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Altador Cup V

Are you ready to yooyu?
The classic game of Yooyuball is back in this year's Altador Cup. Pick a team to represent, play games to rack up points, and help your team get a chance to win annual Altador tournament. Stick with JN for all of your AC updates along the way!

Altador Cup News and Updates

  • May 19, 2010, 4:10 pm NST - It seems as if the uproar Neopia made about Dasher Soley leaving Team Krawk Island was quite loud... loud enough for Dasher to make a last minute decision to rejoin the team! The mysterious Pirate Shoyru we posted about a couple days back is now missing from the team roster, and good ol' Dasher is back at the helm of his team.

    Bye Bye Shoyru... Hellooo Dasher!

    But, one thing to think about... was the Shoyru practicing early with the team in case s/he needs to go in as a back up player during the tournament? We'll just have to wait and see it seems...
  • May 19, 2010, 4:01 am NST -
    Haunted Woods - Stuck in a Rut?

    Great things were expected of Team Haunted Woods after the first Altador Cup. They had managed to defeat team after team, and walk away with the victory - yet since then, they have given a lacklustre performance.

    Perhaps the first victim of the infamous Winner's Curse, the Haunted Woods dropped to 7th on their return to the Altador Cup. Perhaps changing out old hand Chelo Biney for Autry Fulse was a mistake, we shall never know.

    Keen to put the past behind them and look to the future, the Haunted Woods team attacked the ACIII with vigour, only to drop to 8th position, narrowly below old rivals, the Darigan Citadel.

    Last year saw this trend be repeated even more dramatically, with the team dropping to 10th position in the final standings.

    Certainly, something seems to have gone very wrong for the team in these past few years. With Krell Vitor, the first ever Most Valuable Player, heading the team, backed up by Zo Junior, one of the highest scorers in the cup, it's unclear exactly where the problem lies. Could it be with Wan Dirx, the defender? Or Fanetti, the pint-sized goalkeeper?

    Either way, with win percentages only just cresting the 50% mark, all members of the team need to buck up their game, especially in Shootout Showdown.

    It seems unlikely that the former champions will be returning to glory this year, but they should at least be aiming to get out of the 3rd bracket and back into the big leagues.
  • May 18, 2010, 12:11 pm NST -

    Once again, Shootout Showdown will be returning for the Altador Cup V games as the NC Challenge. Below we have a preview of 31 NC Challenge prizes. Regular AC prize previews will be coming soon!

    NC Challenge Ticket:


    Altador Cup V Coverage
  • May 18, 2010, 5:59 am NST -
    Kiko Lake - An Underwhelming Underdog

    Kiko Lake, one of the least populated lands in Neopia, was hardly expected to go far in the Altador Cup. A team comprised predominantly of Kikos, who lack certain useful limbs, was laughed at by many as they arrived for the first Altador Cup. With an early match against renowned cheaters Brightvale, the team had to give it their all. Unfortunately, forward Helmo Timm was injured before kick-off. Holbie Pinnock was brought in as a last minute substitute, but he too fell during play, forcing an injured Helmo Timm back into the field. With this set of circumstances, it was hardly surprising that Kiko Lake didn't progress beyond the first round. They finished in 13th, however in recent years this has become their best ever ranking.

    Upon their return to the Altador Cup in the second year, the team decided to drop Relle Felson, in favour of promising new talent, Moni Vyshan. The team hoped that the newly introduced round robin format would play to their advantage, but they were sorely mistaken, dropping to 14th position.

    Deciding not to make any line-up changes for the following year, the Kiko Lake team set off on their journey to the cup, only to be trapped in a mountain cave in. Some time passed before the team was rescued, and they were in no condition to play when they were found.

    No official statement was ever released, but it is perhaps due to injuries sustained in the rockslide that several key team members did not return for the fourth Altador Cup last year. The team saw some drastic changes - and to many, those changes seemed nonsensical at best. Former goalkeeper, Ditan Colb, switched to a defender role. To replace him, managers signed Erli Quinnock, Brightvale's former goalkeeper, and the worst goalkeeper in all of the ACIII. Helmo Timm was once again removed from the team, with Holbie Pinnock taking her forward position. Meela Kitah meanwhile saw herself forced out of her defending role by Ditan Colb, and switched to being a forward. This forced Moni Vyshan to be dropped. In fact, the only person who did not change their position was "Poke" Cellers, the team Captain.

    Perhaps due to the unfamiliarity of the roles most of the players were in, the team did not fare well in their matches. They barely managed to hold on to 14th position for the second year.

    So what are Kiko Lake's chances this year? Provided team managers do not take leave of their senses again, they could have found strength in Shootout Showdown, with their win percentage being twice that of any other of the games. The main goal for the team will be progressing out of the final bracket, and with a little luck, and a lot of effort, they might just be able to.
  • May 17, 2010, 6:19 am NST -
    Kreludor - A Surprising Return

    Kreludor are perhaps one of the most surprising underdogs in the entire history of the cup, and all eyes will certainly be on them this year as they hope to replicate past successes.

    It all began in the first Altador Cup for Team Kreludor. Coming up against the eventual champions, the Haunted Woods in the first round, Kreludor fought hard and only narrowly lost out, making them the highest scoring losers in that round. This meant Kreludor finished in 9th position, narrowly making it into the top ten.

    But this was far from the end for Kreludor. Their fans formed an alliance with the Haunted Woods, forming what became known as Haunted Moon, and this greatly bolstered the Haunted Woods ranks - many view this as the reason that the Haunted Woods were catapulted to victory.

    Further surprising news came in the ACII, as team Captain Derlyn Fonnet announced that due to a mix-up with the gravity in the team's training centre they were not in a condition to play. As a result, the team sat out of the cup, much to the disappointment of the fans.

    Excitement was therefore at fever pitch when the team returned fighting fit for the ACIII. The team had seen some changes, with defender Vignacio and goalkeeper Xila Kitae being replaced with Coco Metrone and Jurin T. respectively. The team managed to prove their skill, climbing to 6th in the final standings.

    When it came to last year's ACIV, many people underestimated Team Kreludor. It was viewed that their boost in the standings was only due to their year away, and that they would soon fade back into obscurity. Kreludor however was determined that wasn't going to happen. With new training regimes for Qyldae Wegg and Zenor Kevix, the team attacked the cup in full force, taking no prisoners. They were at the top of the standings at the conclusion of the round robin, but sadly, they did not echo this performance in the finals. In the end they faced a tough match against the Lost Desert for 3rd, which they narrowly lost.

    So can Kreludor rise again this year? I'd be tempted to say yes.

    None of their win percentages drop below 60%, and in Shootout Showdown they are second only to Team Virtupets, the self proclaimed masters of the game. It'll be a tough fight, with so many other teams returning with something to prove, but there's no reason that Kreludor can't end up on the podium if they give it their all.
  • May 16, 2010, 2:26 pm NST - We have found some new players for this year's Altador Cup. :) So far, Haunted Woods, Tyrannia, Krawk Island, and Terror Mountain are receiving lineup changes. Here's a summary:

    Changes Summary:
    Elbin Kroe is moving to Team Tyrannia from Terror Mountain.
    "Dasher" Soley is retiring from Team Krawk Island.
    Evrem Guilako is moving to Team Terror Mountain from Tyrannia.
    Autrey Fulse is retiring from Team Haunted Woods.
    Orie Dinelle is returning to Brightvale as Goalkeeper.

    New Player Images:

    Stay tuned to Jellyneo... AC5 prizes coming soon. :D

    Altador Cup V Coverage

    Pet Directory Update: Since the Pet Directory now holds a whopping 39,000 pets, we've added some much needed pagination to the search results page. Now, your computer won't die trying to load, say the Baby page, which has 2,864 results, or the Lupe page, which has 2,215 results. (Those are the highest colors and species in the directory, btw!) If your pets aren't in there, add them now!
  • May 16, 2010, 6:40 am NST -
    Faerieland - Waiting for their Time?

    The nature of any sport where there are winners requires that there are losers - and in Yooyuball, the most famous losing team is Faerieland.

    On the approach to the first Altador Cup, Team Faerieland was actually a favourite to win, with a large fan base supporting them. Unfortunately, this didn't translate into goals, and Faerieland was knocked out in the first round. They finished in 16th - dead last.

    Team Captain Kakoni Worrill needed to make some changes if his team was ever going to improve. Palia Alback, an easily tiring forward, was dropped in favour of newcomer Elbin Towse. Certainly, with new blood on the team, Faerieland saw their fortunes improve, but only barely. They finished in 15th place, narrowly avoiding last.

    In a desperate effort to repeat the process, Elbin Towse was dropped, and replaced with Ciona Broan. Again though, this only allowed them to finish in 15th.

    Returning to the Altador Cup last year, Faerieland decided to make absolutely no changes. However, the addition of Shootout Showdown caught the team off guard, and as a result they were pushed back into last position again.

    Despite having above average players like Babolino, Delma Harrence, and Valtonous Rea, Faerieland has never been able to score the points it desperately needs. For many years now, the team has become something of a cruel joke, mocked by many of their more successful peers.

    It's unsurprising that this is the case when you consider that the team's best win percentage is 11%, in Slushie Slinger, and have yet to win a single match of Shootout Showdown.

    Will this be Faerieland's year? - Flatly, no. Whilst Cup officials maintain that any team can win, the reality of the situation is that a 16th seeded team does not rise to 1st unless someone is cheating.

    That isn't to say that Faerieland should give up - certainly not. If anything, their performance should be the most interesting to watch. Last year fans from all sides applauded on the two days the team managed to achieve Yooyuball wins. The entire community is willing them on - they just need to step up to the mark.
  • May 15, 2010, 6:04 am NST -
    Meridell - A Blast from the Past

    Going into the first Altador Cup, Meridell was one of the favourites to win, and in the first round they didn't fail to disappoint, completely smashing Maraqua. After this initial boost though, the team began to falter, and saw their scores in the second round dwindle against the Darigan Citadel. Finishing in 7th place, Meridell swore to do better on their return.

    As with many inexperienced players in the first Altador Cup, blame was placed firmly on the shoulders of Vitri Sitol, and he was promptly replaced with Gregorio Maille. There was hope that his swift scoring ability would bolster the team's performance. The round robin format introduced in the second Altador Cup took many teams by surprise. It is perhaps for this reason that Meridell dropped to 8th place in the final standings.

    What happened next is still a matter of some debate among Meridell fans. Namely: Did Sir Pollonaire Freidl jump, or was he pushed?

    Approaching the ACIII, Sir Freidl, Captain of the Meridell squad, announced he would be leaving the team. Whilst the official line was that he was suffering health problems, some fans speculated that team managers dropped him due to apparent problems with his leadership styles. "Wizard" Windelle took over as the new team Captain, and Yoris Obbles was brought in as a new goalkeeper. It was perhaps these drastic changes to the team that saw them rise to 5th position in the final standings.

    Choosing not to make any line-up changes for the ACIV, all eyes were on the Meridell team for their return. No one could be prepared for what happened next, as loss after loss bumped Meridell down to a final placing of 11th, their worst on record.

    In the ACV, Meridell has a lot to prove. They'll be aiming to show the world that they haven't lost their edge, and that last year was merely a blip on their way to the top. With an average team placing of 7th, they still have a lot of people to convince. With high scoring Fiorina and solid defender Ilsa Ellits supporting the team, it's a wonder that none of their win percentages top 50%. Shootout Showdown was definitely the team's weakness last year, only winning 23% of their matches. Particular attention should be shown to that game if Meridell want to recover - though of course, they need to improve their performance in the rest of the games as well.
  • May 14, 2010, 4:26 am NST -
    Lost Desert - Unlikely Favourites

    The Lost Desert team has been on the podium at the end of the last two Altador Cups, and is certainly no stranger to victory. This year they'll be giving it their all... but the question is, is their all good enough?

    The Lost Desert story began with a good showing in the first Altador Cup. They were able to beat Virtupets in the first knockout round, but were narrowly beaten by Roo Island in the second. Interestingly, of all the losing teams in that round, the Lost Desert had the highest score. For this reason, they finished in 5th position overall.

    This loss against Roo Island was largely blamed on the defender Wyett Tuggins, and as a result he was dropped from the team for the ACII. Luvea Trivon was brought in to replace the Meerca, and the Lost Desert set their sights high. Excelling in the new side game, Make Some Noise, the Lost Desert was predicted to go far in the early stages of the cup. Sadly, this wasn't translated into overall victories, and the Lost Desert retained their position of 5th. Whilst considered a failure by many diehard fans, this was still a solid accomplishment for the team.

    In a shock move approaching the ACIII, former All-Neopia Second Team member "Dirty" Navers was dropped, and the young Lamelle Turow signed as an interesting gamble. With increased drive, the Lost Desert attacked opposing teams with never before seen skill, and managed to finish a very respectable 3rd overall. In addition, they were awarded the Make Some Noise Special Achievement, something that hasn't been awarded to any team since.

    With the introduction of Shootout Showdown in the ACIV, team Captain Leera Heggle was keen to see that the team didn't fall behind. The team focused heavily on improving their game, but in the end despite all their effort, the Lost Desert still finished in 3rd again.

    Set to return in the ACV, the team will be looking to improve their performance and take the trophy for themselves. However, continued rumours of friction between Derbi Azar and Vonde Cayle threaten to undermine their training. If the team can put aside their differences, they'll certainly have a chance at victory.

    With the second best all time Make Some Noise record, after Krawk Island, and the third best Slushie Slinger record, the Lost Desert team have certainly proven their skills at the side games. However, with a Yooyuball win percentage in the low 60s, the Lost Desert needs to continue to focus on their skills in the game.

    As ever, the Lost Desert team remains unlikely favourites. Could this be the year that tradition is broken, and former 2nd will not take first? If anyone can beat Shenkuu, it's likely to be the scrappy desert natives.
  • May 13, 2010, 11:33 pm NST - We have some exclusive news for you all tonight about Team Moltara! Special shout out to Rylon for uncovering these. :D Don't forget, AC5 signups are coming around May 26th, so be sure to keep checking JN for more details as they're released. Now, on to the news...

    Team Moltara Players:

    Team Moltara is looking pretty good for its first year in play! Featured are a Relic Moehog as goalie, Magma Kougra as team captain, Magma Acara, Fire Scorchio, and Purple Yurble. Click on each of the below for larger images.

    And remember, you saw the entire Team Moltara only on Jellyneo. ;)

    Altador Cup V Coverage