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Coltzan's Shrine

Coltzan's Shrine is a daily that is located in the Lost Desert.

Visiting the Shrine

To visit Coltzan's Shrine, simply travel over to Lost Desert, or the shrine directly. Once there, click the button that says "Approach the Shrine".


You may approach Coltzan's Shrine once every 13 hours. (Thanks trepidatious!) You may not visit on your side accounts.


As of August 28, 2013, the next time you visit the shrine, you will find that Sparky, Coltzan's beloved pet, has ascended and Coltzan will offer you a winged likeness of his old pet before approaching the shrine:

You will receive the following petpet once:


Sparky was added as a prize after the passing of the a former Neopets artist's dog (named Sparky) who passed away on August 27, 2013. This dog was the inspiration for the Spardel.


The shrine was built by Princess Vyssa to honour her father, King Coltzan III, but upon the unveiling the shrine, Coltzan's crown was discovered to be missing. The crown's power was said to protect the whole of the Lost Desert from harm. Fortunately, Neopians searched for the crown and returned it to its rightful place during the Search for the Crown plot.


If he's feeling generous, King Coltzan may reward you with a prize for visiting his shrine. This can come in the form of Neopoints, an item, a stat increase, or healing of your pets. Information about the different types of prizes can be found below:


If "You feel slightly richer!" after visiting the shrine, you'll receive anywhere from 100 NP to 300 NP, but keep your fingers crossed for the elusive and famed one million Neopoint giveaway.


Coltzan can award a variety of items, including several exclusive prizes. The available items are mostly a mix of Battledome items and low-rarity desert food items. Check out the table below for a full listing. If you know of a prize we are missing, please let us know!

Stat Increases and Healing

Coltzan awards multiple different stat increases. His gift will only ever affect your active pet, though, so keep that in mind if you are hoping for a boost. We have listed the different types of boosts that you can receive below. He may raise a statistic by just one point or by ten if you're really lucky.

Similarly, he can heal your pets, which means restoring them to full hit points. This prize will either affect only your active pet, or will affect all pets on your account.

  • Defence
  • Hit Points
  • Intelligence
  • Level
  • Movement
  • Strength


Sometimes you will simply win nothing from the shrine, though there are several ways this can happen:

  • You hear a high pitched scream, then it fades.
  • Your hands glow blue for a moment...
  • The sand beneath your feet feels warmer than usual...
  • You hear maniacal laughter in the distance...
  • A chill wind picks up, and then dies down again...
  • You get a tingly feeling in your spine...
  • Nothing seems to happen.

Timing of Prizes

Back when Coltzan's Shrine was first released, if you visited at a certain minute past the hour, you were guaranteed to receive a specific prize. However, after extensive research, this no longer seems to be true.


When your pet arrives at Coltzan's Shrine, they will make a comment to you. The comment is completely random and not related to prizes. Here is the complete list of known comments:

  • After this we should go and get a smoothie!
  • Afterwards, do you fancy a game of Deckswabber?
  • And to think, Malkus Vile would have got away with it if it wasnt for us pesky Neopets!
  • Aren't there dubloons buried in the sand around here?
  • Do you think he will make me stronger?
  • I better get some rare items out of this!!!
  • I could do with some help, Coltzan!
  • I hear the shrine can give out one million Neopoint
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