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ACXIV JN Staff Tourney - The Story

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As the sun rose on Jellyneo HQ, something was amiss. Maybe it was the lack of birdsong, usually there to greet early risers. Maybe it was the stuffy sweet stillness of the air. Maybe it was the swirling vortex of doom that stretched across a large portion of the sky, transforming anything that the light emitting from it touched into jelly.

It was probably the vortex.

A hooded figure stepped out into the weak sunlight filtering across the glistening landscape, silently surveying the wobbly wreckage of the place it had once called home. After a moment, it turned and made its way back to a small group of similarly-dressed figures huddled around an altar, the ground squelching beneath its feet.

Chesu: "So... tell me again, what exactly happened here? I was in that movie theater for so long I'm not even sure what month it is anymore."
Sweep: "It's the end of the world. Half the population of the world and all the land, jellied in an instant."
Steve: "We... We weren't able to stop it. We tried, but... there was nothing we could do."
Pizza: "But that's why we're here, right? We couldn't stop it before, but now we have a chance to do something about it!"
Ducky: "I'm still not clear on what we're doing. Or how it involves... them."

Ducky glanced over at a second group of people, who were milling about and playing with Yooyus, seemingly unaware of the dire state the world had fallen into. She momentarily locked eyes with one of them, a pair of familiar pale blue eyes staring curiously back at her. She tugged down on her hood and turned away.

Monica: "The power of the Jelly Scepters jellified the world, so they can also un-jellify it, right?"
Herdy: "Exactly. At the core of each Jelly Scepter is an Infinity Jelly, which don't have a great deal of power on their own... but when five of them come together, they grant their wielder near-limitless control over all jelly."
Quail: "All the Jelly Scepters were destroyed, though... Is that why they're here?"
Herdy: "Yes. While our Jelly Scepters were destroyed, they all still exist in the past. We're going to go back in time, take the places of our past selves, and... liberate, the scepters of their Infinity Jellies."
Ummy: "The Red, Blue, Green, Purple, and Orange Infinity Jellies were used to forge the Rainbow Jelly Scepter and jellify the world. We can't use that same power to undo it, so we'll need to forge a new Jelly Scepter with the remaining five jellies."
Chesu: "That's, uhh... The Yellow Jelly... the Plushie Jelly, the Maractite Jelly, the Magma Jelly... and the 8-Bit Jelly. Wow, jelly just doesn't feel like a real word anymore. Jelly, jelly, jelly..."
Aurora: "Obtaining the Magma Infinity Jelly will be impossible, unfortunately. It's just too volatile. Even if we were able to get it, trying to combine it with the other jellies would be too dangerous."
Quail: "So wait, then where are we going to get our fifth Infinity Jelly?"
Sweep: "We're going to create it. Or, well... they are."

Everyone turned towards the other group of people, all of whom were decked out in the bright, flashy colors of Altador Cup teams. Some were driving mini go-karts, some were in their pajamas. A couple appeared to be made entirely of large, blocky pixels.

Ummy: "An Infinity Jelly is created through the spirit of competition. While we're retrieving the four we need, the past selves we'll be replacing will be here, participating in a tournament of their own."
Chesu: "What's with all the cloak-and-dagger stuff, though? Couldn't we just explain the situation to them... or, y'know, just hold the competition ourselves?"
Sweep: "It has to be a real competition, for competition's sake. If they knew that they were trying to save the world, it would affect how they play."
Aurora: "They think they've been whisked off to a secret elite tournament in Jelly World, and they all seem eager to start."
Pizza: "Well, we'd better get to it then, hadn't we?"
Herdy: "Right. Sweep and Steve, you'll be going back to Altador Cup XII for the Maractite jelly, while Monica and Chesu are going for the 8-Bit jelly in ACX. I'm the only one here who participated in ACV, so I'll be on my own to get the Yellow jelly. Everyone else, you'll be going to last year for the Plushie jelly. It was our toughest, closest tournament to date, so be careful."
Steve: "Oh jeez, this is stressful... but I guess we have to do it, huh?"
Ducky: "If it's the only way to return the world from jelly, then yes, we must."
Ummy: "You have your assignments. Let's do this."

One by one, they each placed their hands on the jiggling altar, some casting a final look across the gelatinous landscape as they did, and disappeared in a flash. Last was Herdy, who waved to the hooded figure of Dave in the distance before he, too, vanished into the past. Dave immediately cast off his robe, revealing a referee's uniform as he approached the group of temporally-displaced competitors.

Chesu: "So uh, those guys were totally us from the future or something, right?"
Quail: "Looks like it. I don't know who they think they're fooling with those robes."
Monica: "Well, whatever. I'm just excited to sling some Yooyus! Do you think there's a jelly one?"
Aurora: "Don't be silly. This is Jelly World, of course there's a jelly one!"
Pizza: "I don't care where or when we are, I qualified for a tournament, and I want to play!"
Ducky: "How long until we start? I can feel jelly juice seeping into my sleeping bag..."
Steve: "Is me being in a go-kart going to be a problem? I feel like it might be a problem."
Ummy: "Oh hey, there's Dave! I guess this is officially-sanctioned after all."
Herdy: "...Who are you people?"
Sweep: "Let the games begin!"

- Epilogue -

The earth began to shake (well, wobble), and with a thunderous crack! the Double Rainbow Jelly Sceptre, containing the power of five Infinity Jellies, was forged. After a quick awards ceremony, the unwitting saviors of the world were ushered back to their own times (assured that their would receive their prizes... eventually), and their future selves gathered around the new Jelly Sceptre.

Ummy: "We did it... we actually did it!"
Monica: "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's save the world!"

Ummy held the sceptre aloft in much the same way her counterpart had during the awards ceremony, and it began to emit waves of energy in every color of the rainbow (times two!) as she concentrated. Slowly, the vortex swirling in the sky began to close, the light issuing from it diminishing. The ground and trees, the buildings and clouds and animals, were all returning to their solid, non-gelatinous forms. Soon, the world became as it once was, with only the appropriate things consisting of jelly.

Ducky: "It worked! Only the appropriate things consist of jelly!"
Aurora: "What about the jelly sceptre, though? We can't just leave something like that sitting around."
Herdy: "Right. We'll need to destroy all of the Infinity Jellies inside of it... You can keep the sceptre, though, Ummy."
Ummy: "Uh, thanks."
Quail: "What about the future, though? If we have a tournament next year, and the year after that, and so on, this could happen again!"
Steve: "You're not wrong... holding tournaments may be too dangerous. We'll have to see what the future holds."
Chesu: "One thing I was never clear on... who did all this, exactly? Who made the original Rainbow Jelly Sceptre and jellified the world."
Sweep: "That is a long, complicated story, and even we don't know all the details... let's go see how everyone else is doing, and fill everyone in at once."

With that, ten cloaked figures made their way back towards Jellyneo HQ, as satisfied with their results as they were unaware of the eleventh figure watching them from the shadows.

Evil Future Chesu: "Well, well... isn't that interesting. I suppose there's always next year.
I do have all the time in the world, after all..."