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Darigan's Chambers

Ah, Lord Darigan, the current (and redeemed) ruler of the Darigan Citadel. He was restored to power after General Kass's coup and apparently experienced a change of heart during his exile. Well, no matter how much kinder Darigan is now, he still looks rather annoyed by your intrusion into his office!

Lord Darigan
"Gr... go away! Can't you see I'm busy inventing a new way to grow cheese on trees?"

Okay, okay! So Darigan isn't actually trying to find inventive ways to get cheese, actually what he says really depends on your participation in the first Meridell vs. Darigan plot.

If you fought for Meridell or didn't fight at all, he says something like this:

"What are YOU doing here? Just because we're currently at peace with Meridell doesn't mean that you can just swan up here and explore my citadel whenever you feel like it. Now please leave before I summon the guards!"

Yikes, he doesn't sound too happy! However, if you fought for Darigan in the first Meridell vs. Darigan plot he says something like this:

"I must thank you for your help in the past. I lost the battle, but won the war it seems, how... amusing. Now don't hang around too long, I have *things* to take care of..."

To show even more gratitude he gives you an avatar! Yes, isn't that spiffy?

Darigan Redeemed

Darigan Redeemed

Awarded to users who fought for Darigan in the Champions of Meridell war and then participated in the Battle For Meridell war.

So other than that, Darigan's Chambers really serve no purpose. You do learn that the current relationship between Darigan and Meridell is at truce though, perhaps in the future this room may be used in another Meridell plot? Only time will tell...

By the way, that red Grarrl in the background is Galgarroth, one of Darigan's most trusted advisers! We mustn't forget him now, right?

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