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Altador Cup VI

Are you ready to yooyu?
The classic game of Yooyuball is back in this year's Altador Cup. Pick a team to represent, play games to rack up points, and help your team get a chance to win the annual Altador tournament. Stick with JN for all of your AC updates along the way!

Altador Cup VI News Archive

Fateful Final Days Determine Seeding for Maraqua, Meridell - July 6, 2011

As the final week of the tournament's Double Round Robin phase approached, Maraqua and Meridell were both in the hunt for a spot in the Finals. The teams' fortunes took very different paths, however. As a third team, Krawk Island, held on to earn the 4th seed, Maraqua surged to take 3rd, closing strong by winning their last 11 Yooyuball matches and 10 of their last 12 side games. Meridell, on the other hand, lost three of their last eight Yooyuball matches and won less than half of their 24 remaining side games. Now that the brackets are set for the tournament's final round, it'll be interesting to see how the fates of these and the Altador Cup's other 16 teams will twist during the tourney's final days....

Key Victories Start Of Terror Mountain Avalanche? - June 22, 2011

So far it's been a topsy-turvy tournament for Terror Mountain, who've made short work of cupcakes while struggling against tougher draws like Virtupets, Krawk Island, and the Darigan Citadel. An impressive early win against Maraqua notwithstanding, this historical non-power had been sorely in need of a "signature" victory to propel them into the tourney's upper echelon when they put two such conquests on the board - on back to back days, no less - by getting a narrow win against Tyrannia and a more convincing decision against Kreludor, who are currently among the tournament's top-seeded team. So, as the tournament heads into the 2nd round, it appears as though Terror Mountain is for real...

Defending Champs Stumble Out Of The Gate - June 10, 2011

The Lost Desert, champions of last year's Altador Cup, are off to a woeful start, losing six of their first seven Yooyuball matches. When asked what's gone wrong with the team, many experts have cited ego, a thirst for the good life, and inefficient use of practice time as the main culprits. As one insider put it, "Usually a team will win, celebrate for a few days, rest up for a couple of weeks, and then get back to the grind. Not this team - they spent far too much time living it up before the start of training camp, which was less about practicing and learning new plays than it was about taking breaks to sign autographs, shake hands, and bask in the fans' adulation. It's no surprise they look out of shape and unprepared out there."

Yooyu Escape Nearly Derails Altador Cup Tournament! - June 1, 2011

The Altador Cup has narrowly averted disaster, as the Yooyus from this year's tournament that escaped from their pen a few days ago have been found. It seems the Yooyus got loose when a member of their training team left their pen unlatched before going home, allowing the Petpets to get out. A search began the following morning, followed by efforts to prepare a team of replacements. Thankfully, a farmer found the Yooyus asleep in his barn this morning. "We had some rain last night, so I guess they decided to take cover," the farmer said. "You can imagine my surprise when I found them curled up in there. Like everyone, I'm just glad they're safe and the tournament con go on as planned."

The Altador Cup has returned! Stories to watch this year - May 25, 2011

The defending champs: Lamelle Turow left the Lost Desert for Maraqua, citing a desire to change scenery. It's curious, then, that the Lost Desert then signed... another Kiko? Will replacement Rhee Solters bolt for a better climate the first chance she gets, too?

Up-and-comers: Kreludor's the odds-on favourite to win it all, having reached the Finals the past two years and played for the title last year. Two dark horses to watch are Maraqua and the Space Station, who both narrowly missed last year's Finals.

Lastly: will Darigan become the first team to win twice? One thing's for certain - this year's tournament certainly won't be boring!