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Attack of the Revenge

Attack of the Revenge Information
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While Garin may be known as one of the most dashing, charismatic pirates to ever brave the seas of Neopia, not everyone is a fan. He seems to have made an enemy of the ruthless Captain Scarblade, whose crew is now boarding Garin's ship... and they're not coming over for tea.

They never just come for tea, do they...

How to Play

In Attack of the Revenge, you control Garin with the arrow keys and space bar: you can move left, right, up to the railing, and away from the railing, with the space bar swinging Garin's sword. The sword can be used to knock back members of Scarblade's crew, who will continuously attempt to cross from his ship, the Revenge, to Garin's ship, the Black Pawkeet. If one of them manages to board the ship, you will lose a life. While you begin the game with just five lives, after you finish Level 2 you can type the code blackpawkeet once per game for an extra life. It's easiest to do this on the results screen between levels. As the game continues, pirates will begin to appear more and more quickly.

Game Screen
Hey, can't we just talk things out? Over tea, maybe...?

Starting in Level 2, the space bar can also be used to pick up cannonballs and buckets of water, on the left and right sides of the screen respectively. These will award extra points when used to knock back the invading pirates, and starting in Level 3, can be used on the cannons. Once the cannons are available, Garin's crewmate Jacques will periodically descend on a rope to light a random cannon's fuse; if you've loaded it with a cannonball, it will attack the Revenge for bonus points. If the cannon hasn't been loaded, it will catch fire, and must be extinguished with a water bucket. If you don't put out a flaming cannon quickly enough, it will burn up and become unusable for the rest of the game, and you will lose a life.


Most actions in Attack of the Revenge award points. You'll receive 12 points when a cannonball is fired at the Revenge, and 5 points for putting out a flaming cannon. Knocking back invading pirates awards a different number of points depending on who you're attacking, and whether you're using your sword or the cannonball and water bucket items to do so.

Crewmate Sword Item
Fred 2 pts 4 pts
Nathan 2 pts 4 pts
Swabby 3 pts 6 pts
Benny 3 pts 6 pts
Scarblade 5 pts 10 pts
Ollie 10 pts 20 pts

Quick Tips

  • Try to keep a cannonball on hand whenever possible to fill cannons
  • The water bucket must be under Garin's left hand for him to pick it up
  • Knock back the invading pirates with a cannonball or bucket for double points
  • Once per game (after Level 2), type the code blackpawkeet for an extra life
  • If you can't avoid a pirate boarding your ship, knock out the ones worth the most
  • In later levels, let the cannons burn so you can reach the pirates more easily

Easter Eggs


In addition to occasionally appearing as a member of Captain Scarblade's crew, Ollie, The Phantom Orange Shirt Guy, can be found hidden on the game's main menu. Click on the eye of the Bruce known as Benny the Blade and Ollie will appear, laughing evilly, before disappearing in an explosion. You can learn of his other appearances (and more recent real-world exploits!) in our Phantom Orange Shirt Guy article.

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