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Apple Bobbing

When the Haunted Faire first arrived in Neopia in year 10, along came Bart and his apple cart. Each day you could visit Bart for the chance to receive a prize. Although Apple Bobbing was originally an activity exclusive to the Haunted Faire, it is now permanently open and users can visit once per day.

To get started, simply visit the Apple Bobbing tent in Neovia and select 'bob for apples'. However, during the month of October the cart relocates to the Haunted Faire, and cannot be found in Neovia.

Apple Bobbing Prizes

There are many possible outcomes to the Apple Bobbing daily. If you're not so lucky, you might encounter one of the following:

  • You lose Neopoints
  • You lose a random item from your inventory
  • Your active Neopet's mood is lowered
  • Your active Neopet loses hitpoints
  • Your active Neopet contracts Blurred Vision
  • Nothing happens

If you are lucky, however, you could receive an item and perhaps an avatar. Since Apple Bobbing has an extremely large prize pool, we've only listed the exclusive prizes below. This means that the items listed in this prize table can only be won from Apple Bobbing - nowhere else!

In addition to these exclusive prizes, you also have the chance to win various spooky-themed items such as food, books, plushies, neohome items, wearables, and more.

Imposter Apple

Imposter Apple

Randomly awarded when obtaining an Imposter Apple while Apple Bobbing. Also awarded if you lose an Imposter Apple while bobbing.

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