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Cheat is a card game where you play as your active neopet against a variety of opponents. The name of the game is deception... well, actually, as we already established, it's Cheat! But you know what I mean. Whilst the Neopoint rewards for this game aren't so great, after completing levels three, five, and seven you will receive trophies for your userlookup!


You begin each round with 13 cards in your hand and the object of the game is to get rid of them all. In order to do this you make a series of 'claims'; for example on your turn you may put down 3 cards and claim that they are 3 sevens. In truth those cards could be anything, either what you claimed they are, or anything but that. The other players then have the opportunity to call your bluff and accuse you of cheating; if you are cheating and they catch you then you have to pick up all the cards in the centre pile and add them to your own hand. However, if they accuse you of cheating and you aren't, it is they who have to add the centre pile to their hand.

baby Ruki
Me? Cheat?

Similarly, the other players will take turns to place cards in the centre and make claims about what they are and you are given the option to call them a cheat or not. If you catch somebody cheating then you will be awarded a Neopoint sum (which varies depending on the level, see below for more info) and that player will have the pile added to their hand. But if you call them a cheat and they were actually telling the truth then you get the pile added to your hand. Also, the other players can all accuse each other and generally fling accusations around all over the show; it can actually be quite amusing to watch sometimes and they will likely unknowingly help you out of a tight spot at least once during your game.

So, the simplified version: you get caught or wrongly accuse somebody, you get a bunch of cards in your hand; somebody wrongly accuses you or you catch them out, they get a load more cards to deal with.

Playing Cards
Victory is on the... cards?

Playing The Game

You will be the first person to make a move in every round so you may place any cards you would like by clicking on the card and select the value of the card on the bar and click go. Make sure that the arrow appears under the card you have selected. You are permitted to play as many cards as you would like of the same number. However, placing down more than four of the same number will give away your cheating, obviously.

To know which cards you are able to play, you must look at what the person before you put down. You can only put down a card one less or one more than the card they played. For example suppose the person in front of you put down a three, you can only put down a four, three or two. To win a round, you must have placed your last card without being accused. If you place down a false last card and are accused of cheating, you will receive all the cards in the pile.

Angry Capara
Instant karma's gonna getcha.


Below is a list of who you will be playing against in each level, how much you get for catching someone cheating, and if you get a trophy. Every single round you win, you receive battle cards. The higher the round, the rarer the cards.

Level One

CaparaLittle TimmyBranston

Opponents: Capara the Kyrii, Little Timmy the Tuskaninny, and Branston the Eyrie. You will receive 8 neopoints for each opponent you catch cheating.

Level Two

Little TimmyBranstonChuffer Bob

Opponents: Little Timmy the Tuskaninny, Branston the Eyrie, and Chuffer Bob the Meerca. You will receive 12 neopoints for catching the cheater in this round.

Level Three

BranstonChuffer BobBrucey B

Opponents: Branston the Eyrie, Chuffer Bob the Meerca, and Brucey B. You will get 16 neopoints for catching a cheater. You will also receive a Bronze Trophy if you complete this level.

Level Four

Chuffer BobBrucey BKalora the Kau

Opponents: Chuffer Bob the Meerca, Brucey B., and Kalora the Kau. You will receive 20 neopoints every time you catch the cheater in this round.

Level Five

Brucey BKalora the KauPrincess

Opponents: Brucey B., Kalora the Kau, and Princess Fernypoo. 24 neopoints will be awarded for each time you accurately accuse one of cheating. You will also receive a Silver Trophy after completing this level.

Level Six

Kalora the KauPrincessAgent 00 Hog

Opponents: Kalora the Kau, Princess Fernypoo, and Agent 00 Hog. In this round you receive 28 neopoints for catching any cheater.

Level Seven

PrincessAgent 00 HogSpectre

Opponents: Princess Fernypoo, Agent 00 Hog, and Spectre. For every cheater you catch, you will receive 32 neopoints! You will also receive the Gold Trophy and the title Cheat! Champion.


Here's a table listing all the possible prizes for each level. Note that for the battlecards, only the characters are listed--you can receive either the normal, silver, or gold version of those characters. Click the character name to search the IDB for those battlecards.

Prize Table
Level Cheater Catch Level Win Battlecards Trophy
1 8 NP 100 NP Capara None
2 12 NP 150 NP Little Timmy None
3 16 NP 200 NP Branston Bronze
4 20 NP 250 NP Chuffer Bob Bronze
5 24 NP 300 NP Brucey B Silver
6 28 NP 350 NP Kalora Silver
7 32 NP 400 NP Fernypoo
00 Hog


In the game Cheat!, there are 2 main things to watch out for: the cheaters, and the moments in which you are forced to cheat.

A way to make sure that you will not receive the pile is to only accuse somebody of cheating when you are positive the opponent is cheating by adding up the number of cards you have and the number of cards they are placing down of the same number. For example, if Spectre put down 2 fives, but you had 3 fives, you would know he is cheating because there are only 4 fives in a deck of cards.

Card-Playing Wocky
1 + 1 + 2 + 1 + 3 = ...should've brought my calculator.

It is also a touch suspicious if the other players start putting down 3s and 4s of the same number and you will probably feel more inclined to think they are cheating. However, try to keep track of who the last person was to receive a huge pile from the centre as that person is more likely to have 3s and 4s of one suit and so just might be telling the truth. I'm not expecting you to memorise the deck or anything, but any cards you can remember putting into the centre pile will serve you well if you can then follow them to the next person to pick them up.

One last tip is to always accuse someone of cheating when they play their last cards. If they were telling the truth, it isn't a big deal because they would have won regardless. However, if they were lying you get to keep playing and have a chance at winning yourself.

Even though the game is called Cheat! (complete with fun exclamation point just for kicks) it really is a good idea to try not to cheat if you can help it at all. Maybe your Neopet has a particularly bad poker face, but the other players almost always seem to know when you're cheating and call you on it. Therefore I would advise you only cheat if you absolutely have to. When you do, try to play a card that hasn't been seen throughout the game much and if at all possible pick one as close to the legal moves as you can (say, playing a seven when you have the range of four, five or six). This method improves your chance of not getting caught.

Police Acara
Remember, kids, cheating doesn't pay.

And finally, I wouldn't really pay any attention to the little faerie who pops up occasionally and whispers "Psssssttt! I think someone is cheating!". She only puts in an appearance very rarely, and when she does she doesn't seem to have any form of inside information so I wouldn't base any accusations purely on her 'advice'. In fact, she more often is making a comment about the last play than about the one relevant to your current guess.

Cheat Avatar
Randomly awarded when you catch Capara cheating and then go on to win the first round in the game Cheat!

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