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Defender Trainer

Defender Trainer Information
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Defender Trainer, the last ditch effort to train the future protectors of Neopia! The concept of the game is very simple; you are presented with a board of pictures (be it of Neopets, Petpets or Neopian items) and then you have to click on one of the images based on the criteria shown at the bottom of the page.


As with most Neopian games you can customise the game's difficulty to suit your own skill level. Easy Mode uses four pictures arranged into a 2 x 2 square, Medium uses six pictures arranged into a 3 x 2 table, and Hard uses nine pictures in a 3 x 3 square. Also, as the difficulty is upped, you will be allotted less time but awarded more points per level. As you can probably imagine, the pairing of even more images to choose from with an even tighter time frame can make for hectic gameplay. So, you'll be wanting some tips then, won't you? Then you're in the right place. :D

Judge Hog

The Images

First things first, you will need to know what it is you're looking at. There are three groups of images you will be presented with; of Neopets, of Petpets, and of items of Neopia. The petpets and items included are listed below. Take some time before playing to have a look through the names and images to familiarize yourself with them.



While playing, watch out for four random distractions. Sometimes each Neopet/Petpet/item turns into a silhouette instead of the full-color picture. Also, the targets may shrink to a small size or turn upside-down. Just try to calmly identify each target and relax. Also, the game could put a NOT in the question, in which case you should simply find the answer, and pick something else! Finally, the targets might be 'moving' in that they will periodically switch places with each other at random. Just wait until they switch again, find the right answer and quickly hit it before it switches again. The key here is speed!

The Questions

When you're just starting out, you could go ahead and guess at the ones you don't know. The game will correct you if you're wrong and give you a glimpse of what the right answer was, even if you've never heard of a 'Zeenana'. Just in case you don't fancy the trial and error method, though, here is a complete listing of the questions you can expect to be asked and the correct answers where appropriate.


Round 1: Which starts with the letter " "? (Neopets only)
Round 2: Which starts with the letter " "? (Petpets only)
Round 3: Which is an anagram of " "? (Neopets and Petpets)
Round 4: Which is an anagram of " "? (Items only)
Round 5: What starts with the letter " "? (Neopets and Petpets and Items)
Round 6: Which has the longest name? (Neopets and Petpets)
Round 7: Which has the shortest name? (Neopets and Petpets)
Round 8: Which ends with the letter " "? (Neopets and Petpets and Items)
Round 9: Which contains the letters " "and " "? (Neopets and Petpets and Items)
Round 10: Which has the most vowels? (Neopets and Petpets and Items)

Longest names in decreasing order: Tuskaninny, Drackonack, Elephante, Meowclops, Puppyblew, Snowbunny, Blumaroo, Scorchio, Kadoatie, Doglefox...

Shortest names in increasing order: Ixi, Koi, Kau, Uni, Buzz, Lupe, Tonu, Chia, Usul, Warf, Kiko...

Hints and Tips

The best way to get better at this game, like so many other games, is to just practice! Practice really does make perfect, and the more you see the pictures and items the more the answers will become second nature to you.

When playing, try to center your cursor in the centre of the playing area so that it takes minimum time to move your mouse to the right choice. If you have another preference, go ahead and use it instead. If you reach a mind block and can't think of the right answer, put your cursor over your best guess (or even a random box) and look over the other choices, while also glancing at the time bar. If the time bar is about to run out and you still have no clue, go ahead and click any random box, as 1/4, 1/6, and 1/9 are all better chances than 0% - not clicking at all.

A few last tips: every 200 points you earn you get another life, and don't forget that you can turn off the sounds in the upper right if the buzzing/dinging starts to annoy you. ;)


If you click Judge Hog's eye on the menu screen while you have the sound on, you'll hear slightly ominous laughter out of nowhere. This doesn't appear to have any other effect on the game, though.

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