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Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

On August 26, 2013, a new sponsor area opened featuring the upcoming movie, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2. The sponsor area features daily trivia and a movie character hunt across Neopia.

The sponsor area was originally only accessible to users located in the United States and Canada, but is now open to everyone.

Daily Trivia

Each day from August 26th, there was a new trivia question on the hub page. Answering it awarded 1,000 NP.

Click on this button for the trivia!

Trivia Answers
Day Question Answer
August 26 Where is Flint from? Swallow Falls
August 27 Which character is known as the "cameraman"? Manny
August 28 What 3 ingredients does the Tacodile throw at Flint and company? Lettuce, cheese, tomatoes
August 29 What fruit does Barry most resemble? Strawberry
August 30 Why does Flint return to Swallow Falls? To destroy his FLDSMDFR
August 31 Who drives the boat that returns Flint and crew to Swallow Falls? Flint's Dad
September 1 Which characters accompany Flint into Swallow Falls? Manny, Sam, Brent, Earl, Steve, Tim
September 2 This Foodimal has a round green shape, a trunk, and likes water: Watermelophant
September 3 What fruit are Flamangos made out of? Mango
September 4 What does the hippotatomus have in it's mouth? Butter and chives
September 5 What are the food monsters called? Foodimals
September 6 Which food does Manny point out as the gang arrives at Swallow Falls? Pie
September 7 What is the mountain in the middle of Swallow Falls made of? Rock Candy
September 8 Who invites Flint to join Live Corp? Chester V
September 9 Where does Flint work now? Live Corp
September 10 What does Flint want to use to deliver the crew back to Swallow Falls? The grocery-deliverator
September 11 What food does Flint's dad fight the Pickle for? Sardines
September 12 Who does Flint visit first before he leaves for Swallow Falls? Sam
September 13 What syrupy area does the crew have to cross to get to Rock Candy Mountain? Breakfast Bog
September 14 Which vegetable finds itself in the boat as the crew float through Swallow Falls? A leek
September 15 Which character goes from barista to polista? Earl
September 16 What utensil does Earl use to paddle the police cruiser boat? Spoon
September 17 What kind of waterfall does the crew go over in their police cruiser boat? Coconut
September 18 What are the Mosquitoast's eyes made out of? Raisins
September 19 What is the Wild Scallion made of? Green Onions
September 20 Where does the Sasquash live? The mountains
September 21 What are the Fruit Cockatiel's wings made out of? Banana peels
September 22 What are the Cheespider's legs made of? French Fries
September 23 What famous breakfast staples make up the Breakfast Bog? Syrup and pancakes
September 24 Which character talks through a Monkey Through Translator? Steve
September 25 Which character is a weather reporter? Sam
September 26 Which Foodimal resembles a dinosaur? Wild Scallion
September 27 Which character wears a chicken suit? Brent
September 28 What theme are Sam's pajamas after she opens the door? Weather
September 29 Which is the first Foodimal that the gang befriends? Barry

Foodimal Hunt

Characters from the movie are scattered across Neopia. Their hiding spots are below. Click on each one and receive 1,000 NP. If you click on all of them, you'll receive a to be announced grand prize.

You must find the Foodimals in order that the table below specifies.

Foodimal Locations

Completing the Hunt

On September 21st, all Foodimals were activated, and hunt became completable. For finding all 11 Foodimals, the following item was awarded:

Fruit Cocktail Glasses

This game guide was written by: JN Staff