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Altador Cup II

JN's Altador Cup 2007 Coverage
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Altador Cup - 2007
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Thanks to a Neopets user for telling us about the pompoms, beanies and megaphones! Below are all of them, listed by team names alphabetically. There are five types of items that will be released this year - Pompoms, Beanies, Megaphones, Posters and Seat Cushions - for sure. The jerseys, bottles, pennants and the team hands may be rereleased for Altador Cup Two, as different items or just released again. (They can also be retired too, so beware. :P)

Total Speculation: Could this be the introduction to our Neopets holding items? (The megaphones and pompoms D:) They'd have no use if they weren't going to be customisable items...

Pompoms Beanies Megaphones Posters Seat Cushions Team Name
Haunted Woods
Kiko Lake
Krawk Island
Lost Desert
Mystery Island
Roo Island
Terror Mountain