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Capri Sun Live Band Show

To play the Capri Sun Live Band Show community challenge, visit each week to locate a new missing instrument. Click on the instrument to get a clue to the location. Below is a list of the current clue and locations. Finding the instrument will award you with 1000np. Collect all 8 missing instruments and win 5000np and an exclusive bonus item, Colourful Band Leader Hat.

Missing Instrument Locations

With a loud crash, this cymbal's land recently fell Right out of the sky like a meteor -- oh well. Faerieland
This instrument is a real blockbuster, we heard. The Tyrannians said it's causing quite a stir. Destruct-O-Match III
You don't have to pull strings to find this instrument. The desert dwellers are too amused by the incident. Lost Desert
Simon himself may hold the clue to this piece, But you'll have to help him; win once at least! Simon's Strange Symphony
This microphone landed in a central spot. Whatever you want to know about Neopets, they've got! Pet Central
This forest is full of frightening beasts. Nearby, you'll find Faerieland to the east. Haunted Woods
There's plenty of amusement to be found here. Some call it shopping central and stay all year. Neopia Central
Not far from Faerie Quests, this drum landed. When popping bubbles here, don't be heavy-handed! Faerie Bubbles

Bonus Prize

If you collected all 8 hidden instruments, you will be awarded with 5,000 NP and the Colourful Band Leader Hat.

This game guide was written by: JN Staff