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Discord Scrappy Q&As
  • Posted by Herdy
  • Posted on July 25, 2019, 10:05 am NST

In addition to the recent Twitter Question and Answer session with Scrappy, TNT have also reached out to answer questions in additional channels! This time, the Discord server for the r/neopets reddit community.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As neither the Neopets reddit community nor the discord related to it are approved fansites, be sure to be careful how you discuss the origins of these questions and answers on the Neopets site.

Scrappy and Legends & Letters developers called Pactian Darcsable and The Claymaker answered some questions in two specifically created channels for Neopets and Legend and Letters. Firstly, Scrappy answered:

What are the chances of more rock petpet colors being added?

you know i cant give you an exact percentage chance but i can for sure mention that they are highly sought after to the team and see what we can do

When games are converted away from Flash, are they going to get new game IDs and thus new trophy images, effectively retiring the flash versions of trophies?

they will be getting new game IDs yes when they are switched over

​Would you consider scrapping the current filters placed on petpages and forums and replace them? Not being able to type Grape-related things (For example) is painful

i feel your pain and you know how much i love cookies but we gotta keep the site kid friendly still and safe for everyone so sadly there isnt much we can do about the filters.

I'm wondering if the team is aware that Bilge Dice technically works fine, it just had to be taken down due to the server transition lag causing some issues. So if the programmers were to restore Bilge Dice like normal, would it be likely to see the game return sooner than later?

hm, i'm thinking it wouldn't be a too soon of a thing, but probably throughout our transition to mobile it is one of the things we can look at returning!

Has there been any progress on figuring out how the team wants to handle re-releasing some of the super old (and super scarce) stamps? i know that's a sensitive one since you guys don't want to tank their value completely or anything, but i also know a lot of people are pretty desperate for some of those stamps for avatars/collections

we know you guys are begging for them but we have a lot going on right now that we are trying to really prioritize. we would absolutely love to hear your suggestions though for good ways to do it

what are the chances of something where maybe one day have like an anniversary of an event to re-live it? So newer or those who missed out can have a chance at much older event related stuff?

we have actually talked about that not so long ago, i have no idea how it would actually work yet but it would be super cool to try to figure out

Will we being seeing any new merchandise (esp. mutant bori merch) again?

well we had some at comic con and the responses were amazing so it is definitely something we're looking into now! we'd love to get some more merch out there for you guys, especially with the 20th anniversary coming up

Is it intentional that the wishing well grants r90 items lately?

im not entirely sure but let me ask the team!

Is there any chance the gallery spotlight will get fixed? Currently it shows all the items out of order when it's a very important part of setting up a gallery

I will put in a bug for that and see if we can get it fixed soon!! our dev team has been so busy getting everything ready for comic con but i will see what we can do now

is there any chance y’all will be open to having volunteer neoboard mods or help coming up with ideas for daily puzzle, mystery pic, etc? I know that many of us are now content creators or have some free time on our hands and would be happy to give back to the site!

we would seriously love that, our users make neopets what it is so any help or creativity we can get from you guys would be amazing. we would have to find the best way to set that up but i think we could probably find a way. we've even talked about that with items and stuff, having users be able to design their own items/wearables

Scrappy what is your fave neopet species?

kougra for sure, theyre the best

Mayhaps user submitted content as a random contest? two birds one stone!!

yeah it'd have to be something like that, we will have to find the best way to collect all your guys stuff but im thinking different weeks could be different categories of content for you guys to send in

Is there going to be a purge soon? I've heard rumors but nothing concrete

we definitely want to soon! it takes a good amount of dev work so we've been waiting til we have some more time but with the mobile conversion, we will find time for a purge

Any chance TNT would come to an East Coast event like PAX? us New Englanders want some love too

i love the east coast, its amazing so i will try my best to get our execs to send us out there for an event

Is there any chance you would let maraquan/mutant pets wear more default wearables? I'm specifically referring to pets like the maraquan hissi and mutant kacheek which are in the default pose. Maraquan myncis can wear any clothes and it's so much fun to dress them up, I can understand why more unique posed pets like the mutant acara can't, but could any others be switched?

i dont think so but i can check on that one for you

Any chance of doing NYCC? Those of us on the east coast would appreciate it

NYCC would be so fun! we actually talked about it so hopefully next year

1) Site Spotlight Avatar - in the past you guys said you were going to look into retroactively awarding past winners with the avatar since past winners were barred from entering again and the contest is now retired. Is this still on the to-do list?

2) Any chance we can have someone look into the bug with Original Treasure Maps? They often times award items with broken images and thus, we don't get prizes. I've sent multiple bug reports about it over the years, it's been broken for about 4-5 years now.

its still on the list! i can pass it along to the content team too and see when we think it can happen! As for the treasure maps, i will put in a bug, can't promise when exactly we will get to it but we will for sure get to it at some point.

Speaking of account safety, are there any plans to add a PIN to collectable cards?

for those asking about PINs, i know it is something we have discussed before and i think it got lost in the other things we were doing. anywhere else you guys would want it added?

Can i bribe you guys with even yummier cookies to poke the zapped! perk a bit?
currently only colours available in the petpet puddle via a paintbrush are able to be made by the perk, however when the perk list was first released it promised "lab-exclusive colours".
I know it was addressed at some point in the editorial but there was some unsureness on what would be done, and a few players suggested to just make the lab petpets no-trade or to just have the zapped effect meaning they'd revert upon removal like normal zapped petpets do.
I know a few players including me spent millions buying cc point items to get picnic petpets and were extremely devastated by the rewording and change of the perk after cc had already ended.
sorry to pester, i just don't want this problem to be buried and forgotten since cc is still fairly fresh in our minds!

i'd have to check with the team on this one, i know there are still discussions so ill try to relay that to you guys

Casual quick question, is there a solid date on when Daily Dare and the Summer Dyeworks will be starting?

Right now for daily dare, we are thinking this week (i will let you know if that changes) and summer dyeworks will be in about a week

(Scrappy later gave a sneak preview of one of the upcoming items. )

Do y'all still keep in touch with old TNT? I wanted to tell Mr Insane thank you for NQII i played it alot in middle school and learned SAT words

sadly, not really. i think some do a little but i don't, i wish i could though that would be awesome

Is there any chance of a magma gruslen, or other magma petpets? Also any chance of a mystery pic avatar?

oh i remember reading it, the fading pixelated avatar? honestly that is such a cool idea i already sent it to another tnt member and as for the petpets, i guess you'll have to wait and see!

Any chance additional account security measures are coming in the future? For example; 2 factor authentication?

yeah security is definitely very important to us, especially moving to mobile we are looking at all the ways to make neopets as secure as we can. i will let you guys know what the plans are there when i can!

i will be back at some point tomorrow for another Q&A session and there are some other members of TNT that will be around too!

Relating to Legends and Letters specifically, these questions were answered:

This is no legends question, but it has to do with your other neopets app. Ghoul catchers - is there any update planned?

nope, sadly theres not right now!

Are there concrete plans to integrate with the main site at all ^^ I know that would encourage a LOT of people to play.

we are currently working on account linking with the site, so get your team ready!

How many more Neopian wolds can we expect to explore in Legends & Letters in the future?

we have current plans for Altador.

Its great to know that people are excited about further worlds, unfortunately we cant confirm anything at the moment. We have lots of cool features planned & additional worlds are just one type of them. I would request you to stay tuned for the future updates and releases!!

As a colorblind player, I have a really difficult time playing games with more neon-esque based colors/lights. Is it possible to implement a feature that turns down the intensity of these colors for the games?
Along with that, there are users who do have other eye disorders that can pose complications, would disabling animation be something that could be changed in the settings of both mobile games?
Thank you!

Thank you for sharing, I will discuss this with the team.

I think the biggest thing I heard people wanted was potentially a bigger board since a lot of times you have a clever word in mind but it doesn't fit.

We have discussed the board size before and there are currently no plans to change it, but if we continue to get feedback along those lines we will absolutely take a look at it.

I don't really thing I have any questions but I will gladly express that prior to this huge update with the boss monster raids and the weird leveling fodder creatures, I was playing literally for hours each day and when that patch came, I played through it until I understood how it all worked and I honestly haven't opened my app in months now.
I was really into the completionist aspect and... I mean we're Neopians. Not to mention we've probably all played Pokemon - we're no strangers to grinding. I wanted to get one of my leaders to max stats and to have a maxed team with each element covered.
In short, for me it became unenjoyably complicated to a point where I don't play.
I'd love to see a more simplified way to continue meeting goals.

Its sad to see that you dont play that often right now. Can you tell us where you finds things to be more complicated? We will try to see how things can be made easier to understand.

It seems likely, as least for the time being, that there will be additional dicussion with the staff in this format. We'll keep you updated with any additions.
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There are 18 comments below. Add yours!

contessa, July 25, 2019 10:28 AM NST
East coast event YES! - PLEEEAAAASE come to DragonCon in Atlanta. please please please
dave - JN Staff, July 25, 2019 10:59 AM NST
One of the more exciting things to see about Legends and Letters:

"We are currently working on account linking with the site, so get your team ready!"
biediep, July 25, 2019 11:26 AM NST
Account linking better not hand out expensive exclusive items, I'll be seriously ticked off since our entire country still can't play!
herdy - JN Staff, July 25, 2019 11:56 AM NST
I think if it comes down to it you should be able to still play via an Android emulator. But it isn't a simple fix to release them for Belgium/Netherlands. And depending on how account linking is implemented it would actually make it harder to release in the Netherlands.
1jediboy, July 25, 2019 12:19 PM NST
(I’ll go through more of this later. I just have to proclaim this now.)

mavegibson, July 25, 2019 12:46 PM NST
The best way to implement rare stamps re-release would be to grant stamps directly to people's albums rather than their inventories. The value of the stamps will still go down, but not by nearly as much, and it wouldn't impact the economy as much overall.
apophis324, July 26, 2019 12:16 AM NST
That trophy question bugs me. They didn't answer the question fully. Yes, games will receive new IDs, but they did not state whether or not there will be new trophies too. Would be kinda sad to never be able to get that one trophy you wanted, because they were forced to switch to HTML5 and bring along new trophies that may or may not look as good as the previous ones..
biediep, July 26, 2019 8:34 AM NST
I definitely wouldn't mind if a rare stamp would go directly into my album, but what would happen if you won the same stamp again? Would you just win nothing, like with avatars you already have? (Looking at you, WoE...) I also like the idea of them going into the Hidden Tower for a super high price. I don't mind having to save up until I'm 300 years old but currently we can save up all we want, the problem is that there's none for sale. They could also hand them out through Gordos, but make them super rare. Gordos is already a really rare RE, and there's quite a few stamps he can hand out so the chances of getting a retired one would be pretty low. (But they could probably program it so it's much less likely to get a retired one than a r90+ one)
mavegibson, July 26, 2019 10:46 AM NST
I envision this being a 'select your stamp' reward perhaps as a Charity Corner perk and/or as a reward for random contest or other site events. You would be rewarded one of a selection of rare stamps, which would be placed directly in your album.

There are a lot of games that do this sort of thing. In LotRO, for example, there's a rare mount reward box where, when opened, you get to choose a mount from several options, which is then added to your available mounts.

There should be other non-stamp options available on the list, in case someone already has all the stamps (or if they have no interest in stamps at all). The options could include things like 'random nerkmid', dyeworks potion, etc. - something consumable that's not hugely valuable.

I think there should be opportunities for people to obtain these stamps without having to spend a huge amount of NP. Not everyone has millions of NP, nor has the ability to obtain that much cash. The reward box approach would enable JS/TNT to hand these out for contest wins, etc. to give players a different path to accessing them.

I do think the Hidden Tower is another option, perhaps both approaches could be implemented to give people multiple paths to getting their stamps.
infernodragon02, July 26, 2019 11:28 AM NST
I love the answer on the filters. It's so nonsensical and discouraging. Just admit you don't want to address the issue.
biediep, July 26, 2019 1:26 PM NST
I sent in a request to the editorial if they could at least change the filters in such a way that they tell you which word is bad. It's just a generic screen every time and I've had NMs where I literally spent over an HOUR trying to send it because it was like 500+ characters and I'd rephrase a bunch of stuff, put in extra spaces or characters and it still wouldn't go through and I couldn't for the life of me figure out WHY because it doesn't tell you! If you're not going to adjust the filters, fine, but at least let us know what it's filtering so our perfectly normal, innocent neomails and neoboard posts can go through x_x
mavegibson, July 26, 2019 4:12 PM NST
There is a way to test which word is triggering the filters. Just put the text of whatever it is you're trying to submit into the body of your pet page. It will tell you which word is being denied.

I always copy the text of any neomail before sending so that if something goes wrong I won't have to retype. This is an issue not just of the filters, but also the lag and incomplete page loads. There are so many glitches that I can no longer rely on a neomail simply sending when I ask it to.
yoshimax, July 26, 2019 9:15 PM NST
User submitted content would be amazing. Volunteer mods would be too. There are so many users that would be willing to dedicate their time to improving the site that it doesn't make sense not to make use of those resources.
pikachu315111, July 28, 2019 5:08 PM NST
Q1: If you're wondering the Rock isn't available in: Birthday, Black, Brown, Checkered, Clay, Cloud, Darigan, Dung, Elderly, Electric, Eventide, Ghost, Gold, Ice, Invisible, Jelly, Magma, Maractite, Orange, Rainbow, Red, Sand, Sketch, Split, Spring, Starry, Strawberry, Water, White, Yellow, & Zombie.

Q2: So does that mean you'll be able to earn a second version of that game's Trophy?

Q3: Well what about when the site it switched over to HTML, would you be able to at least allow exception words?

Q5: Haven't users told them dozens of ways before? Anyway the Sloth Auctions weren't a bad idea. If they do my capsule machine idea with Charity Corner they could have a "Collectibles" capsule machine which costs a bunch of points but if you're lucky could get a rare stamp. Maybe let some be granted via Wishing Well.

Q6: Well we have time travelling characters like Zylphia, could do something with her like letting players do plot/event steps and battling plot/event opponents in the Battledome.

Q10 & 12: [b]MC:[/b] Boards mods probably not, one bad egg and chaos ensues. However letting us suggest Daily Puzzle, Mystery Pic, & Lenny Conundrum wouldn't be a bad idea, and if someone's get picked they can award that user with NP depending on the amount of WRONG answers submitted (to make sure they don't just give out the answer). There's also letting players submit images for Caption Contest or ideas for Rand
pikachu315111, July 28, 2019 5:09 PM NST
There's also letting players submit images for Caption Contest or ideas for Random Contests. And if they aren't already since I don't know, maybe let players vote on winners for the Poetry Contest and Storytelling Contests. And there's probably new features you can create where it's run via user submitted content.

Q13: Also maybe come up with a new term, nowadays "purge" as a certain not-child-friendly movie franchise connected to it. ;P

Q16: Well if not maybe releasing some more clothes for Maraquan, Mutant, Baby, and other Neopets who can't wear normal clothes. Ooh, maybe have special clothing items that fits onto all of those Neopets but not ones in the default pose, that would be funny.

Q18: Claiming Food Club winnings come to mind.

Q19: Maybe they should do another of those surveys asking our opinions on the Charity Corner perks as there's a few suggestions I could make.

Q21: Gee, I wonder why...

Q23: Well whatever you plan maybe also improve the way for us to recover our passwords and PIN (maybe make it so we can get them via phone text).
1jediboy, July 28, 2019 10:05 PM NST
Thank you, Pikachu!

For Q5: The ONLY way for expensive stamps to act as a proper neopoint sink is if stamps were offered in a RAFFLE! If it's in an auction, only the neopoints of one specific user, (whom might make what they spend in the auction in yearly interest and it wouldn't make a dent in their bank account anyway), gets removed from the economy! If it's a raffle, ANYONE has a chance to get the stamp!


For Q10: User created content!!! Please let us write canon stories and articles!!! That's what I want the most!!!!!
"we've even talked about that with items and stuff, having users be able to design their own items/wearables" USERS RETROFIT PAST WEARABLES FOR THE VANDAGYRE!!!!!

@pikachu for Q13: "Liquidation of Unused Account Usernames."
L.U.A.U! for short!


Q18: It might seem petty, but what about the Favourite games section?
You have a special order for your games and you'd be very cross if anyone were to remove or add games without your knowledge.

I second your "phone text" password suggestion... but there would have to be facial recognition to make sure that someone ELSE doesn't have your phone.
pikachu315111, July 30, 2019 5:05 PM NST
Thanks for what?

Q5: Raffle I guess would work too. Though to make things as fair as possible while also having it be an NP sink they may have to implement a sort of increasing cost mechanic for each ticket bought. Like first ticket would be 1k, but a second ticket would be 2.5k, then 5k, then 10k, 25k, 50k, 100k, 250k, 500k, 1 mil, 2.5 mil, 5 mil, and maybe maxing at 10 mil.

Q6: Not reboots, just a way to play the puzzles and battle the opponent's from past plots.

Q10: Before I go on, a friend of mine has pointed out Poem and Storytelling has been going pretty well so no changes need to happen there (and having user voting would be a bad idea). Not sure how I feel about letting users make canon material, while I would certainly love to so would MANY others and you can risk something becoming canon many don't like. Maybe better to leave canon making to JS and just guide them. However suggesting clothing ideas (and maybe other item ideas, like BD equipment) is certainly a good idea and way to get users involved!

Q23: Well since it's being sent to your phone at that points its your responsibility what security feature you have. At most maybe they can delay the message being sent by a day so they can send an message to your email/gmail/whatever telling you a request has been made and if you didn't make the request click on a link in the message to stop it.
1jediboy, July 31, 2019 1:19 AM NST
^Thank you for going in deep detail on most of the questions first. I said I would, but you did the majority of it first. Because of that, I just wrote about the fun stuff. Also, my writing isn't really "deep-detail" anyway. Mostly reaction.

Q5: Totally!

Q6: Yeah, Zylphia for that.

Q10: It wouldn't just be users making canonical material. THAT would be chaos! Users would send in what they want to be canon in their stories, TNT censors would survey it, lore-checkers would EXTENSIVELY fact-check it and critics would review it before it even comes NEAR becoming official site lore. There would be more than one way of writing canonically for TNT. Some would be as small as a Neopedia article for a background character, to politely requesting your Neopian Times content be reviewed for lore-verification. The whole reviewing process would potentially be MONTHS... but for those who are patient and write from the heart... then the wait should be worth it. <3

Q23: *dusts hands off* That's it. Perfect! That seems like just the measures that need to be taken.

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