and August, the default theme is Mystery Island. Here's a schedule of the when the default theme changes:

New Year's - January 1st - 7th
Valentines - February 12th - 14th
Halloween - All of October
Winter - All of December
Sloth - Dave's Birthday, December 9th, and Sloth Day

Of course, you can select any of these themes (except Sloth) at any time throughout the year by clicking here.