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Altador Cup VII

Are you ready to yooyu?
The classic game of Yooyuball is back in this year's Altador Cup. Pick a team to represent, play games to rack up points, and help your team get a chance to win the annual Altador tournament. Stick with JN for all of your AC updates along the way!

Neopets Staff Tournament

Beginning June 4th, 2012, you will be able to create your own TNT staff "dream team." Build your team by selecting two forward players, two defenders and one goalie. At the end of each week, each player's points will be added up, Neopoint prizes will be given out, and you will be able to select a team for the following week.

The Players

You can pick from your favourite teams, favourite staffers, or whomever you think will rack up the most amount of points for your dream team. Displayed below is a list of the players, the teams they are representing, and the position they play. (You can also see how well each staffer played in Last year's competition.)

Altador Cup VII Staff Tournament - Players
Team: Brightvale
Position: Forward
Strength: Bionic Hands
Weakness: Gullibility
Team: Terror Mountain
Position: Forward
Strength: Sock Power!
Weakness: Easily distrac--
DJ Skellington
DJ Skellington
Team: Haunted Woods
Position: Forward
Strength: Moehog Summon +4
Weakness: Sunlight
Jimmy James
Jimmy James
Team: Maraqua
Position: Forward
Strength: Quick Reflexes
Weakness: Red Stapler
Night Owl
Night Owl
Team: Darigan Citadel
Position: Forward
Strength: Keen Vision
Weakness: Tiny furry animals
Team: Tyrannia
Position: Forward
Strength: Smooth Talker
Weakness: Kittens
Team: Krawk Island
Position: Forward
Strength: Pointy Sword
Weakness: Scurvy
Bancha Ninja
Bancha Ninja
Team: Shenkuu
Position: Defender
Strength: Lightning speed
Weakness: Constant hunger
Team: Meridell
Position: Defender
Strength: Running
Weakness: Spider Webs
Kid Hawk
Team: Lost Desert
Position: Defender
Strength: Corrective lenses
Weakness: Brutal honesty
El Picklesaur
El Picklesaur
Team: Altador
Position: Defender
Strength: Pre-Game Pep Talks
Weakness: Training Montages
Mr. Insane
Mr. Insane
Team: Kiko Lake
Position: Defender
Strength: Invulnerability
Weakness: Overconfidence
Team: Faerieland
Position: Defender
Strength: Truly outrageous
Weakness: OMG shoes!
Team: Kreludor
Position: Defender
Strength: Energy Legs
Weakness: Shockolate
Team: Moltara
Position: Goalie
Strength: Scrappiness
Weakness: The Cold
Team: Roo Island
Position: Goalie
Strength: +10 Sock Puppetry
Weakness: Nap Attacks
Team: Virtupets
Position: Goalie
Strength: +5 against Ogrins
Weakness: Paradoxes
Team: Mystery Island
Position: Goalie
Strength: Hamburgers!
Weakness: ...hamburgers :(


Changes can be made to your dream team at any time during each week until midnight (12:00am NST) Friday. The results for each round will be announced on Friday afternoons.

Round Team Choosing Result Viewing Date
Round One June 4 - June 7 June 8
Round Two June 9 - June 14 June 15
Round Three June 16 - June 21 June 22

Round Scores and Results

At the end of each round, the total scores are added up and you are awarded NP based on your team's performance. Below is a table of each staffer's scores for each round.

Staffer Position Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Total
Bancha Ninja Defender 290 580 1160 2030
Breik Defender 829 1049 1727 3605
Comastar Forward 1160 1285 1580 4025
DJ Skellington Forward 153 620 733 1506
Dragona Forward 300 397 569 1266
El Picklesaur Defender 146 700 605 1451
Jimmy James Forward 434 1232 1070 2736
Kid Hawk Defender 220 388 766 1374
LornaDesparow Forward 110 51 51 212
Mr. Insane Defender 203 1035 1055 2293
Night Owl Forward 26 1565 1415 3006
Pie Defender 273 1015 1320 2608
SenorMalo Goalie 303 1420 1610 3333
Snarkie Goalie 309 1210 1135 2654
Socktastic Goalie 1080 1157 191 2428
Twitterpate Goalie 262 1096 55 1413
Undutchable Defender 171 444 44 659
Viola Forward 366 587 208 1161


You can spend any points you earned at the prize shop.

Leftover Fruit Plates

1 Point

Altador Cup Cake

100 Points

Yooyuball Blindfold

250 Points

Still Packaged Referee Action Figure

400 Points

How to Code for Artists

1000 Points

Leftover Fridge Food

3500 Points

Streamers Garland

7000 Points

Singed Trousers

7000 Points

Altador Tips from The Neopets Team

11000 Point

I Surrender Flag

15000 Point
Altador Cup Staff Tournament

Altador Cup Staff Tournament / Guide

Submit a vote in the yearly TNT AC Staff Tournament. (See: old image.)

Released: June 10, 2010