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Altador Cup XVI
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Altador Cup XVI: Finals, Day 4
  • Posted by Zelda
  • Posted on July 2, 2021, 9:45 pm NST

There's just a few hours left in the 16th Altador Cup, and here's how things are looking after yesterday's results.

In the low bracket, Team Moltara secured their lead with a complete victory against Team Faerieland, who struggled particularly in the cheerleading arena.

Team Haunted Woods and Team Roo Island are vying for second and third in the low bracket, and a Haunted Woods win yesterday helped keep the team in contention for 13th place. Team Roo Island outscored Team Haunted Woods on the practice field, but when it came to the game itself, the Haunted Woods defense was unbreakable.

Finally, Team Mystery Island and Team Virtupets duked it out for the chance to not be last place, and the match ended in a tie. Both are struggling but endeavouring to increase their scores just enough to keep above the other.

In the middle bracket, Team Maraqua maintained their dominance with a sweep against Team Terror Mountain. Still posting some of the highest scores in their bracket, the Maraquans will be tough to catch with just one day's results left to go.

Team Krawk Island is hot on the Maraquans' heels, however. A sweep of their own against Team Meridell is keeping them just barely in the running for 7th place, and keeping Team Meridell out of contention for the middle bracket title.

Team Tyrannia and Team Shenkuu both dedicated the majority of their energy to refreshments yesterday. Both claimed scores that could rival Team Maraqua's best performances, but the rest of the events suffered for both teams. The match ended in a tie, but Team Shenkuu is hoping to have grabbed enough points to stay out of the bottom of their bracket.

In the championship bracket, Team Altador and Team Kreludor went head-to-head in an absolutely breathtaking series of games. Both teams have excelled throughout the tournament and are leading their bracket in the finals. After three days of consistently impeccable slushie slinging, Team Kreludor fell behind today. It was the wrong day to slip up—Team Altador swooped in to claim a major victory in that event. Team Kreludor won narrow victories in the cheer stadium and on the practice field, but Team Altador was a force to be reckoned with on the yooyuball field. Kreludor goalie Jurin T. struggled to keep up with the Altadorian offense, and in the end, the home team outscored their opponents to secure their lead in the highest bracket.

Team Brightvale played well in yooyuball yesterday, but their victory there came at a cost. Team Kiko Lake swept the side games, in two cases with quite significant leads. Team Brightvale will struggle to stay out of the bottom of the bracket with only one day's scores left.

Last but not least, Team Lost Desert appears to have swept their games again today, but there is some question what the correct results actually are. It turns out their shield appears as victor in a few games throughout the finals where their opponents have higher scores. It is known that the referees are investigating allegations of bribes, but it is unclear what effect their investigations have on the scores. As it stands, the Lost Desert appears as total victor against Team Darigan Citadel yesterday, while Team Darigan Citadel seem to have outscored the desert players in both yooyu-related events.

With only hours left to go, it is still a mystery exactly how things will shake out. Do you predict a last-day upset, or will Team Lost Desert take the Cup after leading throughout the tournament?
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