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Cellblock Information
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Cellblock, a tricky and sometimes frustrating game in the dank prisons of Darigan Citadel, is one of the games where you can earn trophies without being on any high scores tables. But it's not easy...

How To Play

In the first ten tournaments, you and your opponent each start with two blocks already on the board. The game starts on your turn, and you can choose any unoccupied square to place another tile. When you do, your opponent gets to do the same. Cellblock is basically just four-in-a-row, or rather five-in-a-row: you or your opponent can win by placing five of your blocks in a straight line, whether it's vertical, horizontal or diagonal. If neither of you manage it when all the tiles are occupied, it counts as a loss for you. That, or you can give up and restart the game at a loss.


There are over a dozen tournaments in the game, each with eight games in it. Each game is against a different opponent, the prisoners and guards of the Darigan Citadel dungeons, with difficulty escalating against each one. You have to beat all eight opponents to advanced to the next tournament, then play against them all over again.

As the tournament level increases, so do the number of games you have to win to beat one player. In order to get to the next opponent, you have to win the majority of them (two out of three, three out of five, etc.); if you lose most, you have to start over against that opponent and win the same number of perhaps torturous games again.

The first ten tournaments are about the same difficulty with only the different players being easier and harder, but starting on the eleventh the game layout changes for the worse. Instead of starting with four blocks already occupied, none are. Only some rocks scattered around the board are there, serving only to stop you and your opponent to place any pieces there.


In order of when you face them, here's a list of all the opponents in Cellblock. They aren't all exactly a bunch of experts at the game, though...

Clop can't talk. That's why his name is Clop, actually; his only way of communication is banging his hoof against the floor, but the other prisoners still don't completely understand him.
Barallus is an odd little mystery in the dungeons; despite his tiny size and harmless but crazy demeanor, he's locked up tighter than anyone else. It seems Lord Darigan may still have some secrets to keep.
Squire Meekel signed on as a soldier in one of the Meridell-Darigan wars when King Skarl promised fame and money to everyone who would join. But as he joined the first battle, a couple of Darigan Skeiths swooped him up and back to the Citadel.
The Yellow Knight is the brother of the more famous Green Knight, and attempted an attack on the Citadel by himself a week before the first battle. It didn't go very well for him.
Number Five is a raving lunatic who keeps talking nonsense about Jelly World, which everyone is adamant about believing it not to exist. Just like Clop, no one knows his name; he's never bothered to say it.
Galgarrath the prison guard isn't a cheerful Cellblock player, as he believes prisoners should not be allowed to play games, but he plays anyway because the warden wants him to. He may not like it, but he's good at it.
Haskol is another guard, much more brutish than Galgarrath, but is somehow just as good if not better. His habit of inflicting bodily harm to his opponents if he loses helps him out some.
Master Vex is the warden of the dungeons and a genius at Cellblock. He's actually the inventor of it, as supervising a bunch of people that never really do anything got to be very boring for him.


The amount of Neopoints you win is easy to calculate. Just multiply how much you paid to play by four. Higher level tournaments yield greater Neopoints rewards, but you still have to pay more to enter each match in one. You also win a Medal after completing Tour. 1, Lvl. 4. A Bronze Trophy after Tour. 1, Lvl. 8, a Silver Trophy after Tour. 11, Lvl. 4, and your Gold Trophy after Tour. 11, Lvl. 8.

Here is an unstoppable strategy for winning Cellblock (at least 98% of the time). This strategy typically does not work past Tournament 10. After that, you just have to outsmart the opponents as best you can. To use the strategy, just follow the moves below, going in numerical order.

Master Vex

Master Vex

Achieved while playing Cellblock, exact requirements unknown. Usually you get it towards the end of Tournament 10 or during Tournament 11.

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