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Neopets: Island Builders Android Update
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on September 16, 2020, 12:15 pm NST

Yesterday another new update for the Open Beta on Android in Island Builders was launched. iOS remains on the old version in Closed Beta.

Although the patch notes list only small bug fixes, you will now notice that pets have an icon next to them indicating which form of Happiness they are lacking (style, food, amenity), helping you figure out what they are needing next.

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There are 7 comments below. Add yours!

biediep, September 16, 2020 1:33 PM NST
When I first noticed these icons next to my pets, my Shoyru said she wanted to try on new hats.. So I put a hard hat on her. She didn't get any happier, the icon didn't go away and the flower she was wearing before is now just gone, nowhere to be found -_- Does customizing them just consume the items entirely? The flower looked super cute on her since she's painted Strawberry, so I'm annoyed.
biediep, September 16, 2020 3:03 PM NST
Also, is anyone else stuck with only one main story line quest that they can't complete?

I need to make a Zig-zag flag.
For the flag I need Fibreglass.
For the Fibreglass I need Synth Sound.
To gather Synth Sound I need a Laser Axe.
To craft a Laser Axe I need Red Laser Beam.
To craft Red Laser Beam I need an Electric Eel.
The Electric Eel is obtained from the Crystal Geyser,
And I don't have access to the Crystal Geyser.
I'm level 13 with an almost empty exp. bar, this is my only main story quest and my other quests are like "Gather from Crystal Geyser 20 times" (no access) or "Build 6 Dacardian Duplexes" (5/6, no more blueprints), "Use the The Crooked Rook(s) 25 times" (I don't have that building unlocked yet) ....
doomdesire5, September 16, 2020 3:16 PM NST
Now if I could get the game to run. I'm still getting a No Internet Connection error for the 5 days, even when connected to my home Wi-Fi.
sketch, September 16, 2020 5:23 PM NST
@biediep You'll have to level up and unlock access to the crystal geyser, try upgrading your core buildings, might take a few upgrades but in the end i think it's the fastest way, unless you get lucky on the wheel of offers
biediep, September 17, 2020 2:39 AM NST
Does upgrading buildings actually do anything? Whenever I upgrade them I don't see my exp bar move AT ALL. I just upgraded another two buildings but it makes seemingly zero difference. I also have a quest to use the Clock Tower 20 times, I've used it twice and it's still at 0/20. Guess I'll have to send in another bug report.
biediep, September 17, 2020 2:39 AM NST
Also the wheel thing crashes my game every time I try to spin it, so.. xD
quailbat - JN Staff, September 17, 2020 12:16 PM NST
@biediep - The stretch quests have been buggy for a while - I wouldn't worry about putting any energy or focus into those until we know they're fixed. For upgrading your core buildings, you'll get more XP the higher levels, so they will make a difference if you keep leveling them and that should help you get to the next Town Level.

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