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Almost Abandoned Attic

Located in a mysterious house in Neovia, the Almost Abandoned Attic is only open to those with accounts over 3 years old. If you're one of those people, congratulations! The Attic is essentially the Igloo Garage Sale on steroids. Why? Because only items of rarity 80 to 99 are stocked in the shop; which includes many users favourite types of items: morphing potions and Draik Eggs! Like the Kadoatery, the Almost Abandoned Attic restocks at a specific time interval which in this case is every 7 minutes. If the Attic does not restock at the time when it is predicted to, you'll have to try again at the next 7 minute interval. Also, be sure to move quickly, as items move in literally seconds, especially with such big ticket items stocking there.

Note: You can only restock 5 items per day from the Attic.

For those of you who wish to access the Almost Abandoned Attic from the Neovia map, you just need to click on the door highlighted below.

Items in the Attic are priced at whatever the "Est Value" is according to the item information when you click on it. This is usually notably lower than the actual selling value of the item (both in regular shops and on the Shop Wizard), but there are exceptions.

This Meaty Treat Pasty restocked for 773 NP, but sold for much more.

Restock Times

JN first discovered that the Attic always has the same potential restock times during a weekday; for example, Sunday always has the same RS times, Monday always has the same RS times, etc. These times alter by one hour with Daylight Savings Time, which will be reflected here almost immediately. Currently we are showing Fall/Winter, as of November 7, 2013.

Note: Attic times have changed! We are currently verifying and testing the new formula and details, and will have them posted here shortly.

The Attic will NOT restock during every single one of these times, but when it does restock, it will always happen at one of the times listed. It has been known to restock during several times in a row, as well as to go several hours without a single restock.

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