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Cork Gun Gallery

Cork Gun Gallery Information
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Well hello there, stranger. My name is Lyanka, a humble gypsy trying to make a living in these dark woods. Step on up to my Cork Gun Gallery, the number one shooting range in all of the Haunted Woods. What's that? An odd mechanical Lutari has set up a Haunted Shootery nearby? We'll see about that...


How to Play

Cork Gun Gallery is a simple and straightforward game: aim at the prize that you want and click to fire a cork at it. Unfortunately, like every other attraction in The Deserted Fairground, the game's proprietor has rigged it in her favor. More often than not, the cork will fly off to one side, and won't have enough force to knock down any items it may hit.

Game Screen
This time I'll get that Achyfi for sure!

On the off chance that your cork actually does shoot straight forward, it will knock down the prize you shot at, which will automatically be added to your inventory. While most of the prizes available are worth slightly more than the 100 NP you will pay for each cork, you will often miss with all twenty shots (totaling 2,000 NP) you're allowed per day. If you're interested in playing the Cork Gun Gallery, your best bet it to aim for Artificially Flavoured Banana Snacks whenever you see them. As this item shows up on the gallery's shelves far more rarely, it's worth quite a bit more than the other prizes, usually selling for upwards of 50,000 Neopoints.

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