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Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island Information
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In his latest adventure, intrepid explorer Jake is scouring the shores, jungles and caves of Mystery Island in search of the mystical tiki idol, a lost treasure of the Kawillawoa Kingdom. The road ahead is paved with action, excitement and danger... and Jake wouldn't have it any other way.

Explorer Jake
That blue Mynci's got nothin' on me!

How to Play

Caves and Corridors: Mystery Island is a fairly standard action platformer game, in which you use the arrow keys and spacebar to climb on vines and jump between platforms. Each level contains several golden treasures or gems, along with a piece of fruit native to Mystery Island; collecting this piece of fruit will end the level. Gathering treasure increases both your overall score for the current play session and your top score for the level it's found in, which will allow you to unlock more levels.

Game Screen
What's treasure doing in a place like this, anyway?

Once you've beaten a level, you will be taken to a map screen, from which you can choose which level to play next. To advance in the game, you must unlock levels, which requires a certain number of silver trophies. Trophies are earned by achieving a high score in a short amount of time, which will give you either a bronze, silver, or gold trophy for that particular level. Reaching the game's final level will require a silver trophy or better from each of the first eleven levels.


Caves and Corridors isn't all treasure and trophies, of course. It wouldn't be an adventure without a little danger, and Mystery Island has danger in spades. No, not that kind. In fact, the obstacles Jake faces this time around all happen to be made of stone.

Boulder These unusually bouncey boulders will continuously fall from the top of the screen, bouncing through the level in random directions.
Spike While these jagged rocks can safely be walked into, don't drop on top of them or stand above the holes that they sink down into.
Statue Like pretty much everything on Mystery Island, these statues are trapped, and will shoot darts if you remain in their line of sight for too long.

If you take damage from any of these objects, or fall into the pools of water at the bottom of the screen, you will lose a life. If you lose all of your lives, you will get a game over. So long as you select "continue game" from the main menu, however, levels you've unlocked and trophies you've earned will remain.


The scoring system in Caves & Corridors: Mystery Island is fairly simple, but it can be complicated when factoring in the way the game awards the "trophies" required to progress. Each level contains several pieces of treasure, which are worth various numbers of points; while getting the silver trophy will often require you to collect most or all of the available treasure, some of the less valuable pieces can be ignored when going for a high score. When you complete a level, your remaining time on the clock is cut in half and added to your score. Because of this, if you're trying for a high score you would want to avoid a 2 point piece of treasure that will take more than four seconds to collect. When trying to earn trophies within the game, however, you must finish the level with a certain number of points from both treasure and time.

Kougra Idol 2 points Gold Ingots 4 points
Gold Coin 6 points Reliquary 20 points
Green Gem 30 points Red Gem 40 points

When trying for a high score, we recommend that you have all of the levels unlocked and play level 13 last. While getting a game over will reset your score, all of the levels you've unlocked will remain available to you, so you won't have to worry about earning the silver trophies in them. Once you complete level 13, however, you will be prompted to send your score, and forced to start a new game.

Quick Tips

  • Each of the following codes can be used once per game:
  • Type the code gimmeabreak to gain an extra life.
  • Type the code freetime to stop the timer for the duration of the current level.
  • Type the code nomorerocks to prevent boulders from appearing in the current level.
  • When going for a high score, don't bother with low-value treasures.
  • Falling is faster than climbing down vines.

Level Solutions

To view a solution, select a level from the drop-down menu below. An animation will begin to play, showing you the quickest path through the level, and an accompanying text guide will appear below it. If you would like to replay the animation or restart it while it's already playing, press the Play Animation button next to the drop-down menu.

Caves and Corridors Level Solutions
Caves and Corridors Levels

Glitchy Fun

Due to the way the game stores and loads the backgrounds for levels, the first time you load a particular background after loading the game itself, it will be set as the background all levels use. If you were to visit one of the cave levels first, then loaded a jungle level, the next time you went to a cave level it would have the jungle background. Using this trick, you can turn the stressful lava-filled final levels into a nice relaxing beach. Ahhh.

Background Switch

If you'd like to know what became of the mystical tiki idol after Jake returned it to the Kawillawoa Kingdom, you can read the next chapter of the story by clicking here! It seems there's more adventure and excitement in store for our hero!

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