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Wrap Party
Published: August 31, 2014

After 217 great issues of the jnEditorial, what better way to celebrate than an official wrap party at the JN headquarters? Dream has gathered all those cookies, cakes, Neggs and jellies that readers have helpfully thrown at the editorial writers over the years (no rocks, though... just rock cakes). DJ SirCabbage is over on the mixing deck spinning only the hottest tunes. And with a bunch of JN staffers gathered to raise an Exploding Slushie to hundreds of successfully-answered questions, it's time this party got underway...

Hello JN! I started playing when the site first began, then took a long 6-year break. I returned years ago and I feel super old now. But, mostly pretty alone. What's a good way to make neofriends? I joined an 18+ guild and I've tried the boards. I only ever get spammers and people trying to get things from me.....any ideas? ~ anonymous
SirCabbage: Honestly, the best way is to join in during events. Most of the permanent boards are pretty much "in-crowds" at this point, so event boards are best. When an event comes around, preferably a plot if we ever get one of those again, people are often more open than normal. Besides that, you could always try visiting our forums or searching for other fan communities on certain popular, colourful places.

Years ago I read glowing reports about a TNT Staffer who had something to do with the production of muffins. It may have been in the Neopian Times, maybe on the Neoboard. Certainly it was written in the style of workmates farewelling a loved part-timer/contract worker. She obviously won hearts with her work ethics/fun loving attitude. Now I am a seasoned player who is familiar with the value of muffins beyond the coffee machine. I'd like to revisit those comments. I have searched with no luck. Does Jelly have a Sleuth up to this task? ~ therons
Dream: I don't remember a staffer by that description, but TNT did once get help from a child who was known as the Muffin Queen. Could that be who you're thinking of? You can see her contributions to New Features here. Mmm... muffins. Now, there's something the public couldn't throw enough.

Did Steve The Rock steal your souls? ~ Rosabelle101
noileh, chieftain of the loudspeaker: On behalf of the staff here at Jellyneo I must inform you that we are highly affronted by the notion that we have no souls.

Announcement: Get back to work! :O

I know there may be limited time on this. But a few months ago Monkey Quest changed the amount of NC you get for leveling up (Now you only get a sum every 5 levels instead of every level like before.) Are there any MQ players that know what the new amount is? Every post I find about it on Google just say "An amount." ~ anonymous
SirCabbage: This question has likely been here for a long, long time. Really long. Like, super-long... So long that now Monkey Quest isn't even under the banner of Neopets, and is being closed down very soon. I don't even actually know the answer to your question, but I still feel like I should at least say sorry for not answering it when it was relevant.

Hello Staffers! *throws throwing cupcakes* I was wondering, since I am a keen supporter of Kiko Lake, which of you support Kiko Lake for the AC. Thank you. The bomb will now explode BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM *rains Chandley Heads* ~ poofy2468
Sweep: I guess I can claim to support KL... after all, they were my team this year.

Kayla: What do you mean, raining Chadley heads?

So, just to make things a bit more interesting, I've been training one of my lab rats so that their level won't continuously be reset to 1. On your guide it simply says the chance of the reset stops at around level 20+ or 40+. I was wondering if you had any more exact numbers than this? Does the guide mean it varies from user to user as to when it stops, or that no one actually knows? Thanks. :) *summons a pile of snowballs* ~ Queen Elsa
SirCabbage: We simply don't have the exact level it stops doing it at. Not only would that be a hard thing to test but it would also be very expensive. The best bet is to train much higher then the level it stops. This gives you some breathing room if the lab ray decides to normally put your level down. The lab ray is a great cheap way to get a battle pet, but it is by no means reliable.

Lab Ray Scientist
You'll never quantify my magnificently complicated science!

So, I was playing Wrath of the Snowager, and on my third send my score was set for review. 2.9 million points behind the apparent limit. And smaller than my other scores. I played again, and when I submitted it said "challenge posted, max scores reached" about. There was no event where I was in a challenge. So, my question would be, "What?" ~ Mika
Dream: You say your "third score" was sent for review, and then you sent another one -- I'm presuming there was some sort of bonus in place that let you go over the normal limit. This message sometimes seems to get left in games after they've been used for an event like Daily Dare or the Gamesmaster's Challenge, where there might be reasons to keep sending scores after you hit the three-score limit for the day. It's supposed to let you know that your score counts towards the event, but you won't be receiving Neopoints for it.

Key Quest hasn't been updated in years. Do you know if TNT has abandoned the game? ~ circlingsky
SirCabbage: Key Quest's production was outsourced, meaning TNT only have limited ability to change things themselves. They can still change prizes, but for the longest time they have not. So with this evidence the answer is likely yes, they have abandoned it. However, thankfully for people who enjoy playing Key Quest, this doesn't matter, as it is still able to be played. Also, TNT is slowly re-releasing Key Quest tokens through the NC Mall, so players can complete their collection despite no more plushie lines being produced.

Hi. Anyway, why does neither Neopets nor Jellyneo know about a game I have? It is called Neopets: Codestone Quest. It is a PC game where you travel throughout Neopia and save faeries from Balthazar and his Mutant Meepits. Why do neither Neopets nor JN know about it? *throws Codestone Quest CD* ~ alli_draggy (Champion Of Under 13s)
Leaf: It's not like we don't know about that game. There are a few characters listed here. But the game is now discontinued and it can't run on newer OS, so naturally Neopets doesn't mention anything about it.

Meut the Apprentice
But you can boast to all your friends that you've heard of me!

If you could answer me a little economic prediction: What might happen if the daily puzzle gave away Attack Peas for a day? Points of interest are: Money tree; Trading post, boards, battledome ~ Ec0n0m3
Day 1: the giveaway. Someone would get the pea without knowing its value and stock it in the Shop Wiz for 99,999. People would assume it was a glitch or a duplication hack and stay away. Soon other users would begin to get the pea. Users would scramble to get the pea while others frantically tried to contact TNT to see if it was an error. About an hour or two in, fansites such as us would report on the giveaway on our front page, cautioning users to consider not selling them until we know if they are legit.

Day 2: Many peas would be up on sale. Most would be asking for hundreds of millions despite the fact there were now thousands of peas. Half of Neopia would be expecting the pea to be taken away; the other half would be trying to become instant millionares. Neither would be satisfied. The peas wouldn't sell for a high price now everyone had them.

Day 3-5: As people start to realise that it wasn't a joke, they begin to more freely sell the peas. At first they sell for around 200-300k, but soon even lower. The peas become buyable. Raters like me put the rating of the pea up to a clear 10; it becomes a new staple in the Battledome over night.

Day 6-8: People realise that the only thing selling right now are the peas. All multi-use attackers besides the pea are now considered worthless. Prices drop across the board. The anagram swords are suddenly no longer needed and are only used by 2P battlers trying not to take the predictable option. Illusens Silver Shield, Shield of Pion Troect and Ultra Dual Shovel all become commonplace in the Battledome. These items are literally needed to set foot in 2P.

Day 9-15: Due to a huge number of players stocking up on the pea, prices have now risen to around 60-100k, sometimes higher when people try to buy out all the peas... but there are just too many. Many Battledomers have quit over the past two weeks, and a lot of rare items are now out of the economy forever. More will follow as the elite users start to give up on Neopets in even greater numbers than before.

Day 16: TNT finally notice their mistake and replace all the ill-gotten peas with an Attack Pea Stamp, the originally intended prize. But it is too late. Neopets as we know it is finished. The final blows have been thrown. Everything is over.

Day 17: Silence... the deafening silence...

Attack PeaAttack PeaAttack Pea

I love Jellyneo!! :) But I can't find a guide in JN's Article Listing for finding the worms in Moltara, or the place to find a pile of gears, or how to get through the Dark Cave to the Moltite inside. Could you please make a guide and add it to the site? Thank you. ~ Spider
Dream: We already have a handy guide on what to do with your worms! You can read it here. Now, just don't tell anyone that that disco light over on SirCabbage's mixing deck is three worms chasing each other round and round the lamp, and we should be all good.

In this family we play Neopets. Especially my brother & I are totally addicted to it. We love to restock in shops and that's most often what we do. Sometimes we prefer to do little matches between each other to restock in the same shop and to see who is the fastest. Is this in any way legal, since we use the same IP? Also, all our trades are on my account (and not on my brother's) because we think it is not allowed to have trades on 2 accounts, since Neopets see the same IP and we don't want to get frozen (at least I do not). Is this a good solution? And last, we both are not fast enough to restock in a busy shop like the Magic Shop or the Stamp shop, but when I'm away and I get home, he also has stuff from those shops restocked. I think he is using software for it to get stuff extremely fast, but I'm totally not sure at all and I won't search on his PC. My question is if my account is now also likely to get frozen, if he does illegal stuff. (Same IP). Sorry if my English wasn't perfect! I hope you understand it ^^ ~ anonymous
SirCabbage: TNT does realise that people often have brothers and sisters who play from the same PC. Honestly, I would expect your transferring and selling from one account would appear more suspicious to TNT then simply both having your own accounts and keeping them separate. If I was you and your brother, I would just play the game normally and keep my items and NP far away from one another. If he is doing things which are not allowed by TNT then you may be frozen alongside him, especially given your habit of transferring items to yourself before selling. Just keep things separate so TNT know you are not the same person.

Eccentrically Dressed Kacheek
A unique style of dress may or may not also help.

Can you guys ask Cog how much the dry-cleaning jacket costs? ~ anubisfan_15
SirCabbage: According to Cog, the jacket is very reasonably priced, but the cost of dry-cleaning is 10% of the current NP value of the item. So I wouldn't be taking my jacket in to her any time soon.

Dream: She says there was also a version that had the side-effect of turning Neocash items bizarre colours, but apparently TNT ran off with the prototype for some reason. I wonder what they did with that?

(Insert random JN praise stuff and things) In the Item DataBase, it says "Prices should be the average of the lowest prices you can find on the Shop Wizard or Trading Post. A decent supply of this item should be available at the price you're reporting." This is kind of contradictory, as it says "lowest prices" and then "A decent supply of this item should be available at the price you're reporting." So should I be averaging the lowest price I find when I refresh a couple of times? ~ Yimmy7
Sweep: In short, yes.
The idea behind having a "decent supply" of the item is that if somebody else searches the Shop Wizard, they should be able to find the item at that price fairly easily. You might be extremely lucky and find a Super Attack Pea in someone's shop for 100 NP, but once it's sold nobody else will be able to find one for that price, so it's not accurate information to include in the IDB.

If you don't have access to the Super Shop Wizard, please refresh the regular SW a few times and submit an average price for the cheapest shops you can find. This should mean that other users are able to find the item for sale at that price even after some of them have been purchased.

A few days ago I installed the Chrome extensions AdBlock and Adblock Plus and today I realised that because I have them I no longer have to watch the ads at all in Adver-Video. I can just spin the wheel and get my Neopoints. Does this count as cheating? I really don't want to get frozen :( ~ anonymous
SirCabbage: Adver-Video is little more then a relic these days. Since the sale of Neopets to JumpStart, chances are there are no videos there which anyone would be making money off anyway. I just checked myself and it also let me spin without watching a video. Don't worry, it is just a forgotten part of the website. You can feel safe in claiming your free NP every day until one day they take it down entirely.

JumpStart Logo
Are we not drawn onward, we few,
drawn onward to new era?

*accidentally throws ferocious negg instead of cookies* I have never been able to find an answer to this question: why is your score sent automatically at the end of Splat-a-Sloth? This has always bothered me somewhat as (I believe) that Splat-a-Sloth is the only game that does this and there is no explanation... ~ cmk12
SirCabbage: MINE! *grabs ferocious negg before even reading the question*

Oh. Oh. .. oh. There is a question to answer. The answer is because otherwise people would just keep playing the game over and over again until they get the best possible score. While it may sound fine, I think TNT decided it would be easier on everyone if they just made it auto-send.

Let me make sure I got this correct: The Hornsby came out February 28, 2001, and then it was a Hornsby. The Isnewee came out April 3, 2001, and looked exactly like the Hornsby, for 2 years! Wouldn't that be confusing, for them to have the same recoloured image?
noileh: Yep - you got it! I can only conclude that there was some kind of mix-up between the artists that resulted in two identical Petpets being released with different names. I'm not quite sure why it took them just over 2 years to notice it, though... Fortunately this led to the creation of the adorable Mazzew, so I'm not complaining!

For everyone still wondering, the Mazzew was released on May 20, 2003 and replaced the Isnewee.

*throws a Grarrl at you* what is the most expensive paintbrush? What is the cheapest? Is it in the IDB? ~ emilybat12
SirCabbage: According to the IDB, the Stealth Paint Brush is currently the most expensive and the Speckled Paint Brush is the cheapest. All items are in the Item Database, but when you sort by price you can cut out certain ones. To see the ones we currently do not have a price for included in your search, all you have to do is sort by something other than price. Paint Brushes seem to mostly have a price, though, so only a couple are cut out.

Multi-Coloured Paint Brush

*knock knock* What did Neopets Stuff sell, If you may tell? For we would be more well-Off if you did, Nell.
Dream: My name's not Nell. Have we ever had a Nell here?
I don't believe there was ever an option to buy anything other than Zazzle merchandise directly from the site, although Neo did have its own eBay account for a while some years ago, where they sold items such as plushies and notebooks.

The content on the Neopets Stuff page seemed to differ depending on what country you were in; as a Brit, I had a page directing me to visit Claire's Accessories for Neopets merchandise. I never did find any, though I visited pretty often. They must have thought I had a real thing for staring forlornly at glittery headbands.

Hi JN! *Hands basket of varied berries from Meridell* Now, this may be a bit on the vague side, but am I the only one who has noticed a sudden increase in non-Neopets references from TNT's revamped features? From the "inconceivable" achievement from the obelisk war (Princess Bride FTW!) to the sub-text for "Drain life" (Hopefully you recognize that one), it seems that TNT is getting a chance to show off their nerdy side, which is certainly not a bad thing, for the record. At first I assumed it was the change in owner, but the references started about, say, a month or two earlier (as far as I can tell). So, I suppose my question is, in essence: A: Is there more references than there used to be? and B: If so, is there any good reasons why? Man, what is it with me and these long questions? (Oops, I accidentally threw some barbed wire and dung in that fruit basket) ~ sugarstarz21
SirCabbage: There are LOTS of references on Neopets- like, tons of them. That is part of the fun to me as an item collector. I would say there are about the same number of references, but perhaps now you are starting to SEE more. The reason is simple: TNT are people too. Much like I love to have a bit of fun in my reviews, TNT likes to have fun with their items and events. To see a nice big list of references found on Neopets, Click Here!

Malcolm Draiknolds Kaywinnit Lee Grundo Draiknara Serra
A reference? Us?

Thanks for answering my question! *throws eyeballs and a voice at Ian* Anyway, since this is your last Editorial, I just wanted to know: Why, Chesu? Why??!?! Why did you laugh when Herdy fell near the monsters in the end of 2012? ~ pingasopera
Chesu: Have you ever SEEN Herdy fall over? The top of his head is so flat that he ends up doing an involuntary head-stand!

Do any Jellyneo staffers like Steam Powered Giraffe? ~ Person With Too Much Time On Their Hands
SirCabbage: I do. Let's face it, what we all need is something steam-powered... Though on Neopets it may be better if we had a steam-powered Kacheek. From one fan of steampunk to another, you should also check out Abney Park.

The jnEditorial is going into retirement?! No words can express my deep sorrow! My one request - Can the writing Kiko get a job elsewhere on the site, as a way to remember the editorial? He's worked so hard all these years - Writing that draft for AoTA 2! Don't kick him out! ~ Concerned
noileh: Personally I vote for hiring him as an IDB staffer. Because, you know, he'll just defect to Content after a few months ;)

Kayla: Pfft, IDB to Content. Who does that...
Give him his own Staff Profile and jnAccount. Heck, even his own department. That guy deserves it after all he's done. I'll take him under my wing in the "Data Department" (patent pending).

Writing Kiko
He smiles the smile of a Neopet with job security.

How often do you get a prize from the Mysterious Symol Hole? It doesn't say on your page for it. I have never gotten a prize from it even though I have been playing for years. ~ anonymous
SirCabbage: Personally? I don't think I have ever gotten one. That is part of the problem -- since many people have never won something it is really hard to actually get a solid % chance number. Sorry.

I am writing to thank Jellyneo, yet again, for the wonderful job you do! Recently your Neopets News related that the new Altador Cup was getting ready and the prize shop for last year was no longer available. For some reason I always wait to make my prize selections for the notice from TNT that the prize shop will be closing. I had 400 prize points I hadn't spent and a Muddy Face Paint wearable I hadn't gotten in time! *sigh* Because of your notice, I dashed off a question to the Neopian Times and it was 'printed' in that day's Editorial; in their enthusiasm about the upcoming Altador Cup, they had taken the prize shop down before letting us know, had put it back up, and any (ahem) stragglers could grab their prizes. Jellyneo immediately updated the information and encouraged members to get their prizes. So thank you Jellyneo for your hard work!! We have our Muddy Face Paint!! ~ RoshChodesh
noileh: Ye arrrr welcome

For the spotlights (Neohome, Gallery, Site), if you don't win, are your entries held over, or should you re-enter each week? *bows down to your superior knowledge of all things* Thank you! :D ~ anonymous
SirCabbage: Entries are held over, but if you are aiming for a particular day or season it wouldn't hurt to resubmit when that day comes around again.

Hey JN, what did the Guildmaster's Dinner avatars look like? They were deleted from the site a long time ago, but someone must have pictures of them... ~ anonymous
Herdy: Sadly no, no one archived them since TNT weren't in the habit of deleting such things at the time. They featured a Beast Burger, a baby Kiko, a Battle Duck, a fire Peophin, Scarab 21, and a Scout Unit.

Hey, JN Staff! So, I've got a question concerning your avatar checklist tool. Why are the avatars Lennies Rule and Punchbag included in checklist results? After all, they're completely unavailable. Thanks! ~ azienskieth
SirCabbage: While normally we retire avatars when they are no longer available, we have been trying to be optimistic and hope that TNT brings back these avatars. However, if TNT doesn't bring them back for a long enough time, we will eventually delete them from the checklist.

Excuse me but why is Jeran dark blue when there is no paintbrush of that colour (except for the Starry colour, which I doubt he is painted that) Cheers! ~ AwesomeYears
Leaf: Neopets' artists tend to get creative when drawing NPCs, like how Landelbrot has darker green color or Scrap has a vague color of orange and white. Consider it diversity among Neopets, like how humans have many skin color tones.

Dream: You mean Dr. Landelbrot isn't a sinister zombie?

Dr Landelbrot

Hey Jellyneo! I feel like I could have asked this question in the comments, but the multitude of you guys ending your editorials is strong enough that I should ask through here. I've been reading your editorials since I joined Jellyneo 5 years ago, and the editorials always were a place I could go to be informed and have a few giggles from, and a big shoutout to all the work you guys put into trying to answer all the questions informatively. :) So the big question is: will you guys ever consider doing the editorials in the foreseeable future, or do something smaller yet similar? I respect your guys' s decision, but it really saddens me to see the editorial leave us and would like to know c: ~ Vincent7577

Please, please, please, do not stop doing the editorial. It's really, really helpful. I refer to old issues all the time and we need new issues to become old issues. This is like TNT deciding a while back to end user spotlights. I like features that inform or connect. ~ calicotiger
SirCabbage: I am glad that you have gotten so much help out of our editorials but unfortunately it was decided that the time has come to stop them for now. Who knows, maybe one day this feature will make a return. But honestly, at the moment, far too many people are using us as a way to ask about their frozen accounts... I have spent the last little while answering as many questions as I could, but a good deal of them were just people thinking we have the same power as TNT.

Dream: I only wish we did. I could be a literal Defender of the Rules of Neopia! But of course, that would come with great responsibility...
Remember that if you do need help with a frozen account, the best place to go is still Neopets' official help section. We'll keep our fingers crossed for you, but until we get bitten by a radioactive Neopets Team member and become support superheroes, we can't help you out with account issues.

SirCabbage: I am sorry that this change is causing you sadness, and hopefully one day the jnEditorial will return. But until then, thank you all very much for reading and sending in questions. Remember, you will still have back issues to read, and we will continue to add Neopets editorials into the archive for you to search.
Thank you for taking the time to read our answers, and once more, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Dream: Rest assured, us staffers aren't going anywhere! For as long as Neopia keeps spinning through space, we'll find ways to keep its citizens well-informed and un-confused.

Thank you so much for the editorial, without it, I would be lost in Neopets. It's been so fun to read entire chunks and get informational things. You've helped me through rough patches in my life, for the editorial, for Jellyneo. I'll miss you, editorial. ~ John_Smith108
I'll miss you too! xoxo editorial

Does anyone want a HUG?!?!?!? ~ Rosabelle101
Dream: I think we could all use a group hug, now it's finally time to wrap up this wrap party.

Thanks so much for tuning in to all 218 issues of the editorial, and we hope to see you elsewhere in Jellyneopia very, very soon!

Neopets Watching Fireworks
It's been a lot of fun, guys. ^_^