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Altador Cup VII
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Altador Cup III

Rank Calculator

We know you want to know how many more games of Yooyuball, Slushie Slinger, or Make Some Noise you have to play in order to get the danged avatar. Well, I did. (Mainly because Yooyuball is SO fun. :P) So, I decided to make this fun little tool to help you calculate how many more games you have to play. Just take a look at the number of Make Some Noise games. DANG.

If there are any problems with any calculations, please send me an email at terryNOSPAM (aht) jellyneo (dot) net. Remove the NOSPAM and replace (aht) with @. Send me all of your data (including rank) as well as the values that were spit out after you hit the Submit button and I'll try and fix the tool. :) Your numbers may not be exact either because your scores may not have reached the Minimum Score Required for it to count towards your rank or because TNT is doing something funky with rounding. If there are any problems that need fixing, please email me at, removing "NOSPAM".

Thanks for sticking with JN and for using this fun tool!

NOTE: So... we've noticed that people have numbers that are totally weird. (This applies only to people that play Slushie Slinger and Make Some Noise.) This typically happens when your Slushie Slinger/Make Some Noise scores are not high enough. Always try as hard as you can on both games so they count towards your rank!

Altador Cup Rank Calculator
Slushie Slinger
Make Some Noise