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Altador Cup XIV

Altador Cup News and Updates

Altador Cup Staff Tournament
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on June 8, 2019, 2:55 am NST

The Altador Cup Staff Tournament has begun! The format is the same as previous years - select a team of two forwards, two defenders, and a goalie each week to earn points.

This first round will last until midnight on Friday. Note that all teams have a returning staff member bar Tyrannia this year, so it may be worth looking at previous year's staff tournament coverage to get an idea of their strengths.

Note: Remember to also select a star player for this round after you have selected your team for a chance at an additional bonus.
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stormmonarch, 06/8/2019, 7:06 am NST
I'm thinking that the results of staff tournament are from RNG. I don't think they have that many staff and even if they do, I don't think they all are willing to play YYB.

combustibles, 06/8/2019, 6:27 pm NST
staff tourney definitely has to be RNG, because the cup is even worse to play this year than last year.

Thanks Recaptcha!

reconnection, 06/9/2019, 5:56 am NST
Could someone *please* redraw the staff members so they don’t all look so... creepy? :/ I literally pick the ones that look less cringy

josie, 06/9/2019, 11:32 am NST
How do you pick a star player? When I click on that option after choosing and keeping my team, it gives me a grey box with "Predict a star player for this round", but there is nobody in the box to choose from.

josie, 06/9/2019, 11:35 am NST
Please ignore my question. It finally popped up, and I was able to choose someone.

1jediboy, 06/10/2019, 10:21 pm NST
DJ Skellington will ALWAYS be an all-star in my heart!

mistyraider, 06/12/2019, 6:22 am NST
^^ for me too.
I usually pick staff who were there before JS, but whether they are actually playing or not, I have no idea.

alesita_x, 06/12/2019, 8:01 am NST
I thought we had until Friday to choose. All I get is this message "Sorry. Time's up for making roster changes or choosing your team this week. Results will be posted soon."

purplebin, 06/12/2019, 2:03 pm NST
11) How much time do I have to select my team for each round?

For the first round of the tournament you'll be able to select your team and make changes until 23:59:59 NST on 11th June. The results of the first round will be announced on 13th June along with round 2 start. We will share schedule for next rounds shortly.

alex, 06/12/2019, 9:29 pm NST
Yeah, it says Friday

alex, 06/12/2019, 9:35 pm NST
"You haven't created your dream team yet! You have time until midnight Friday to do so. Who will you choose?"

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