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Cheeseroller Information
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To begin playing, type in the name of the cheese you wish to buy from the Cheese Maker, then click the 'Buy' button.

Despite common misconceptions, the game is not entirely random - more expensive cheeses do tend to go notably faster. Additionally, choosing "Dive Left" or "Dive Right" (consistently during a single game) will make it more likely that you'll avoid obstacles.

Cheeseroller is much like most other games on the site - you are limited to three plays a day.

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling!

The game begins when you press 'GO!!!'. To make your cheese go, choose one of the following commands: Forward Somersault, Push Cheese Faster, Hold Cheese Steady, Dive Left, or Dive Right. The seconds have nothing to do with actual time; you can be in the middle of pushing a cheese down the hill, stop, come back an hour later, and it will still be the same time in the game.

If you finish the game and reach the bottom of the hill in less than 60 seconds, you get to keep the cheese you bought at the beginning of the game and you get a Neopoint reward too. You begin with a jackpot of 2550NP, and for every second you take it decreases by 30NP. So at 30 seconds you would have 1650NP remaining, at 60 seconds 750NP, and so on.

Cheesy Goodness

Here is a listing of all the cheeses available to buy:

Cheeseroller Avatar
Techo - CheesyTecho - Cheesy
Random when you cross the finishing line in 60 seconds or less while playing Cheeseroller.

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