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There are several hundred secret avatars that you can obtain and proudly show off on the Neoboards. Each avatar has a unique method for obtaining, and we've outlined them all in this section. Once you obtain an avatar, you can change it on the Neoboard Preferences page. If you can't find an avatar, try asking the little Arkmite to the right!

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High Roller

High Roller / Guide

Land on the "blank square" space on the Wheel of Extravagance.

When activated, the 2019 Charity Corner perk, Avatar Goldmine, increases the chances of obtaining this avatar.

Released: May 13, 2011

Wheel of Misfortune

Wheel of Misfortune / Guide

Random when landing on any spot on the Wheel of Misfortune. There is no message informing you that you have received the avatar, so check your Neoboard preferences.

Released: March 29, 2005


Brightvale / Guide

Land on the 8-pointed star on the Wheel of Knowledge.

Released: August 11, 2004


Mediocrity / Guide

Land on the "4,000 NP" space on the Wheel of Mediocrity.

Released: July 2, 2004

Wheel of Monotony

Wheel of Monotony / Guide

Land on the "?" space on the Wheel of Monotony.

Released: April 28, 2004

Wheel of Excitement

Wheel of Excitement / Guide

Land on the "20,000 NP" space on the Wheel of Excitement.

Released: August 25, 2003

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