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Wraiths are taking over Neopia!
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There are several hundred secret avatars that you can obtain and proudly show off on the Neoboards. Each avatar has a unique method for obtaining, and we've outlined them all in this section. Once you obtain an avatar, you can change it on the Neoboard Preferences page. If you can't find an avatar, try asking the little Arkmite to the right!

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Hidden Identity Hidden Identity - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Awarded during The Wraith Resurgence plot after helping to beat Kaia in the Battledome.
Released on April 5, 2018
Charity Corner 2018 Charity Corner 2018 - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Donate at least 100 times in the 2018 Charity Corner event.
Released on March 24, 2018
Caption Contest - Hilarious Caption Contest - Hilarious - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Place in the top 5 in the Caption Contest.
Released on February 22, 2018
Fiendish Formations Fiendish Formations - [Fonts]
Complete all stages of Fiendish Formations within 24 hours of their release.
Released on February 16, 2018
Infirmary Infirmary - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Use all 10 different potions to cure the patients at the Infirmary during the Wraith Resurgence event.
Released on February 9, 2018
Faerie Festival Faerie Festival - [Fonts]
Awarded to users who visited the 2017 Faerie Festival.
Released on September 26, 2017
Stamp Collector - Sea Shells Stamp Collector - Sea Shells - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Complete this page of your Stamp Album.
Released on June 12, 2017
Stamp Collector - Shenkuu Stamp Collector - Shenkuu - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Complete this page of your Stamp Album.
Released on June 12, 2017
Winter Charity Corner Winter Charity Corner - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Make at least 100 donations during the 2017 Charity Corner event. If you did not receive the avatar during the event, visit the main Charity Corner page and you should receive it.
Released on February 9, 2017
Stamp Collector - Maraquan Stamp Collector - Maraquan - [Related Guide] - [Fonts]
Complete this page of your Stamp Album.
Released on November 16, 2016
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