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Altador Cup V

Are you ready to yooyu?
The classic game of Yooyuball is back in this year's Altador Cup. Pick a team to represent, play games to rack up points, and help your team get a chance to win annual Altador tournament. Stick with JN for all of your AC updates along the way!

Altador Cup News and Updates

  • May 25, 2010, 2:05 pm NST - We've added a new set of Altador Cup graphics to our Support Graphics section, made by the fantabulous Rylon. We've also added in a couple Moltara graphics for you to use on your lookups, shops, wherever! :) Check them out!

    Also, stay tuned for the release of a *brand new* JN department, and an Altador Cup themed contest to go with it! :D
  • May 25, 2010, 6:32 am NST -
    Terror Mountain - A New Angle

    If there's one thing that Terror Mountain is famous for, it's getting through team members. In four tournaments, Terror Mountain has had the most line-up changes, dropping team members even before the first Cup began.

    The promising defender Almadaira was dropped during the run up to the ACI. Selwick Phoss was brought in to replace her, while doubts about Tico Tems's fitness led Vaydo Pohz to become an almost permanent substitute in the pre-season. Thankfully, Tems managed to hold out long enough for Terror Mountain to play their sole game in the ACI, against Darigan Citadel. Terror Mountain lost, finishing in a disappointing 15th.

    It became clear that something needed to change for the ACII, and Tico Tems was dropped, being replaced by Osielle Lidel. This proved to be a wise choice, as Terror Mountain was able to rise through the rankings to 10th position, their highest ranking to date.

    The ACIII saw another line-up change, with Selwick Phoss being swapped out for Elbin Kroe. Sadly, the injury-prone Kroe played a conservative game, and Terror Mountain dropped to 12th - narrowly avoiding the bottom bracket.

    The story only continued to worsen during the ACIV, as the team slipped again to 13th place, putting them in the final bracket.

    It's clear that the team needs to get back to whatever they were doing in the ACII, and team Captain Prytariel is keen that it happens sooner rather than later. Issues that need to be overcome include the ever present weight issues of Minae Mitora, and the lack of original thinking from Rinok Fitel.

    In terms of statistics, Terror Mountain needs to see wide improvements across the board. For quite some time last year, they managed to keep up with the unrivalled Shootout Showdown champions, Virtupets. Sadly, as the cup went on, their efforts faltered to a mere 50% overall victories.

    Terror Mountain isn't rated by many, but throughout the years we've seen glimpses of brilliance from them. If they could only be consistent, then the sky would be the limit.
  • May 24, 2010, 4:54 am NST -
    Mystery Island - Fan Favourite

    Something very strange happens in the run up to the Altador Cup. Fans begin coming out of the woodwork and posting predictions for the coming tournament. In many cases, and regardless of the poster's own team, these predictions place Mystery Island in the top 4. It's a curious pattern that seems to repeat each year, and no one is entirely sure why.

    The Mystery Island story began with what many view as a stroke of good luck in the first Altador Cup as they faced Faerieland in the first round. Easily defeating them, the islanders faced a tougher opponent in the form of Krawk Island in the second round. They lost the match, forcing them out of the tournament and into 6th place.

    Mystery Island returned for the ACII hoping that the new round robin format would play to their advantage. In a dramatic match against Meridell, the island defender, Maital Koric suffered an injury and Vela Binal was brought on to replace him. This would prove to be a permanent substitution, as Maital Koric has not returned to play in subsequent years. Perhaps due to this drama on the pitch, Mystery Island did not manage to improve their performance, and once again finished 6th.

    During the off season, the team manager took the risky choice of removing goalkeeper Yaniq Avaan, and introducing new talent, Lor Benneveldt. Perhaps due to Benneveldt's inexperience, the team dropped 3 places to 9th in the final standings - their worst placing to date.

    Last year the team returned, having ironed out the problems with inexperience during the off season. They attacked the opposition with force, and managed to scrape back up to 6th position in the finals.

    With Captain Volgoth and Teylor Nix forming a powerful scoring duo, and Bertie Shurtz being an expert in setting up passes, it's a strange fact that the team's win percentages barely crest 50%. Yooyuball is without a doubt their specialty, while last year they found something of a weakness in the new game, Shootout Showdown.

    So why is it that Mystery Island are consistently predicted higher than the facts suggest they should be? - The answer is quite simply, the fans. Mystery Island fans somehow seem to come out of the woodwork and make a lot of noise in the run up to the cup. This activity is sadly not carried over into live play. However, if they ever manage to keep it up, it might just be Mystery Island's year.
  • May 23, 2010, 4:44 am NST -
    Darigan Citadel - First Among Champions

    As the runners up in the first Altador Cup, narrowly loosing to the Haunted Woods, the Darigan Citadel proved early on that they intended to play in the big leagues for as long as possible.

    All eyes were on the team as they returned for the ACII. A quick change in the line-up saw goalkeeper Mungo Lifler sitting out in favour of Reshar Collifey, and the team were set. They battled hard, and unsurprisingly managed to take away the gold.

    However, during the ACIII, fears were abound that the rumoured Winner's Curse that had struck the Haunted Woods would also claim the Darigan Citadel. Many diehard fans argued fiercely against this, but it soon became clear once matches had begun that it was all just a little bit of history repeating. In fact, it was even the same down to the position the Darigan Citadel finished in. Just as the Haunted Woods fell to 7th during the ACII, so the Darigan Citadel fell to 7th in the ACIII.

    Yet the Darigan Citadel didn't let this get to them. Team Captain Layton Vickles was keen that they wouldn't lose heart like the Haunted Woods appear to have. When they returned for the ACIV, Team Darigan fought with everything they had. They finished once again in 7th position. Whilst many view that as a failure, in fact it was a great success - it made them the highest ranking former champion. In fact, until the finals, the Citadel was ranked 5th, narrowly missing out on the top bracket.

    Can the coming year see the Darigan Citadel hold on to their position, or even improve?

    With the likes of Tandrak Shaye, Kep Bonnefie, and Tormo "The Terror" Frein supporting the team, perhaps. The team certainly has the stats to manage it. They showed mastery of Shootout Showdown last year, managing a win percentage of 63%. That's equal to Krawk Island, last year's champions. Indeed, across the board Darigan Citadel read like a strong team, with one exception. With a Slushie Slinger record of only 48%, it's clear where the team need to focus their efforts to improve should they wish to set themselves back on the path to victory.
  • May 22, 2010, 2:40 am NST -
    Roo Island - Time to Start Again?

    Roo Island has had a rocky old time in the cup, and for many years were unlikely underdogs. From their first appearance as a small time team from a small island, many didn't rate them at all.

    Yet, Roo Island had a shining glory in the form of local boy, and Yooyuball legend, Lilo Blumario. An amazingly strong fan base has rallied to the side of the team... let's face it, who hasn't heard one of their puns?

    Roo Island proved they were by no means a small team when they beat Tyrannia and the Lost Desert in the first and second rounds of the ACI. In round 3 however, they came across eventual runners-up, the Darigan Citadel. This proved to be Roo Island's downfall, and they finished in 4th position.

    Managing something of a coup d'etat on Team Maraqua, Roo Island signed underused forward, Jair Tollet in the off season. Dropping Dayla in exchange, Roo Island waited with baited breath for the ACII. Their hopes were not dashed, and the team managed to force their way into the finals, only narrowly missing out on the top spot to the Darigan Citadel.

    Hoping that the notorious luck of 2nd position would pay off, Roo Island returned quietly confident to the ACIII. Team managers decided to make no changes to the line-up, and this proved to be a wise choice as the quiet team from Roo Island soared to 1st, beating Krawk Island in the finals.

    Sadly, this may be where the glorious tale ends. Last year Roo Island fell victim to the Winner's Curse, and fell more than others. The introduction of Shootout Showdown hurt them badly, and the team fell to 9th. This is the worst position a team has ever fallen to after winning the year before.

    So can the team recover? They'll need to get back into shape if they are to stand a chance. Defender Gordo Gunnels is notoriously lazy, while Fenny Vail lacks much needed accuracy. It is also a widely known fact that goalkeeper Clutch Billaban lacks consistency.

    On the statistical side of things, Roo Island's previous performance distorts the view of many win percentages, putting them on par with Kreludor or the Lost Desert. However, with the team only winning 30% of last year's Shootout Showdown matches, it's clear that improvements in that area must be made if Roo Island is going to make it out of the 3rd bracket.
  • May 21, 2010, 4:30 am NST -
    Maraqua - Slowly Climbing?

    When Maraqua first arrived for the Altador Cup, there was much speculation on their abilities. Whilst on paper the team should have been a stellar success, the tendency of team Captain Elon Hughlis to hog the ball meant that in practice the team often failed to deliver. Sadly, the latter appeared true as the cup began, with Maraqua losing out to Meridell in the first round, and finishing in 10th overall.

    Sick of the Captain's attitude, fellow forward Jair Tollet quit the team, opting to move to Roo Island. Oten Runeu was brought in to fill her place, and hopes were high for the team as they entered the round robin. In fact, they managed a slight improvement, finishing in 9th overall.

    Hoping that more new blood might boost their performance, team managers swapped out Filo Desenz for Dorina Hals the following year. This proved to be something of a mistake, as the team fell back down to 10th position.

    Interestingly, in the preseason last year, team Maraqua received a lot of fan support, and it was perhaps this that led to a dramatic increase in their fortunes. Maraqua sailed through to 5th position, on account of a boost in their finals performance.

    Returning this year, Maraqua will be hoping to keep up that performance, and bounce themselves up into the top bracket for a shot at the gold. With Tonie Plessix and Barit Jowes reinforcing their squad, they may just have a chance.

    Due to the team's lacklustre performance in previous years, their win percentages are particularly misleading. It still remains to be seen if the ACIV was a fluke, or the emergence of champions.
  • May 20, 2010, 5:23 pm NST - Altador Cup V is just beginning, you can now sign-up for your favorite team! For newcomers to the cup, you might want to read the official game rules, FAQ and tutorial.

    Dedicated players returning this year will be awarded prizes after joining a team. The amount of prizes you collect is determined by how many years you have participated in the Altador Cup games.

    The Neopets Team will be joining the Cup this year in a Staff Tourney. You can read the staff tourney rules Here.

    Rank Badges:

    Site Team Banners: You can change your site team banner by visiting the Site Prefs page and selecting your team from the drop down menu (located just below the site themes section).

    Important: (UPDATED:) If you are having trouble viewing the neopets navigation bar, you will need to make an update to your AdBlock filters. For those of you with pre-existing filters, you can add a filter for neopets.com/css/ad.css?v=3. You can find more information on how to remove ads in Firefox and Chrome on our guides.
  • May 20, 2010, 4:10 am NST -
    Tyrannia - The Greatest Improvement of All

    Ironically, when it comes to performance in the Altador Cup, Tyrannia is solid as a rock.

    In the first Altador Cup the team came across Roo Island in the first round, and was knocked out to finish in 11th overall.

    Returning in the ACII, Tyrannia somehow managed to echo this performance despite the new round robin format, again finishing in 11th.

    As if some sort of cruel joke was happening, Tyrannia once again placed 11th in the ACIII, even though they had seen countless victories in Slushie Slinger.

    Even down to the team members, Tyrannia is consistent. In four years, Tyrannia is the only team in the cup not to change a single member. Loryche takes her Captaincy very seriously. She is backed up by Evrem Guilako, Harlis Neyhbol, "Scrap" Taggert, and Wila Benne.

    When they returned to the ACIV last year, everyone was expecting Tyrannia to walk home with 11th again - as it turned out, everyone was wrong.

    The team managed to blast through their opponents, finishing in 8th. While this may not be a podium position, it was undoubtedly the most surprising upset in the entire cup. Tyrannia will be looking for a repeat performance this year.

    Can they do it though? Historically, Tyrannia has dominated Slushie Slinger, but recently they have begun to loose their edge, with Roo Island now equalling their record, and the Lost Desert, Krawk Island, Kreludor and Shenkuu exceeding it. If Tyrannia want to keep their position, and improve upon it, they'll have to attack all four games with renewed effort this coming year.
  • May 19, 2010, 7:16 pm NST - The winners trophies have been discovered. With no winners yet, the shields and flags for the starting player and non-starting players trophies have been left blank. (See? Not rigged!) Thanks to Ruki from comments for finding these trophies.

    Altador Cup V Coverage
  • May 19, 2010, 4:43 pm NST - UPDATE: Team freebies are up here! Check those out for better rosters... the images below are definitely not finalized yet. :P

    We've found the team roster images. Most notable is the Team Moltara image, as seen below. So pretty... @___@

    However, the other team images are a bit... "wonky" shall we say. Some have the 2007 team lineups, still. So, either we're in for some massive shakeups back to prior incarnations of the teams, or TNT hasn't finished these yet.