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Attack of the Revenge

Attack of the Revenge Information
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Introduction to Attack of the Revenge

Garin, apparently, is just too confident for his own good. When he was pirating back in the days of the Curse of Maraqua, he dared to enter Captain Scarblade's territory and quickly found himself besieged by the Revenge. In this game, your goal is to stop Scarblade's pirates from boarding the Black Pawkeet, Garin's ship.

Let's be best friends!

Playing the Game

You play Garin, using the left and right arrow keys to move back and forth between cannons and the up and down keys to move forward and backward. To swing your sword and throw pirates back off of the ship, use the space bar.

Bad Guys

There are five enemy pirates you have to face, but no matter how many times you knock them off the ship they'll keep coming back up for more. Very rarely, you will see Ollie pop-up; if you kick him off the ship you will get 10 points!

Bad Guys
Fred Nathan Benny
2 Points
2 Points
Benny the Blade
3 Points
Swabby Scarblade Ollie
3 Points
Captain Scarblade
5 Points
Phantom Orange Shirt Guy
10 Points

Good Guys

There's one good guy. Your trustworthy pal, Jacques, adds another element to the game when he starts appearing on Level 3. Three cannons will appear in the game, spread out over the ship; you can load them with cannonballs by holding one and pressing the space bar.


He lights the cannons randomly, sometimes the same one twice in a row. If he lights an unloaded one, then the cannon will ignite into flames burn for several seconds; if you don't quench the fire with the bucket of water, it will burn down and be rendered useless, also taking one of your five lives.


On the second level, right before the cannons appear, a bucket of water and a stack of cannonballs will appear opposite each other in the bottom corners of the screen. They both have a use even without the cannons, however; if you pick them up and attack enemy pirates with them, your points for defeating the pirates will be doubled. No matter how many times you use them, they appear infinitely.

Scoring Table
Clobber! Knocking pirates off of the ship will earn you 2, 3, 5 or even 10 points; see the pirate table above for details.
Smack! Knocking them off with a bucket of water or cannonball will double the regular score.
Cannon Firing a cannon will earn you 12 points.
Fire You'll get 5 points for putting out a cannon on fire.

Tips & Strategies

Honestly, Attack of the Revenge looks and sounds a lot easier than it really is. In the beginning of the game, when the pirates are showing up slowly, it's certainly easy; but as the game goes on, the enemies will come faster and faster until you're constantly dealing with four at once.

When the cannons appear, you should quickly fill all of them at the start of the level. Once they're all full, grab a cannonball whenever you can and wait for an enemy or Jacques. If a pirate shows up, throw the cannonball at him and grab another. If a cannon is fired, fill it up again. Once the game speeds up, you shouldn't focus so much on filling the cannons, but keeping the pirates off of your ship.

Once you get to Level 8 or 9, just fill the cannons and focus on pirates. If four pirates show up almost simultaneously, remember the order in which they appeared on the screen and kill them in that order.

It's a game of speed and co-ordination, truly; good luck saving the Pawkeet!


Once per game, type blackpawkeet when you are on level 3 or higher to get an extra life. This can be typed on the screen between levels.

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