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Daily Dare '16 - How to Play

This year's Daily Dare is back for a special summer edition. If you've never played before, this is a good place to start to get the rundown on how the event will be laid out and what you need to do.

Daily Challenges

Daily Challenges
Daily Dare Main Page | Daily Dare FAQ

This year's set of daily challenges starts on April 12th and lasts through May 2nd. Each day throughout the event, you get to challenge either AAA or Abigail in a featured game. You may challenge them by visiting the Daily Dare Main Page. You cannot challenge both of them in a single day, but you can alter between AAA and Abigail from day to day.

Difficulty Levels

Typically, AAA's scores are higher than Abigail's and more challenging to beat. Before you select who to challenge, you're free to play a couple rounds of that day's game to see how you feel about choosing AAA. Once you choose your opponent, you are not allowed to change your choice.

Other Information

Just like any other day, you may only send your scores in a game 3 times per day to receive Neopoints. However, if you happen to send your score 3 times and then choose to challenge someone, you will not be blocked from sending your scores additional times. You just won't receive Neopoints for those additional score sends.

This year, if you complete each challenge on the day it was released, you will win a bonus prize in addition to the regular AAA or Abigail prize. This is in lieu of your trophy at the end of the event being dependent on completing challenges on the release day.

Since this event awards items and Neopoints, you cannot do the basic challenge, double dare challenge, or team challenge on side accounts.

Once you've completed a challenge, you must return to the main page and click on the box to receive your prizes. To return to a previous day's challenge, click on the corresponding pin on the map.



Who should you go up against? Abigail or AAA? AAA's prize will almost always be more valuable simply because his scores are so high and not as many Neopians will be winning them. Luckily, there is a little method to get the best possible prize.

Before choosing who to challenge, play the game. Try to score as high as you can. Once you get a satisfying score that either beats AAA or Abigail, do not send it! Go back to the Daily Dare page and challenge the appropriate person with a score lower than or equal to yours. Then you can go back and send the score, and it will count for the challenge! (Try to beat AAA's score though. Some days, it is not as hard as you think!) Always try to complete each challenge the day it was released for the extra bonus prize.

The Double Dare Challenge

Double Dare Challenge

This challenge will be offered once or twice each week during the course of the Daily Dare. You can choose whether or not you want to accept it, but once you make your decision, it is final. To accept the challenge, you must challenge and defeat AAA. If you fail, you will receive no prize for the day. You can complete the challenge another day and still receive AAA and Abigail's prize, but you will not qualify for the bonus prize.

The Team Challenge

Team Challenge
Team Challenge Hub

Three team challenges will be given this year. They will start on a Friday and last through Sunday. You will be able to challenge another user to go up against AAA's or Abigail's scores for whatever that Friday's game challenge was. If you both beat the score you chose, you will be awarded a team challenge bonus prize in addition to any daily prizes earned.

Here is the complete schedule of when team challenges will be available:

  • Friday, April 15th - Sunday, April 17th
  • Friday, April 22nd - Sunday, April 24th
  • Friday, April 29th - Sunday, May 1st

When a team challenge is available, you must visit the Team Challenge Hub to invite a Neofriend to play before you send your score. You can also click the Team Challenge icon on the main Daily Dare page:

The team challenge icon

You must also select to challenge AAA or Abigail. Your teammate must also be willing to pick the same opponent--so only pick a teammate who can beat AAA if that's who you wish to challenge.

After your teammate accepts your invite (or you accept your teammate's invite), you may now play the game and send your winning score. When both of you have done so, you will receive the bonus prize. If either of you fails to beat the challenge by Sunday, neither of you will receive the Team Challenge bonus item.