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Cooty Wars

Cooty Wars Information
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Cooty Wars is like Mootix Drop, only in reverse. Instead of being a Mootix landing on a target, you are a Cooty, shooting Mootix as they parachute out of the sky.


Instructions and Controls

When you begin the game, several Mootix will parachute down; your goal is to shoot them on their descent. Use the mouse to aim for the Mootix and click to shoot (note that you have unlimited ammo in this game), the amount of points earned is determined by the size of the parachute when you shot it. As they fall further away from you, the surface area of the parachute will gradually get smaller. The smaller the parachute, the more points you earn, but obviously as they get smaller they get harder to hit.

At the beginning of each level you will be given a quota to fulfil. For example, in the first level it says '20/25', this means that a total of 25 Mootix will drop by you and you need to shoot at least 20 of them in order to advance to the next level. If you don't get enough, it's game over!

Game Screen

On some levels there are other petpetpets that you can shoot to earn bonuses, which are listed below.

Petpetpet Bonuses
Petpetpet Effect
Adds 25 bonus points to your score.
Stuns all Mootix for a short period of time.
Eliminates all Mootix on the screen with open parachutes.


  • In the earlier levels, wait until the parachutes get smaller before you shoot. With practice you will be able to let them get further away before you take them down, earning you more points.
  • Shoot the other petpetpets if you can, but don't waste time going after them if you're near the end of a level and haven't yet shot enough Mootix.
  • Don't shoot the Mootix itself as this won't count, aim for its parachute.
  • You can move your mouse to the edges of the screen to move around, but this is normally not necessary.
  • In the later levels don't wait to shoot, otherwise you won't make it on time.

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