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Barry's River Run

After the island of Swallow Falls is nearly destroyed by Flint Lockwood's Diatonic Super Mutating Dynamic Food Replicator (FLDSMDFR for short), Flint himself returns to spearhead the clean-up effort. Unfortnately, an overly-energetic sentient strawberry which Flint has named Barry swallows the Bifurcating Systematic Universal Stop Button (BSUSB) required to shut down the FLDSMDFR and escaped down a river. You must help Flint recover the BSUSB, and fast!

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Strawberry Jubjub
I-It wasn't me! Honest!

How to Play

In Barry's River Run, you play as Flint, atop a police car as it drifts down the river. The game is controlled with the arrow keys; the up and down arrows move the car forward and backward, while left and right orient the front end of the car in their respective directions. Your goal is to catch Barry before time runs out, though with all the Foodimals and other giant foods in the way, simply navigating the river can be hard enough on its own.

Game Screen
The wild Barry camouflages itself among the beets, not realizing how much it sticks out...

In each of the game's three levels you have a set amount of time in which to catch Barry: 45 seconds for the first level, 1:15 for the second, and 1:30 for the third. Fortunately, the levels aren't very long, and Barry will stay in place once he reaches the end. The levels are also filled with randomly-placed coins, worth 5, 10, or 20 points. If you're interested in playing the game to earn Neopoints, you'll have an incredibly easy time of it; as each in-game point is worth 10 NP, you need to score just 100 points to send your score for 1000 NP. While the only way to gain points is to collect coins, they appear often enough that you can usually reach this score in the first level.

Easy money!

This game guide was written by: Chesu