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Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway

Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway Information
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Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway is set in the Haunted Woods and stars the familiar (albeit deformed) face of Bruno, the Neovian Gelert from the Tale of Woe plot. In the game, you play the role of Bruno as he collects potions and brings them back to his cave for Sophie's use, simultaneously avoiding the angry Neovians that have come after him.

Fluffy Bruno
Remind me again why we're gathering these potions?

This game is similar to games like Grand Theft Ummagine, in that it has a set amount of levels to complete with the maximum score always being the same if the game is completed thoroughly. The maximum score for Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway is 5180. If you get this score then you may be able to get the gold trophy overnight, but with certain mistakes it's impossible. So, let us begin the guide.


First of all, you are faced with enemies on each level. The enemies, a mob, consist of a Wocky, an Ixi, a Kacheek and a Techo, each mutated by the mysterious potion that mutated Bruno and all the other Neovians as well.

Wocky The Wocky is the tallest of your foes, but not too tough. He throws rocks at you, just like every other foe, but does not leave the platform he is at. You may have trouble jumping over him at times, but you can make it easily at the right moment.
Ixi The Ixi is basically just like the Wocky. He's not too hard to avoid, but he is usually walking between two potions you need to collect on the same platform, so be wary!
Kacheek The Kacheek will be throwing rocks at you too, but he will also leave platforms. He sometimes jumps or drops off of the platform he starts on and travels all over the level, so watch out for him everywhere!
Techo The Techo does as the Kacheek does: throws rocks and jumps around platforms. If you get onto a platform with both the Kacheek and the Techo, it's best to try and jump to safety and go for potions when they're gone.

The left and right arrow keys move Bruno left and right, and the up and down keys make him look up and down; the space bar makes Bruno jump, and when he's in front of his cave it will place the collected potions in it. Pressing P will pause the game, and if you touch any of your foes or their rocks, you will lose a life.

The leafy or 'living' trees can be seen from the third level onward. If you are on the same ledge as the tree, you can jump up to the side branch from the ledge, and then, from the side branch, onto the larger branch, using the spacebar. If you are on another ledge and are looking down at the tree, you can also just jump down to the top branch of the tree. Be careful even when when you are standing on the branches; while enemies cannot run into you, rocks they throw can still hit you.

Wicked Krawley
How easy did you think it was going to be?

It is important to move slowly and carefully. Enemies can be avoided by jumping over them - press the spacebar and either the left or the right arrow key at the same time (depending on which direction you are moving in). The enemies and their rocks are not very difficult to avoid in the starting levels, but it does get harder. Make calculated jumps and you will be able to proceed quite easily. If you think you're going to be hit with a rock if you jump immediately (rocks can hit you when you are mid-air as well) or move forward, hold back and wait till it's safer to jump over your enemy. Avoid taking risks wherever possible. Since the game is not timed, and there is no time bonus for finishing early, reaching the cave ten seconds later than you intended is really of no consequence.

The game levels are also looped, so even if you jumped down a thousand platforms you'd keep going from the bottom to the top to the bottom and so on, never losing a life. If you run to the left, you will end up at the right side of the game level. This is what the game screen looks like:

Game Screen

The object of the game is to collect a specified number of potions in each level and then bring them to the cave you start in front of in order to advance. The game has 12 levels; Levels 1-3 require you to collect 5 potions, Levels 4-5 require 6 potions, Level 6 requires 7 potions, Level 7 requires 8 potions, Levels 8-9 require 9 potions, Levels 10-11 require 10 potions and Level 12 requires 9 potions.


To get the maximum score of 5180 points, you will need to collect each potion on every level and bring them all back to the cave at the same time. If you bring them separately, you will get fewer points. For the first potion you bring to the cave, you get 5 points. For the second, it's 10 points, for the third it's 25, for the fourth it's 50 and for every potion from 5 upwards, it's 100 points.

That means that if you deliver 4 potions at the cave at the same time, you get 90 points; if you bring another one right after that and deliver it by itself you will get only 5 points, as it is counted as your "first potion". So, in order to get maximum points, drop off all the potions at the same time.

Maximum Score
Get ALL the potions to the cave at the same time for maximum points!

Level Chart and Maps

Here is a score chart to help you know what to expect from each level. As an added bonus, you can click the name of the level to open up a new window with a complete level map. The red box indicates the limits of each level. Going beyond those limits will just be the same as entering from the opposite side. Also, the Kacheek and Techo can be anywhere at any time, so do not rely on these maps for their location.

Levels Potions Max Score
1: The Backwoods 5 190
2: Haunted Hunt 5 380
3: Amazing Maze 5 570; Kacheek appears from this level on
4: Hide-n-Seek 6 860
5: The Gauntlet 6 1150; Techo appears from this level on
6: Treetop Terror 7 1540
7: Neovian Nightmare 8 2030
8: Point of No Return* 9 2620
9: Corridor Chaos 9 3210
10: Platform Panic 10 3900
11: The Tunnels 10 4590; No Kacheek or Techo in this level (Huzzah!)
12: Chamber of Horrors 9 5180

*Once you get to level 8, you will find a potion that looks impossible to reach, but it is doable. Drop down from the left ledge and immediately press towards the wall to stand inside it. Repeat this process to move down the blocks, then run at the ledge at full speed. Get it and you are done.

Secret Technique

Hints and Tips

During some points of the game, you will need to use a living tree in order to escape your enemies or to get potions. This is what a living tree looks like, bigger than the trees shown in the above screenshots:

Living Tree

As pointed out by Rynne, any rocks that have been thrown at you will disappear if they go off the screen. So, let's imagine the Wocky lobs a rock at you from the right side of the screen; all you have to do is run or jump to the left a little bit so the rock goes out off-screen, then when you go back to where you were standing before, the rock will have evaporated into thin air.

If you are aiming for the trophy then you will need to make sure you drop off all the potions for each level at the same time to ensure maximum points. At the end of every night, the gold trophy is awarded to all 100 players on the high-score table with the score of 5180. When you submit this score, you will be placed at the bottom of the list, and the person at the top will be bumped off. In order to receive the trophy, you must stay on the list until the trophies are handed out. The best way to achieve this is either to send the score right before trophies are awarded at around 11:50 PM NST, or to wait until later in the month when most people who can get the maximum score have already submitted it, and cannot re-enter the list until next month.

Cheat Codes

Here are some cheat codes that you can use while playing this game. Enter these codes during gameplay to activate them:

  • Typing lookoutbruno will award you with one extra life. You can only use this once per game.
  • Typing monstermovie will turn the game black and white. It has unlimited use and you can switch back and forth between the two at your own discretion.

Well, that is all. Good luck getting through the game and when you do, enjoy your new gold trophy! :)

Bruno Unconscious
Whew! All done! Time for a nap.


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